Can You Put a Yeti in the Microwave?

The short answer is no! You cannot put yeti in the microwave. The warning label on the yeti cup mentions, “Microwaves and metal don’t play well together. Do not place any Ramblers in the microwave; fire, injury, can occur.”

The statement above is the direct answer, straight from yeti. The fact that yeti mugs keep the coffee temperature intact, has been the key factor behind the huge popularity of yeti drinkware. Even if yeti cups have simplified the way we drink our coffee, the fact that it cannot be microwaved breaks our hearts a little.

Yeti cups are not microwavable because they are made up of stainless steel. Steel when exposed to microwave radiation causes the steel to burn up.

Yeti has a full line of drinkware that includes jugs, tumblers, and bottles. But these all are made up of steel which is a conductor, therefore, not suitable for heating.

Can You Put a Yeti in the Microwave

Can you microwave yeti?

No, you cannot microwave yeti, as it will catch fire. Microwaves work on the principle that it emits microwave radiation, which gets absorbed by the molecules of the food. These molecules on absorbing energy start vibrating and collide with each other. When they collide with each other, it produces heat that eventually heats the food contained in the container.

Yetis are made up of stainless steel, which absorbs the energy of the microwave radiations. But these do not allow the energy to pass. The yeti(steel) molecules contain the energy till the maximum level, and after this, when the energy becomes excess, produce sparks. These sparks lead to fire, which may cause serious injuries.

What happens if you microwave yeti?

What happens if you microwave yeti

If you put yetis in the microwave, then the yeti utensil will catch fire. Yeti cups are made of stainless steel that absorbs the radiation from the microwave. If you try to heat your coffee in a yeti cup in the microwave, then it will only result in wasting your time, and the end product will be the same cold coffee.

So trying to heat coffee in a yeti mug is not worth the time and energy. Unlike microwave-safe utensils, yeti mugs will surely not help in warming up your coffee.

Is yeti microwave safe?

Is yeti microwave safe

No, they are not microwave-safe. They are made of double-layered stainless steel for providing insulation to the liquid. This insulation also helps in keeping the temperature of the liquid intact.

So, if you microwave a yeti cup, then it may even spark a fire in the oven and can even set your house on fire.

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Safety Tips: Things to know before microwaving yeti

Even if you want to experiment and find it out for yourself, whether yeti cups are effective in the microwave or not. Here is a list of safety tips to keep in mind when you microwave yeti cups.

Microwave it for short time

Do not leave the yeti cup in the microwave oven for a long duration. Doing this will heat the yeti cup and may even cause a fire, which can eventually lead to your microwave even exploding!

Do not microwave an empty yeti cup

Always put a container filled with liquid in the microwave. Do not use an empty yeti mug in the microwave. Doing this can prove to be hazardous to your health. It will only result in wasting your time and energy.

Use microwave-safe utensils instead

It is always advisable to use microwave-safe containers in the oven. This will ensure that you do not compromise on your safety as well as you will save your time too. But the best part is that you will get the final result as a hot coffee. Unlike the lukewarm coffee that you will get when you warm it up in the yeti cup.

Heat it at a low temperature

Heating yeti mugs at a higher temperature will put the yeti cup at high risk of catching fire. Yeti cups are unsafe to heat and are very risky. It is always advisable to avoid heating liquid in a yeti cup in the microwave. Instead, use microwave-safe utensils.

Always read the label on the utensil and do proper research whether it is microwave-safe or not

Always read the labeling on the utensil that you put in the microwave oven to avoid any accidents.

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Final thoughts

While these cups are very convenient in our day-to-day life, they may also put you in a dangerous situation if you heat the cup in the microwave oven.

Yeti cups are the vibe of the new technologically driven world. They have simplified our lives and put us at great ease.

But it will be best to not microwave yeti mugs, and just keep their usage restricted for sipping your coffee.

Use your microwave-safe utensils instead. There is a variety of microwave-safe utensils available in the market. Grab your favorites and keep yourself safe.

We hope that you take all the precautions and keep yourself safe.

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