Can You Microwave Qdoba bowls?

Are your taste buds nagging you to have another hot and spicy Mexican meal? If the last time you served them the right way was by ordering a Qdoba bowl, then we get it right.

This fast casual restaurant chain QDOBA Mexican Eats comes up with a variety of Qdoba bowls engulfing different flavours. They have many to offer for instance: Fajita Bowl, Cholula Hot & Sweet Chicken, Chicken Queso Burrito, the Chicken Protein Bowl etc. Well, which one do you have in your refrigerator? Tell us later…

Though putting your Qdoba bowl straight away from refrigerator to microwave seems to be an easy option for your lazy arms, you need to know if you can do so or what will be the consequences that you might be facing if it is ever done that way.

That is why we are here to help you with the right information.

Go through the rest of the article and find it for yourself…

Can You Microwave Qdoba bowls?

Can You Microwave Qdoba bowls

Were you not able to complete that delicious Mexican meal in one go? Thinking of having another hot Mexican meal in a Qdoba bowl? Well then you need to know something before you go on for reheating that left over meal.

While thinking of reheating, one of the best option that could pop up for you would be to microwave your Qdoba bowl in the same bowl in which it was delivered. I do understand how easy it would be if it was 100% safe and possible to do so. But we need to enlighten ourselves with some essential information before doing so.

First of all, you need to check for the label ‘Microwave Safe’ before putting any container inside a microwave and your Qdoba bowls are no exceptions to it. If you don’t find any such labels then you are expected to not to do so.

Qdoba bowls come with paper containers which are mostly non microwavable. So, it would be wise if you transfer the left overs of your Qdoba bowl to a microwave safe container before reheating it.

Can You Microwave Qdoba Queso Cups?

A simple answer for this question of yours is that, Qdoba Queso cups or Qdoba Cheese cups are microwavable. In order to reheat these cheese cups, microwave them for half a minute or 30 seconds. Do stir the cheese for every 30 seconds before you go on heating it further for another 30 seconds. Continuous stirring for every 30 seconds helps the queso (cheese) stay in a semi liquid consistency which otherwise might turn to a sticky – pasty consistency.

If the cheese dip has been given in a plastic container, make sure that you transfer them to another microwavable dish or container. This needs to be done so as there is a huge possibility for certain plastics to release toxic chemicals (at high temperatures) which can get mixed up with your food. Thus, making it non consumable.

You are supposed to take the same caution if the queso has been delivered to you in a paper cup. It is prescribed to do so as there is a chance for the paper cup to catch fire inside the microwave.

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What happens if you microwave Qdoba bowls? 

Before educating yourself with the consequences of microwaving a Qdoba bowl, firstly you need to know the nature of the bowl in which your food is served.

That Mexican cuisine you have ordered for yourself comes within a paper bowl. Paper is made of cellulosic material which is capable of catching fire at high temperatures and the inside atmosphere of a switched-on microwave is no exception to it.

A paper cup or bowl with liquid that contains an adequate amount of water content in it is comparatively safer as they help in regulating the temperature of the paper thereby reducing the chances of fire.

Whereas paper cups and bowls with no moisture content will certainly catch fire in the process of reheating with the help of a microwave.

Are Qdoba Bowls Microwave Safe?

Are Qdoba Bowls Microwave Safe

I hope your last Qdoba bowl was excellent and would like to treat your taste buds once again with those Mexican flavours. But it seems like you are stuck in a dilemma whether to reheat your meal in a microwave or find some other options.

Let us help you with this. In order to understand if any container is microwave safe firstly you need to check for the label ‘Microwave Safe’ anywhere etched on the container. If you couldn’t find any, it says that you are supposed to avoid doing so.

More over Qdoba bowls are served in paper bowls which has a plastic coating to avoid absorption of oily and greasy materials. On microwaving such containers can stimulate the plastic material to release toxic substances which can mingle with the food making it unsuitable for consumption. Sometimes the paper can catch fire if there is not enough moisture content.

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Wrapping Up

We know, Qdoba bowls are so much to be completed as a single meal. It’s reasonable to have some left over from your last bowl. If you are looking forward to have another delicious hot Mexican meal out of those, it is better not to microwave them in the same paper bowl.

For safe and better ends transfer them to a microwave safe container such as a ceramic or glass bowl (microwavable) for the purpose of reheating.

Enjoy your Hot Mexican Meal

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