Can Tervis go in the Microwave?

The short and crisp answer to this question is yes! You can microwave Tervis drinkware in the microwave oven given, you follow some precautions.

Tervis has drinkware products that are available in a variety of materials like stainless steel and plastic.

Generally, the plastic containers are microwavable as the company claims them to be microwave-safe and dishwasher-safe.

On the other hand, the stainless steel Tervis drinkware is not microwave-safe, as it is made of metal which may cause a spark in the oven and result in fire.

The Tervis tumblers and the Tervis cups are mostly made of polymer and are BPA-free, making them easier to microwave. BPA was present before 2011 in most of their plastic products, but now they have switched to BPA-free.

 It is advised to microwave these for only thirty seconds or less.

As well as it is advised to keep a check on the labeling provided on the Tervis product to find out whether it is microwave-safe or not.

Read on to know in detail about this topic!

Can Tervis go in the Microwave

Can you microwave Tervis?

Yes, you can microwave Tervis. Given, you read the bottom surface of the cup that mentions whether it is microwave-safe or not! Be careful while microwaving the Tervis cup, as some may even contain metal lining, which may catch fire when heated.

So, it is advisable to heat the Tervis in the microwave for thirty seconds or less. This is mentioned in many of their microwave-safe products. Do follow the proper instructions while you microwave Tervis. The same word of caution applies to the Tervis tumbler.

What happens if you microwave Tervis?

What happens if you microwave Tervis

You would have seen the wide range of drinkware that Tervis has to offer, the widely popular customizable water bottles are a deal not to miss. Tervis is made of polymers.

The microwave oven generates microwaves, these get absorbed by the food molecules contained in the Tervis cup. These molecules start vibrating when they gain energy, and collide with each other. This results in the production of heat. The Tervis cups and bowls are microwave-safe and do not trap microwaves, making them completely safe to heat your beverages in the microwave.

But they are an improvised form of plastic only and may emit estrogenic chemicals if heated for a long time. Research has been done on using plastic in the oven as it may cause the emission of estrogenic chemicals that can be dangerous.

Is Tervis Microwave Safe?

Is Tervis Microwave Safe

Yes, you can microwave Tervis! The plastic range is microwave-safe and can be used to heat your coffee. But be cautious while using it in the microwave. You do not need to heat the cup beyond thirty seconds.

So, if you are getting late for that meeting, you can easily heat coffee in a Tervis cup in the microwave, and you are good to go!

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Safety Tips: Things to know before microwaving Tervis

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind before you heat your coffee in the Tervis cup:

Check the warning label

The label at the bottom of the Tervis mentions whether the product is microwavable or not. It has a warning sign if it is not microwave-safe. Look out for the label before heating your coffee in the oven.

Make sure that it is pure plastic

Some of the drinkware contains metal linings on the lid, which makes it unsafe to microwave. In such a case, do not put the container in the oven. Instead, use a microwave-safe plastic container to heat the coffee.

Remove the lid while heating

Whenever you heat the liquid in the Tervis cup make sure to remove the lid. This helps in the faster absorption of heat by the content of the Tervis, and you have a hot cup of coffee ready!

Make sure that liquid is filled in it

When you microwave Tervis, make sure that the liquid is filled in it to the brim. As it has been mentioned to not heat the Tervis in the oven without filling it to the brim with liquid.

Microwave it for only thirty seconds or less

It is advised to microwave the Tervis only for thirty seconds or less by the company. So, try to keep a check on the timer while you heat it. Do not leave it in the microwave for long durations.

Tervis drinkware is a perfect way to keep your coffee hot or cold according to your preference. We hope that these instructions will make your experience of using a Tervis safe and smooth.

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Final thoughts

Isn’t Tervis a convenient way to keep your coffee cold or hot? It most definitely is! The cups can easily be microwaved, and they do not even consume much of your time. We hope that through this article we have answered almost all your queries!

So what are you waiting for? Go and make your favorite coffee without worrying whether Tervis is microwavable or not. But remember to always check the bottom of the cup before putting it in the microwave. Also, do not microwave it beyond thirty seconds. With these tips, you are safe to use Tervis in the microwave.

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