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We want you to feel proud of your home and confident in our ability to accommodate all of your home improvement needs.

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All our team members hold professional architecture or interior design degrees or have extensive experience in residential renovation, townhouse design, and interiors. Our team has grown to include many home improvement professionals and multiple well experienced home DIY project experts.

James B. Martinez

Versatile Architect accomplished at designing commercial and residential structures of varying styles and purposes. Career spanning 7 years with record of sound sustainable design that meets or exceeds LEED standards.

Kathleen R. Evans

Kathleen R. Evans​

Kathleen R. Evans has always been passionate about DIY home projects, and home decor. She and her husband have spent the last 4 years meticulously repairing the former home of her grandparents, making it their own, and learning a lot about life in the process.

A shift engineer, supervised many onsite industrial operations. He started his DIY home improvement journey while working with his dad. Over years he mastered the know how about different aspects of home decor and home improvement. Now he is an expert in the field. Here he will help you with quick & easy home improvement guides.

Stephen V. Hall

Stephen V. Hall​

10 years of practical construction knowledge are brought to Quiet Home by Stephen V. Hall. He executed several projects of home renovation,  improvement, and restoration. Stephen enjoys writing and uses his sharp intellect and unique sense of humor to assist all of us in finding DIY home improvement solutions.


We are committed to the quality and trustworthiness of our home improvement solutions. Our team rigorously researches and reviews all content on an ongoing basis to ensure it is up to date and accurate. We always try our best to keep the promises we make and act with integrity.