Can CorningWare Go In The Microwave?

CorningWare is a popular brand among homeowners that has been manufacturing a variety of containers for over 60 years. Because of the wide range of CorningWare products available, it has become a common name in every household. CorningWare containers are available in different types of mixes. Usually, they are of two types, either ceramic or glass. 

A lot of homeowners question if CorningWare can go inside a microwave oven. This guide would answer all your questions related to CorningWare microwaving. 

The short answer to the above question would be yes, CorningWare is viable to go inside a microwave, provided it doesn’t contain any metal elements.

There are other safety tips that one has to keep in mind while heating food in Corning ware. Let’s go through the detailed discussion step by step. 

Can CorningWare Go In The Microwave

Can CorningWare go inside microwave?

CorningWare products, both the French white range and Gold products are safe to be put inside a microwave. However, one should ensure that there are no metal parts attached to the CorningWare container.

CorningWare products are not only microwave-safe. They are manufactured in such a way that one can use CorningWare ceramic, glass, stoneware, or ovenware in a convection oven, traditional oven, and microwave. What’s even better is that the containers are perfectly safe to be transported from the refrigerator to the oven immediately. The container doesn’t have to acclimate to normal temperature. 

Having said that CorningWare can go inside a microwave, it’s important to mention that one should always use CorningWare products in low to medium temperatures inside the microwave. Also, note that inappropriate heating might lead to cracks in the products.

What happens if you microwave CorningWare?

What happens if you microwave CorningWare

The CorningWare ceramic, glass or glass-ceramic containers are invisible to the microwave radiation which means they simply allow the waves to pass through them and heat the food inside.

Heating CorningWare containers in low heat settings are of course important. It’s also important to ensure that there are no fillings in the container.

Is CorningWare microwave-safe?

Is CorningWare microwave-safe

Yes, CorningWare dishes are microwave-safe.  They can withstand temperatures up to 450 Kelvin or 850 °F inside a microwave, without cracking or showing any signs of deformation. CorningWare products are made up of Pyroceram, which accounts for their high heat resistance. 

All products manufactured by CorningWare like glass ceramics and cookware dishes carry a microwave-safe logo on their packaging. Quite often, the words “microwave” can also be found etched on the product. Millions of people have been using microwave-safe CorningWare products for several purposes for decades now

As long as the Corning cookware doesn’t have cracks, gaps, or holes, it’s completely “microwave-safe” . Very few CorningWare products had metal bottoms, meant for equal heat distribution when used on the stove. Such types of products shouldn’t go inside the microwave. This warning was clearly mentioned in the packaging, as well as on the cookware too. The latest products manufactured by CorningWare however don’t have metal bottoms.

Is old CorningWare microwave-safe? 

The term Vintage CorningWare refers to the products manufactured before 1999. This means these products were manufactured before microwaves came into being. Therefore it’s quite natural that vintage CorningWare products do not cater to microwave-safe standards. 

Apart from vintage CorningWare, products that have a silver or gold, or platinum leaf on it are unsafe for microwaving. Also, products with solid glass lids and screw-on knobs aren’t safe to go inside a microwave.

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Safety tips: Things to know before microwaving CorningWare

Though CorningWare products are microwavable, there are some tips one must remember to ensure the safety of the food, oven, and longevity of the product.

We have already warned people to maintain a low to medium temperature. Apart from that, there are a few other safety tips too. 

Before you put CorningWare in the microwave, make sure you go through the following safety tips mentioned below:

Examine the container properly

Before putting any CorningWare in the microwave, flip your dish to see its bottom. Now check what’s written on it. Some dishes are labeled as microwave-safe while some are labeled as not microwave-safe. You must confirm that the dish is microwavable before putting it inside the oven.

Don’t fill the container to the brim

If you intend to warm water, you must fill the CorningWare container halfway. Take one liter of water in a bottle and place it inside the CorningWare dish. Don’t microwave for more than 30 seconds. After you have switched the microwave on, don’t leave the spot and get occupied with other activities.

Restricted Foods

Though it says that CorningWare products can withstand extreme temperature changes, they may crack or fracture sometimes.  That’s why people shouldn’t use CorningWare products to heat prepackaged food items.

One shouldn’t also heat or microwave popcorn in a CorningWare dish. People are advised so because such items contain special browning wrappers that produce too much heat. 

Appliance Restrictions

There are a few models of microwaves that come with an inbuilt browning element, meant to make any food crispier. If you have such a type of microwave, you shouldn’t put CorningWare inside. It can cause breakage or fracture of the product. Therefore, people mustn’t use CorningWare together with a browning feature, irrespective of the type of dish.

At the same time, one should avoid heating an empty or partially filled CorningWare dish.  Fill it with enough food and then heat it.

Proper maintenance

While you are using Corning ware, you must take good care of it. After cleaning the CorningWare dishes with water, don’t let the water soak in for a long time. It can reduce the life expectancy of the product. It will also affect the quality of the dish to withstand repeated microwaving.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, the latest CorningWare dishes , be it glass, ceramic, ovenware or earthenware are microwavable. However, there are conditions and safety tips that one has to follow to enjoy safe heating of CorningWare in the microwave.

Glass ceramic products constitute the finest range of products manufactured by Corning ware. They can be used in stoves, convection ovens and microwaves. 

We have already mentioned how well designed all CorningWare products are. They are durable enough to withstand upto 450 degrees of temperature inside a microwave, without breaking or deforming. This makes them ideal to be used for baking purposes.

No matter for what purpose you use the CorningWare dishes, follow the precautionary measures mentioned above and enjoy a safe microwaving experience. 

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