Can you put cardboard in the microwave?

The answer is yes! You can microwave pure cardboard, but it will be best to do it under proper supervision. Most of the cardboard contains pieces of plastic or metals that can eventually ignite when microwaved, so it is better to not heat the cardboard.

The wave of using eco-friendly products has led to plastic alternatives for packaging food. Cardboard containers have significantly contributed to this environmental revolution.

But we often find ourselves questioning whether we can put the cardboard in the microwave or not?

Look no further because we have compiled the best answer to this question just for you in this article.

Can you put cardboard in the microwave

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Can you microwave cardboard?

Yes, you can microwave cardboard, but be careful and do it for shorter periods only. Doing it for long periods can also lead to fire and cause serious damage.

The microwave comes to your rescue not just to cook food, but also to reheat the leftovers or the food that has gotten cold.

 At times, it becomes quite a tedious job to reheat the food by pouring it into a microwavable bowl. So we often look for ways by which we can heat the food in the container in which it has been kept.

Can you reheat food in a cardboard box?

Can you reheat food in a cardboard box

Yes, you can reheat the food in a cardboard box, given you heat it for short durations. Also, do not indulge in heating it if it contains traces of metal or plastic.

The metal will catch fire easily and it may cause the microwave to even explode. Similarly, the plastic may also catch fire and can prove hazardous.

You can reheat the food in a cardboard box given it is pure and does not contain any additional material.

Can you microwave cardboard takeout boxes?

Have you bought your favorite food from the best outlet and are thinking about whether you can microwave the food in the cardboard box. The answer is yes, you can microwave cardboard takeout boxes, but it is always advisable to read the label on the takeout box before microwaving it in the microwave.

If the cardboard is made up of recycled material, then do not put it in the microwave as there may be pieces of metal and plastic in the cardboard container.

Many cardboard boxes come with ink or glue on them. These may prove to be very toxic when heated in the microwave and can prove to be hazardous to health.

It can even damage the microwave itself and may even cause a fire. The toxic fumes will make it difficult to breathe. So it is will be better if you do not use the recycled ones in your microwave oven.

What happens if you microwave cardboard?

What happens if you microwave cardboard

While cardboards are a great alternative to plastics there are certain limitations also attached to them. If you microwave cardboard alone, then, it may catch fire as the cardboard will lose moisture when it is microwaved.

Cardboards have nine-twelve percent water content. They are made up of cellulose, the same material which makes up paper. When it gets microwaved, the water starts drying, as a result, it becomes susceptible to catching fire. So, if you heat cardboard then it will start becoming dry and may even catch fire.

Is cardboard Microwave Safe?

Cardboard is generally microwave safe, but it must be microwaved with caution. Do not put the cardboard takeaway in the microwave without checking whether it is microwave-safe or not. Do not put cardboard in the microwave alone.

Put only microwave-safe labeled cardboard containers in the microwave.

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Safety Tips: Things to know before microwaving cardboard

Read the labeling on the cardboard container to know whether the container is microwavable or not

All the containers come with labeling whether they are microwave safe or not. Make sure that you always go through the labeling before tossing the container in the microwave.

Use cardboard containers in the microwave for a short duration of time

Cardboard containers should not be kept in the microwave for longer durations. It is always advised to use it for a short period and with proper supervision. A longer duration may result in the cardboard catching fire in certain circumstances.

Check whether the container contains any other material like metal or plastic

If the container has been recycled, then it may contain traces of certain metals or plastic that may catch fire when heated in the microwave. So, it will be good if you read on the label to find out whether it is pure cardboard or contains a mixture of other elements too.

Look for ink on the cardboard box

If there is ink on the cardboard box, then it might prove toxic and fatal if microwaved. Do not heat the box with ink over it, as it might even escape and get absorbed by the food making it poisonous.

Look out for glue on the cardboard

Even glue may prove to be dangerous when microwaved. It may give out poisonous fumes that will poison the food.

Do not heat the cupboard empty

Always put food in the cardboard box before microwaving it, so that it does not catch fire.

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Final Thoughts

It is always advisable to heat food in microwave-safe containers and avoid putting cardboard containers in the microwave.

A microwave oven is a great aid for heating food, but it comes with a lot of dangers too. Always check the label on the containers while you heat them in the microwave. Avoid overheating in the microwave.

Pizza boxes and cardboard food parcels are handy and provide us with a lot of conveniences. Using them with great caution is our responsibility.

Never put the empty containers in the microwave. Always put food inside it and then only microwave it. We hope that this article must have helped you make the right decision.

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