Can You Microwave Wood?

The short answer is no! You cannot microwave wood in the microwave oven. We know that you may have read on many platforms that many people microwave their wooden utensils and have not experienced any discomfort from it. But why risk your life when there are other microwave-safe products available on the market.

We know how aesthetically beautiful the wooden bowls, spoons, and plates are and the grandeur they add to your kitchen. But microwaving these is not recommended at all.

Can you put wood in the microwave?

Can You Microwave Wood

No, it is not advised to put wood in the microwave as it can result in fatal accidents also. If you have already microwaved wood in the microwave and have had luck, the only reason can be that the wood was not dry and was wet!

When you microwave anything, the microwave dries up the substance. So, if you placed a wet piece of wood in the oven, the microwave dried it up! And there was not any fatal accident that happened. Let us now understand the proper working of the microwave on the wood in-depth in the next topic.

What happens if you microwave wood?

If you microwave wood, then you must be aware that wood allows microwave rays to pass through them. It is the case with any microwave-safe plastics and containers also. So, when you microwave wood in the oven, it will allow the rays to pass through it, and the food contained in it will absorb the rays.

But the most important feature of wood in the oven is that it is flammable. It can catch fire easily, and we all know how a microwave oven can heat up in a few seconds. The combination is very deadly!

If you have placed wet wood in the oven, then it will get dried up, and if placed for prolonged periods, it may even catch fire. As dried wood is highly susceptible to fire.

In most wooden utensils nowadays, an adhesive is used to join the different parts together. This adhesive may get liquified in the oven, and your wooden utensil will no longer be available for use. It will get deformed.

You can use thick wooden utensils for a few seconds and not for long durations. And keep in mind to not microwave products that have metal layering or metal handles on them, as this may result in a fire, as we all know that metals are not microwave-safe. It is advisable to use microwavable products only in the oven.

Is wood Microwave Safe?

Is wood Microwave Safe

No, wood is not microwave-safe. Although many companies claim that their wood products are microwave safe, it is always advised to be cautious while using wooden utensils in the oven.

One may argue that the wooden utensils keep your food warm and are great for serving hot food, then why not microwave it? The clear answer is that there is a big difference between the heat emitted due to hot food and the microwave radiation the wooden utensil experiences in the microwave oven.

The heat due to hot food is conductive heat, whereas microwave radiation heats the food in the wooden utensil, and this heat gets transferred to the wooden utensil. It may even cause the wood to burn and prove to be highly dangerous for you and your family.

So wood is not safe for use in the microwave oven.

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Safety Tips: Things to know before microwaving wood

We know that you are extremely cautious while cooking food, but here are some extra points to consider while using wood in the microwave

Check whether the wood is wet or not

Traditionally, many households used a microwave oven to dry out wet wood. Dried  wood when microwaved can catch fire easily and may even cause fatal accidents putting both your and your family’s life in danger.                       

Read the instructions given on the bottom of the utensil

Today many companies give out proper instructions at the bottom of the utensil describing whether the utensil is microwave-safe or not. You just need to be vigilant and read for instructions on the utensil. Use only microwavable products in the oven.                  

Always use microwave gloves

When dealing with microwave ovens, it is advisable to take proper safety measurements while cooking food. You must use hand gloves to protect yourself from the heat of the utensils.

Do not heat the wood for long intervals

Yes, you read that right! Even if you are heating your wooden utensil in the oven, which we do not recommend at all, try using the utensil for short time, and also at a controlled temperature. Avoid heating for long durations and at high temperatures.

Make sure that there are no metals attached to the wooden utensil

Many times, there are metal linings or metal handles on the wooden utensils also. We know very well that metals are not at all microwave-safe. So you do not have to put the products that have metal decorations or metal handles in the oven. As it may catch fire easily and can cause a serious accident.

These were some easy safety tips to keep in mind while using wood in the microwave!

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Wrapping Up

By now, you know that microwaving wood in the oven can cause it to bend, break, and even it will start generating smoke if microwaved for a prolonged time. Even though the whole wave of using eco-friendly products is a great way to contribute to the earth from our end. These are some things on which we cannot compromise. Putting wood in the microwave is not a very good idea.

You can always opt for microwave-safe products, which are available in plenty in the stores. They will be a one-time investment and will last for a very long period also.

We hope this article answered most of your queries. You can always refer to this article in the future for any information on this topic. Have a great time cooking your favorite recipes!

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