Can you microwave bone china?

Bone china offers a very appealing and luxurious aura to any kitchen. Its refined and sophisticated appearance, not just pleases the eye, but the strong build it has is worth giving thought to.

Bone china may appear thin and fragile to you, but it is considered the strongest china ceramic. It is composed of bone ash, kaolin, and feldspathic material which make it strong, durable, and chip resistant.

But the product also accompanies the frequently asked question- “can you microwave bone china?”

And the answer is yes, except for the bone china with a metallic band or those having a metallic handle, it is microwave friendly and remains cool all the way you cook or heat your food.

Can you microwave bone china

Can bone china go in the microwave?

Microwave saves you a lot of time and energy as compared with the traditional method of cooking. You set the timer, and the oven turns off itself when the timer runs out and the food is ready.

Every household today owns a microwave. With all the benefits it comes with, heavy precautions should be taken as well. As the appliance runs with electricity, it becomes crucial for you to understand ‘what should go in ‘ and ‘what not’. It might be a headache for you to choose the perfect fit among so many options available in the market.

Pure Bone china is perfectly suitable for microwaves and ovens. It is considered the strongest and safest dishware that goes inside the microwave. However, just stating something is safe may not convince you to get the product. For your satisfaction, you can do the checking yourself. You just flip the dish and examine if it’s microwave friendly or not. The microwave safe sign clarifies it all.

An exception is those having a metallic band or handle. Microwave releases high-frequency electromagnetic waves and metals are good conductors of electricity, So when the metal comes in contact with the microwave, the micro radio wave is absorbed by it, which causes arcing and sparks to happen inside your microwave(might also cause an explosion)

In that matter, Bone china can be the best option for you. It is durable and can also last longer than regular microwave plastic. It can be used daily in the microwave for breakfast, lunch, and dinner(though it is recommended not to consume food cooked in the microwave daily). It remains cool in the microwave.

Does bone china get hot in the microwave?

Most of the bone china produced today is microwave friendly. The bone china does not get hot in the microwave. Unlike metals, it does not absorb the microwave radio and remains cool throughout the cooking period. But yes, if the food inside china is hot, it might keep the container hot as well.

Bone china does not get hot. But you should also keep in mind, rapid and sudden changes in the temperature hamper the durability of any kitchenware. Prevent your china from extreme heating and do not take out the china immediately to the room temperature from the microwave. Allow your china to cool down and then take it out.

You should be cautious with the cracks. Even a small crack can break the whole china when heated.

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How do you know if bone china is microwave safe?

Most of the chinaware is considered microwave safe. However, you might want to be confident regarding the product you choose. Simply stating the safety may not suffice your safety concern.

There are ways you can check out if the bone china is microwave-safe or not.

You can simply check the microwave safe sign on the back of the china. There it will be given if the product is microwave-safe or not. If there is no clear mark in your china, you can switch to a process where you can test its electromagnetic energy absorption. For that:

  • You’ll have to take a microwave-friendly glass filled with water and the dish and place them side by side in the microwave.
  • Now microwave them for a minute in high power.
  • After a minute take the dish and check the temperature.

If it feels hot, it means the heat has been absorbed – which is not microwave friendly. If the temperature of the dish doesn’t change but the water is warm – it is microwave friendly.

Is bone china microwave safe?

The china you are using should not burn, melt or break under microwave heat to consider it microwave-safe.

Until the chinaware contains metal on it (handle or any form of decoration), the dish is considered microwave safe.

Bone china is one of the safest products that you can microwave. However, you can always do a safety check before purchasing it. For that, you can read the microwave safe sign to see if it’s microwave-safe or not or do the electromagnetic energy observation test by yourself as mentioned above.

The bone china is made up of porcelain and bone ash, which keeps it cool inside the microwave all the time.

But the bone china which has a metal handle or which has designs made up of metal can be risky. As metals are good conductors of electricity, they can absorb the magnetic wave and can even explode.

Microwave safe dishes will not absorb the rays and remain cool while you heat or cook the food, But if the dish is not microwave safe then it absorbs the rays which heat the container but the food remains cold.

Most of the clay doesn’t lose its posterity even after being fired. But bone china gets glazed between the fire which locks the surface of the china. It prevents the chinaware from absorbing moisture. Having no moisture the bone china doesn’t get hot in the microwave.

China can resist excess heat and doesn’t break even at a sudden shift in the temperature they are fired at an exorbitant temperature. It makes them tougher as compared to other ceramics because most ceramics break easily. Hence bone china doesn’t break even if the food is too hot or is taken out of the microwave immediately without cooling.

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Microwaves have become an integral part of our lives. Our hectic lifestyle demands the use of a microwave for an instant cook. So choosing the right cookware that fits the microwave is a must.

You should be very careful while choosing the cookware. Anything that contains metals is a big no-no.

Bone china is not just good with its appearance, but it is considered the strongest china ceramic. It is composed of bone ash, kaolin which helps it survive heat and pressure.

Make sure that your chinaware doesn’t have any metals on it. Be it the handle or belt. Metals can absorb the wave inside the microwave- if used it may lead to a kitchen accident.

Bone china is safer to use. It can resist the immediate temperature change. It doesn’t break even if the temperature is too high. China doesn’t heat up in the microwave, rather the food inside china keeps it hot.

Lastly, however strong any product is, you must handle it with care. Bone china is strong enough to resist the heat but make sure that you don’t heat the china in a foolhardy way. Extreme temperature can cause damage to any product. You should avoid an Immediate shift in temperature. Don’t take the china out of the microwave immediately. Let it cool down for a while and then you can take it out.

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