Can My Neighbors Hear My Dog Barking?

We all love pets, some prefer cats, and some prefer dogs. While cats like taking naps, playing with feather toys, roaming around, and showing affection by just sitting beside you, dogs prefer to bark out loud to show love towards you.

Barking is a form of communication of dogs that they often use when angry, happy, or getting your attention. Usually, this sound or noise of barking goes outside and disturbs the friendly surrounding of your neighborhood.

There are times when we have to leave our pets behind. So there often comes a situation where the neighbor or the people living around complain about our pets being very noisy, especially the dog, whenever they hear dogs barking. The neighbors often complain that they make a lot of noise.

Can My Neighbors Hear My Dog Barking?

Can my neighbors hear my dog barking

Your furry companion is extremely loud when they have separation anxiety, fear, boredom, and there can be many other reasons for that. Some dogs bark to make it seem like a command for you to play back with them. So, in these cases, the sound of your dog’s barking can go out of your apartment and there are chances that your neighbors might hear that and come complaining to you. To avoid this, you can just go for the ways which will prevent your dog’s barking to go out.

How to Muffle Dog Barking in an Apartment?

How to Muffle Dog Barking in an Apartment

There are many situations when your dog’s barking can affect your neighborhood and their surroundings. We occasionally have to leave our pets behind. As a result, our neighbors or the nearby individuals frequently complain about our pets being excessively noisy, particularly dogs, anytime they hear it barking. So here are some of the ways to silence your dog’s barking.

Play soft or classical music

The truth is dogs are compassionate creatures, so when classical or soft music is played, they enjoy it and relax. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that their dogs enjoy the complexities of classical music. So whenever you go out, keep in mind to play classical or soft music at a low volume to avoid the trouble caused by your dog’s barking.

Add a window plug

 It is often noticed that the weakest thing that can transfer noise from your apartment to your neighbor’s apartment is a window. So to prevent the dog’s barking from going out, apply plywood on the windows shelf. This will automatically muffle the sound of dogs barking at your neighbor’s home. If you want, you can insert some soundproof windows. This will not allow the noise of barking to go outside of your apartment. But the disadvantage of inserting the soundproof window is that it will prevent outside noise to your house.

But outside noise can irritate your dog if it finds other dogs barking outside or playing outside. Inserting soundproof windows is beneficial for the owner as it causes zero damage to the owner and his property. The owner can do whatever he wants without worrying about his neighbors.

Try to close all the air gaps in the door

The area that is often ignored and where your dog’s barking can be heard to the neighbors is the air gaps between the doors. The noise or the sound of your dog barking can go to places from where the air is coming or going out; for example, from the door or the air gaps on the door, the sound can travel to your neighbor’s apartment.

So to prevent that, you can seal the air gaps on the door By using the basic door sweeps and carpets available in any of the shops.

Changing your dog’s environment

Try to keep your dog busy by giving it a ball to play with or giving it some food to eat so that he can bark as little as possible and whenever necessary. Try to use a soundproof crate so that it can absorb your dog’s barking. If putting a soundproof box does not work, try to modify and change your apartment or home to muffle the sound of the dog barking.

Add a thick carpet

If you think your dog’s barking is going outside your apartment, try to add a thick carpet to your home. The wider the rug is, the more soundproof it will be and will prevent your dog’s barking from going outside of your apartment, undisturbing your friendly neighborhood.

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Bookshelves are the best

Bookshelves are the best

If your neighbor complains that your dog is barking in the apartment, the best soundproofing method to deal with it is creating a big and heavy bookshelf in your apartment that is closer to the walls.

The bookshelf indeed creates the second wall in your apartment, and the sound hardly has any time left for penetrating or passing through the walls, so if you have neighbors who are very complaining about your pets’ noise or disturbance, you can go for a bookshelf option.

Hang heavy paintings

If you think a bookshelf will be too costly for you and not a bookworm, try adding or changing some heavy paintings in your apartment or home. The heavy images also act as a great sound barrier, and these paintings do not allow the dog’s barking to penetrate through the walls and go to your neighbors’ homes and disturb them. Thus, hanging heavy pictures and paintings will decorate your home and act as a good sound barrier. You can go for this option also.

Soundproof Curtains

If you think that hanging heavy paintings or bookshelves in your apartment is not a cost-effective solution, you can go for hanging some beautiful curtains in your apartment.

Soundproof curtains will not only act as a sound barrier for the outside noise, but they will also prevent your dog’s barking from going outside. Hanging beautiful curtains will provide an excellent look to your home also. Thus, hanging curtains is affordable and also accessible. You can also opt for this option.

Provide a proper training

Dogs are intelligent creatures, and they grasp things very fastly. So if you want your dog to be silent and not bark around unnecessarily, you can go for a dog trainer who can train it in a good way and make him wiser.

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Keep it entertained

The reason for most of the dogs barking is they are bored or suffering from boredom. For them, you can buy some toys or cut a ball into two pieces, and put some food in it so that every time they catch your ball, they have something to eat and feel happy by that. You can also go for dog toys.

Let your dog do some physical exercise

Let your dog do some physical exercise

Often the result of laziness is more boredom and ultimately barking. To avoid your dog’s barking, give it a good morning walk, an evening walk, and some good running exercise to avoid feeling bored and busy and not bark unnecessarily.

Try to block their views

Some dogs do not bark because of boredom, but they also bark by seeing some sight like a squirrel on a tree or some unknown creature in your neighborhood. So when you leave your apartment, try to put all the curtains on your window so that your dog’s view is blocked and they do not make unnecessary barking and noise.

Put your television on before leaving your apartment

Put your television on before leaving your apartment

Dogs do love visuals. So whenever you leave your apartment, make sure that you leave your television or radio on to keep your dog busy, and they do not bark at any other things. Ensure that the television or the radio’s sound is not too much; otherwise, it will affect your dogs and neighborhood.

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Try to give him positive reinforcements

Try to give him positive reinforcements

Please treat it with reasonable care and affection and give it a lot of attention. Teach and train that the squirrel’s view is not dangerous but good so it will not bark and create noise at the squirrel’s view even when you are not around.

Try to visit a veterinary doctor

Some dogs have separation anxiety, and these dogs are tough to come down to whenever they are separated from their owners. In that case, do visit a veterinary doctor and try to take some medical solutions. Try to get the reasons for your dog’s barking and take care of it with proper solutions.

Use Anti stress devices

If your dog is anxious or easily concerned, you should look for the best anti-stress device on the market to prevent its barking.

Add Mass Loaded Vinyl

MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl) is a high-density soundproofing material with exceptional flexibility.

MLV can be used in automobiles, trucks, boats, RVs, and other vehicles to reduce sound and vibration. They can also be used in your home too.

Vinyl sheets installed directly into walls and ceilings can act as a noise barrier. This will prevent the dog’s barking to a great extent from going out.  Later you can decorate them with special soundproofing paints. So it won’t affect the aesthetics

Final words

Dog lovers or dog parents can do anything for their furry friends to make them feel happy and comfortable. First, find out why they start barking whenever you leave your home and try to find a good solution. Do not scold them for barking. Remember, Intimidating them might exacerbate the problem; after all, you don’t want your dog to be afraid of you.

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