Can a Candle Heat a Room? (Yes, BUT…!)

Can something as small as a candle heat a room? Is winter warmth this easy? If you are also wondering to find answer these questions, this article will help.

Most of you reading this might have already watched multiple videos on the web where people use candles to heat a room. But, unlike a lot of claims lying out there, you need to know that candles can make the room warmer, but only up to a certain extent and in the right atmosphere.

Using candles to heat a room in an emergency could be a savior, but you must also have access to other reliable alternatives. So, if you are a DIY enthusiast and you love to experiment with various new ideas, you can try the idea of using candles for heat.

This write-up will discuss everything you should know about using candles to warm up a room.

Can a Candle Heat a Room?

Can a Candle Heat a Room

The cold truth is, No. Candles cannot heat a room in its entirety. Instead, a set of candles will only be able to warm up a space to a certain extent.

The extent of heat would depend on different factors that include;

  • Size of the room
  • Use of insulated blinds and curtains
  • The temperature outside the room
  • Proper home insulation

Now, let’s get real. Using a candle heater or candles for heat can be a great alternative if you run out of fuel or other heating alternatives. However, it isn’t a winter cure as a whole.  

How Much Heat Does a Candle Give Off?

How Much Heat Does a Candle Give Off

Different candles would produce different amounts of heat, depending on their size and wax type.

However, an average tealight candle can produce nearly 32 watts of power. For your information, 30 watts of energy will only be able to heat a space of around two square feet.

So, imagine your room measuring 10×10 feet, which is 100 square feet. For heating this big a room, you’ll probably need 50 or more tealight candles.

How Many Candles to Heat a Room?

How Many Candles to Heat a Room

As already explained above, the amount of candles you need to warm up a room depends on the size and other features of the room. These features include the room’s insulation, curtains and blinds used, and the type of doors and windows installed in the room.

As already calculated above, one tealight candle can capably warm up a 2 square feet area. So, depending on the floor size of your room, you’ll have to calculate the requirement accordingly.

Generally, the average room size in most states is around 200 square feet. And, to heat a room of this size, you would require (200/2), i.e., 100 candles.

But, now comes the safety question. Is it safe to light up 100 candles in a room to make it comfortable during the winter (when you already have a lot of woolen stuff in the room)?

The answer is absolutely not. Keeping the safety point of view, it is not advisable to use candles for heat. Instead, you should go for other heating alternatives that would also be of help during power outages.

How to Heat a Room with a Candle?

How to Heat a Room with a Candle

Heating a room with a candle requires a technical approach. You have to keep a lot of things in mind while using this source of heating. Therefore, below mentioned is the step-by-step guide to help you heat a room with a candle.

Pick the smallest room to heat with a candle

To start with the process, you’ll have to pick the smallest room because that will be the easiest to heat.

Smaller space will require fewer candles, which will probably be less dangerous. Generally, you should prefer picking up a room that’s not in direct contact with the ground. Instead, choose a one constructed on the first or second floor.

Gather the required Candles (Make sure to add some extra pieces)

According to the size of the room, pick candles that could heat it in its entirety. Ideally, you’ll need one candle per 2 square feet area. So, instead of placing candles individually, create the flower pot arrangement, under which you can place 4-8 candles together.

Technically, four tealight candles can heat up the exterior of a terracotta pot up to 130 degree celcius. And, a single candle can achieve 53 degree celcius. So, depending on the amount of heat you wish to generate, choose the number of candles accordingly.

Close the cracks in the window frame

To warm a room with candles, you’ll have to seal all the cracks in the window and door frames. Even the slightest open space between the windows would spoil the whole game. If the space is not sealed adequately, you’ll never be able to heat a room with candles.

Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan

When you reverse the direction of the ceiling fan it brings the warm air down to the floor from the ceiling. This mechanism helps you contain the warm air close to you, and it also helps in reducing the energy bills by as much as 15 percent.

Use draft stoppers on your doors

Draft stoppers installed at the base of the doors prevent the entry of cold wind into the room. So, use these objects to prevent the entry of cold air. However, make sure that the room gets proper ventilation to avoid the accumulation of poisoning carbon monoxide.

Step 5- Light up the candles

Now, it is time to light up the candles. Use a lighter to light every candle individually and cover it to let it radiate heat. Be careful enough to avoid all sorts of fire hazards and mishappenings. Make sure to keep your children and pets away from the flame. Also, make sure to keep a fire extinguisher handy.

Place a large flower pot above the candle

Candles warm up a room only when you create the right heating system using them. To make your candles heat a room effectively, you should place a large plant pot above it. This pot will make heating more effective, as the heat-conducting material will trap the heat. A simple plant pot is manufactured using clay or ceramic, which traps the heat for as long as possible.

To create an effective heating system using flower pots, you’ll need

  • One flower pot measuring 6 inch
  • One flower pot measuring 8 inch
  • One ½ /3½ inch eye hook
  • Three half inch bolts
  • Four half inch washers

The process involves the following steps;

  1. Put the eye hook inside the base hole of the 6 inch pot and lock it with a washer and a bolt.
  2. Next, put the 8 inch flower pot upside down over the eye hook and lock it again using the bold and the washer.
  3. Now put these bots over four tea light candles.
  4. Lastly, let it burn for 15 mins and you’ll be surprised to see how the eye hook radiates the heat inside the room.

Make sure the pot you use has holes, as this hole will allow the carbon dioxide to escape. This is how the candle will get as much oxygen as it needs to burn powerfully.

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What Risks are Involved in Using Candles to Heat a Room?

Heating a room with a candle involves a lot of risks, just like any other open flame would rivet. While you use several candles in a room, it is important to space them out so that the heat gets evenly distributed and the risk of fire hazards diminishes.

The potential risks involved in using candles for heat are;


Keeping your candle heaters unattended is one of the most dangerous negligence you could do. Make sure that you never leave your house while you heat a room with a candle. In addition, always ensure to keep your candles on a flat surface so that it stays firm and doesn’t tilt from its place.

Lastly, do not place the candles near flammable objects like newspapers, magazines, rugs, etc., as they can catch fire instantly.

Gas Leak

Make certain that there’s no gas leak in your house, as this could result in a fatal fire hazard. Check the pipes or call professionals to do so if your home has ever been hit by an earthquake, a tornado, or any other natural calamity.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If you place your candle heater in a small room without proper ventilation, the chances of carbon monoxide poisoning increase. For this, you must keep your room ventilated. Consider placing your candle heater beside your window.

Furthermore, keeping carbon monoxide detector handy would be great. It will allow you to detect the development of the silent killer and keep you informed.

Is it Safe to Heat a Room with Candles?

No, it is not safe to heat a room with candles. Heating a room with a candle is a potential hazard for children and pets. Besides, even adults can get burnt if they do not stay careful about the process of heating a room using a candle.

Furthermore, keeping the candles away from flammable objects is vital as an open flame can ignite the fire in a nanosecond.

Therefore, it is crucial to place the candle heater in a safe location away from the reach of children and pets. In addition, do not club and place too many candles in the same place, as this can result in a fire hazard.

Even if you are using a clay pot to trap the heat, you should know that this object can get to over 500 degrees Fahrenheit in temperature, and if you touch it with bare hands, you can get burnt.

Safety Tips: Things to Keep in Mind while Using Candles to Heat a Room

Keeping the safety tips in mind is of utmost importance while you heat a room with a candle. Let’s look at some safety tips that are important to know.

  • Never leave your candles unattended, as this may get dangerous.
  • Keep the candle away from the reach of your pets and children.
  • Do not move or touch the candle while its burning.
  • Do not let the candle burn to completion.
  • Place different candles at atleast 3 inches apart from each other. This is important to avoid melting them into each other.
  • If the candles start producing a long flame, put it off and trim the wick before putting it on again.
  • Put the candles off before you sleep, do not use them as night lamps as it is dangerous to do so.
  • If you are using candles during power outages, never bring them closer to your wardrobes or rugs to avoid fire hazards.

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Concluding Thoughts

A lot of homes are constructed with a central heating system these days. However, this heating mode is expensive and creates many problems during power outages. This is when the households opt for heating alternatives without electricity.

Candles make the room warmer, but this heating mode has its drawbacks. It is risky and requires a lot of attention while putting the candles on. So, make sure to be cautious during the process and use enough candles to feel the difference.

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