Can I Use a Space Heater in my Bedroom? (Yes, BUT…!)

In chilled weather, nothing can feel more comforting than a heating system. But what about the households that don’t have a centralized heating system? Well, even they can stay toasty and cozy with the use of space heaters.

Space heaters are electric heating units that are lightweight, easy to carry, easy to use, and extremely economical. They are best for heating a particular space, which is fairly enough to make you comfortable in the snowy season. Owing to its benefits, the demand for space heaters has skyrocketed. However, this heating unit has its drawbacks, too.

Space heaters can lead to many fire hazards if not attended properly. Furthermore, they are also one of the leading causes of household fire accidents. So, you need to be extraordinarily attentive while using these devices, especially in areas like the bathroom, bedroom, etc.

In this write-up, we will talk about whether it is safe to use space heaters in the bedroom and the safety tips that will prevent accidents to a certain extent. We will also shed some light on what all can happen when you put an electric heater in bedroom. So, keep reading to stay informed.

Can I Use a Space Heater in my Bedroom?

Can I Use a Space Heater in my Bedroom

Yes, you can use a space heater in the bedroom, but on the condition of constant supervision.

Space heaters are one of the most convenient and economical heating systems. However, they involve a lot of risks that might put you and your family in danger of life. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep a constant eye on the heating unit and never leave it unattended.

Most homes have carpeted floors, especially in the bedrooms, which multiplies the risk of fire. So, to avoid fire accidents because of the carpeted floor, you should buy a space heater that is carpet friendly. On the other hand, you should never stuff or tuck in the heater wire under the carpet because this can lead to overheating the device, ultimately resulting in a fire.

Besides, since it is your bedroom, upholstery is likely to lie here and there. For optimum safety, keeping the heater at a 3-feet distance is mandatory.

What Happens if you Put a Space Heater in Bedroom?

When you don’t supervise your space heater, it can potentially lead to several fire hazards.

Bringing space heaters home is like bringing a lot of risks along, especially when you fail to stay attentive while the device is turned on.

So, let’s discuss what all can happen when you use a space heater in your bedroom.

Increased risk of fire

A fire accident is the most common risk of using a space heater in the bedroom. Bedrooms are usually filled with upholstery that can catch fire easily.

In addition, most bedrooms have carpeted floors, which multiplies the risk even further. All these items are flammable, and one slight negligence can result in a blaze.

So, it isn’t like you should never use a space heater in the bedroom, but what’s important is to use it until you are awake and switch it off at regular intervals.

Increased level of the deadly carbon monoxide

Space heaters can provide instant heat when placed close to the body, and keeping these heating units as close as possible feels great. But do you know how risky it can get if you forget to turn it off?

Most people love to keep a space heater near their bed and also keep the doors and windows closed to experience maximum heat. But, little do they know that this act can lead to the accumulation of carbon monoxide, which can also cause suffocation in the worst case.

Carbon monoxide chokes the blood supply to your brain, which can cause haemorrhage. People with heart ailments, children and elders are at the highest risk in such conditions. Most scary is the risk of asphyxia, also known as sleep death.

Increased risk of allergy, dry skin, and conjunctivitis

Electric space heaters can make your room atmosphere extremely dry. As a result, your skin becomes dry and more prone to skin allergies.

In addition, this dryness can also irritate your eyes, which can lead to conjunctivitis.

Is It Safe to Use a Space Heater in Bedroom?

Is It Safe to Use a Space Heater in Bedroom

Yes, it is safe to use a space heater in your bedroom, provided you’re following all the safety tips.

One slight negligence with a space heater can result in a fire hazard, damaging your home and causing fatal consequences for you and your family. Therefore you need to take care of certain things before you place the heater in your bedroom.

These precautions involve placing the heater on a flat surface, switching off the heater before sleeping, supervising the device constantly, and plugging the heater in a wall outlet only.

Besides, you should also make sure to keep the heating unit at least 3-feet away from other objects in the room and keep it out of reach of the kids and pets. Another important precaution is to never keep a heater on a carpet or rug.

So, if you think you can follow all these rules and regulations, you can use the space heater in bedroom. Also, ensure switching off the device every 2-3 hours to enhance the device’s efficiency and avoid dangerous situations.

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Safety Tips: Things to Know Before Using Space Heater in Bedroom?

When you put a space heater in bedroom, you open the home to several fire hazards. Therefore, it is important to follow all the safety measures and stay safe during winters.

Here we have mentioned the safety tips that will eradicate the various factors that lead to fire accidents.

Always supervise your heaters

Experts from the National Fire Protection Association advise that you should never leave your space heater unattended, and it is extremely important to supervise the device closely. So, you should always switch off the heater while asleep or away from home.

Keeping the space heater on unattended can result in a fire hazard, which can get worse because there’s no one around to control it.

In addition, to maintain the efficiency of the heating unit, heater manufacturers recommend to switch it off at regular intervals.

Maintain space and stability

As a rule of thumb, you should always give your space heater enough room to breathe.

Heaters need proper space (both in the front and back) to suck in the required air, which enables the device to function efficiently.

In addition, you should always place the device on a stable surface to avoid all kinds of fire accidents. The NFPA recommends maintaining a 3-foot gap between the device and other objects (flammable or non-flammable) lying in your bedroom.

Furthermore, it is advised that you place your heater preferably on a solid ground or hardwood surface to prevent the device from falling or knocking off.

Keep hot-to-touch heaters at a reasonable distance

Some modern space heaters come with a cool-touch feature, which keeps the outer body of the device cool enough to be touched even when the heater is on.

On the other hand, some heaters get hot while functioning. So, if your heater is the latter one, keep it at a reasonable distance to avoid burning or other fire accidents.

Children and pets are usually curious to touch new things and might accidentally hit the device during playtime. So, to avoid all such situations, you should keep the device in an unreachable place for pets and kids. 

Buy a heater with safety features

Modern space heaters come with various safety features, including auto-shut off for tip over, timer, built-in thermostat, cool-touch casing, grill over, overheat protection, etc., that ensure optimum safety.

These features protect you and your family from fire accidents and enhance the heating unit’s efficiency.

The automatic shut-off feature is the most helpful when you use a heater in your bedroom as it allows you to set timers for auto-shut-off. So, if you forget to turn off the device before sleeping or it gets tipped off for some reason, it will automatically turn off, preventing accidents.

Test smoke detectors regularly

Space heaters are one of the leading causes of fire accidents in most households. As a result, installing smoke detectors becomes vital. In addition, you should always test your smoke detectors at least once a month to see if its working properly or not.

NFPA suggests that you should replace your smoke detectors every 10 years, irrespective of their condition.

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Concluding Thoughts

Space heaters are great rescuers in the chilly season. However, like any other heating device, you need to follow a certain set of rules with this one too. The most important of them all is keeping it supervised.

Most modern space heaters are conceptualized and designed with safety features to protect you from potential fire hazards. Still, you can only trust a heating unit if you are careful with it.

So, hoping the information mentioned above proves helpful, we wish you happy winters.

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