Can You Put a Space Heater on Table? (ONLY if…)

The freezing weather conditions lead to extreme discomfort that can only be settled with the perfect heating system. Most houses are equipped with space heaters because these heating devices are economical, portable, and easy to use. However, many of you aren’t aware of the safety point of view.

So, if you have a space heater and don’t know how to use it, this article will help. In this write-up, we will discuss the safety tips that are important to keep your house and your loved ones out of danger. In addition, we will also examine why you should not use a space heater on a table or other pieces of furniture.

Can You Put a Space Heater on Table?

Can You Put a Space Heater on Table

No, you should not place a space heater on a table. Space heaters should not be placed on a table as they might tumble down over slight negligence. In addition, it becomes even more dangerous when you have pets at home, as most of them are curious to hit additional items placed in the room.

However, there’s a category of space heaters known as desk heaters, which are designed to be kept on a desk or table safely. People mostly use desk heaters in their study rooms or office cabins to stay comfortable while working.

As desk heaters are created to be used on a table, you still have to keep a few critical things in mind while using them.

  • Always use a stable surface for your desk heater. Do not keep these heating devices on a lap desk because the surface area of these desks is limited.
  • While keeping heaters on a desk, ensure maintaining a reasonable distance between the heating device and your computer/laptop or other flammable accessories.
  • Make sure that this desk is away from the reach of kids and pets.
  • Do not put any liquid close to the heater.
  • Don’t keep the heater on for prolonged hours. Keep switching it off from time to time.
  • Keep all the cables tucked safely to avoid accidents.

Besides desk heaters, you cannot keep any other electric heater on table.

What Happens if you Put a Space Heater on Table?

What Happens if you Put a Space Heater on Table

Keeping the space heater on table is like inviting accidents. These heating devices are compact and easily moveable from one place to another. As a result, many of us also try to keep it on a table or other furniture pieces to keep the warmth closer. This act of negligence can lead to n number of mishappenings as mentioned below;


Putting the space heater on a table can lead to a fire hazard as most tables are made of wood, and wood is a flammable item. Just one bump and the heating element in the electric heater might face the table, leading to flames of fire.

On the other hand, even if your table is made of glass, the glass temperature may easily jump beyond standard. This high temperature might result in glass breakage. On top of that, if you touch it by chance, you will burn your skin.

So, putting a space heater on the table is never a good choice.


It is common for your pet to jump off and hit the heater that’s kept on the table without solid support. As a result, the heating device will put the furniture item in flames or fall off the table to break. In both these conditions, you’ll have to bear the losses.

So, to avoid your heater falling from the table, keep it on the floor.


When you keep your space heater on the table, you’ll perhaps mess up with the cord. If not appropriately arranged, these cords might lead to accidents like someone getting stuck and falling. So, that’s another accident prospect that follows.

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Is it Safe to Use Space Heater on Table?

Is it Safe to Use Space Heater on Table

No, using a space heater on the table is not safe. When you put a space heater on table, you’ll have to be excessively alert about various things. Keeping the kids and pets away is paramount. In addition, you’ll also have to ensure switching off the heater frequently.

The chances of negligence multiply with so many things to keep in mind. A minor imprudence could turn your furniture into a fireball, putting you and your family in danger of life.

So, keeping the safety aspect on priority, do not keep a space heater on the table.

Safety Tips: Things to Know Before Using Space Heater on Table?

Using a space heater on the table is not recommended, as this act could lead to various fire accidents. However, if you are doing so, we don’t want you to end up being caught in a mishap. Therefore, we have lined up a few safety tips that will have your back in a situation like this.

Use a table with a flat surface

The table you use to keep the heater should have a flat surface. A slight bump can disturb the balance, and when the surface is not flat, there are bigger chances of the heater falling off. So, first and foremost, use a table with a plane surface.

Manage the cords

While keeping a space heater on a table, you will probably be surrounded by multiple cords. These might include the heater cord, computer cord, cell phone charging cable, etc. More cords mean more mess, which might disturb the harmony on the table, leading to various accidents. So, manage these cords and keep them aligned to avoid mishappenings.

Don’t leave pets in the room unattended

It doesn’t matter if your space heater is on the table or the floor; keeping your kids and pets away from this heating device is essential. So, never leave the room heater unattended when your pets are around.

Keep flammable items at a distance

It becomes pretty impossible to follow the ‘3-foot distance rule’ while using a space heater on a table. But, you should still ensure to keep the flammable items away. Furthermore, maintain a reasonable distance between the heater and other electronic items on the table like a computer, laptop, cell phone, etc.

Don’t leave it on overnight/unattended

Never leave the space heater on a table unattended. Even a slight oversight may result in accidents. The device might overheat, tip or result in a short circuit in your absence. Therefore, stay alert and switch off the space heater before leaving the room.

Check on the smoke detector

Keeping a check on the smoke detector is mandatory. Whether you’re using a space heater on a table or not, your smoke detector should be on point. These anti-fire devices will shout a warning alarm to keep your home and your loved ones safe.

Keep a fire extinguisher handy

Always keep a fire extinguisher handy to deal with the worst conditions. Fire accidents happen unexpectedly, but when you are prepared to handle the worse, you can easily take control of the situation.

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Wrapping Up

Space heaters can be your go-to heating system in chilly weather conditions, but you cannot compromise on the safety aspect.

Keeping a space heater on the table isn’t a good idea unless you have bought a desk heater for winter rescue.

So, to avoid accidents, keep the space heaters on the floor that has a flat surface. In addition, follow the 3-foot rule and keep all flammable objects away. Most importantly, never keep your space heater on unattended, and keep switching it off frequently to avoid paying a hefty amount as power bill.

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