Can You Microwave Enamel Mugs?

Is it that day when your hands have mechanically grabbed a cup from the front row of your kitchen cupboard for the coffee that you are making? Did it happen to be an enamel mug, and let it hold your hot coffee in memory of those cold camping days? Are you thinking of microwaving it as the coffee has gone cold? And you wanna know if it is safe to do so? 

Don’t Worry! You are at the right place for the right information to serve you at the right time.

Enamel cookware is not something new to the globe. And you might have also become acquainted with them enough if you are a camper. I know, as portable stoves do add up to the luggage weight and enamel cookwares are a savior for many (as they could be put straight in fire).   

You should note something that enamel cookwares  have been here for centuries but microwaves have not. Getting oneself educated if this combination of old (enamel cookware) and new  (microwaves) go hand in hand is important before straight away diving into the experiment.  

So, to enlighten yourself with regard to this, give a read at the rest of the article.

Can You Microwave Enamel Mugs?

Can You Microwave Enamel Mugs

Before knowing if you can microwave enamel mugs, let’s first know what these enamel mugs are made of. Later then we will dive into their possibility of microwaving.  

Enamel mugs are made of  cast iron or steel and enamel. Firstly, the frame of the mug  is made out of cast iron or steel for the easy absorption of heat. Later it is covered by a coat of enamel (which is nothing but melted and fused glass powder) at very high temperatures of the range 750°C to 850°C. This is done so that the absorbed heat gets evenly spread all over its surface.  

Now getting back to the query, we CAN NOT microwave an enamel mug as it has cast iron or steel present in it. This facilitates the mug to act as metallic cup itself. So, that if an enamel cup is ever microwaved, the chances of breaking an electric fire is very high. This action is more like pulling out an accident from nowhere. Sometimes it can highly damage the microwave too.

So, it is better NOT to microwave your enamel mugs.

What happens if you microwave Enamel Mugs?

What happens if you microwave Enamel Mugs

Though enamel mugs do not look like a metal mug from the outside, it does have a strong frame of cast iron or steel inside it. This inside frame has been covered by a coat of melted and fused glass powder that is enamel.

Since there is a frame of metal inside it the enamel mug acts more like a metal mug itself. When an enamel mug is microwaved there is a huge possibility of it breaking an electric fire inside the microwave.  

This coating of enamel is capable of breaking down into small pieces with small pressure intensive actions. This can produce sharp edges in the cup that facilitates electric fire. We need to take care of this situation as small cracking won’t be noticeable with a simple gaze.

If an enamel cup with sharp edges are put inside a microwave, the probability of you destroying your microwave is very high.

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Are Enamel Mugs Microwave Safe? 

Are Enamel Mugs Microwave Safe

A crisp and clear answer to this query of yours would be to say that enamel mugs are NOT microwave safe. If you have younger ones at home, it is necessary to educate them with this.

Let me tell you why it is not that safe to microwave your enamel mugs. So it has become necessary to educate ourselves with the nature of enamel mugs.

Enamel is a material that  is made of a variety of metallic materials which are similar to thermos. This makes enamel mugs an equivalent to metallic mugs. Thus microwaving an enamel mug is similar to microwaving a metallic mug.

When an enamel mug is microwaved it can break an electric fire which could lead to severe accidents. Even the microwave can get destroyed at times. Instead if you want to heat something better use other safe options with enamel mug such as gas stove, electric stove etc.

Since enamel mugs are metallic in nature, the chances of them getting heated is so quick. It is also worthy of noting that they can even get destroyed with too much heat inflow (i.e., very high temperatures). 

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Wrapping Up

Enamel mugs certainly do come with a lot of advantages and memories. If you are thinking of getting that  hot camping tea or coffee experience inside your home, depending upon those enamel mugs is not a sin though.

At the same time be aware of certain things that could be carried on with the premise of your four comfort walls. Being aware of things that could be carried out and not are very essential even at the time of immersing yourself in memories.

As mentioned above, enamel mug do act like metallic cups when put inside a microwave. This is largely due to the metallic frame present inside it. If the mug has sharp points or sharp edges due to any breakage in the enamel coating, the capacity of such mugs to break an electric fire inside the microwave increases. Not only that, it can even worsen the situation by completely making your microwave unfit for further functioning. Sometimes huge accidents are also expectable. 

If you have that cold coffee still in that enamel mug, please DON’T microwave it. Do opt for other options such as a gas stove or an electric stove.

Happy Camp Memories … 

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