Disney Plus Not Working On Roku (7 Quick Fixes)

Disney plus is one of the most popular streaming sites and houses content from a number of reputed channels. It is also compatible with a variety of Roku devices but from time to time, it may not work on Roku due to one reason or the other.

This can be endlessly frustrating. But the problem of Disney plus not working on Roku devices is a common one and has easy fixes for the same.

Why is Disney Plus Not Working on Roku?

If you have been using Disney + on Roku TV for quite some time and then suddenly start experiencing lags and screen freezes while accessing the streaming site, then there can be a number of reasons behind that. Let us look at the most common of them.

  • A faulty Roku software is the most common reason why this happens. The problem you think is with the Disney + site, is actually just your Roku device suffering from a glitch. The best way to check this is to access any other streaming site other than Disney + and see if the problem persists.
  • Lack of a proper internet connection could also be the reason why your screen keeps freezing and the video keeps buffering.
  • Disney plus crashes could also be a reason behind this. Sometimes, streaming sites undergo outages in particular areas or globally. In that case, you just have to wait until the outage is fixed by the site authorities.
  • The Disney plus app may be running on an older configuration and needs an update.

Incompatibility of the Roku device and Disney plus may also be a reason why it is not working. It can very well be possible that your Roku device is old and does not support Disney plus or the newest Disney plus update.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Roku

Disney Plus Not Working On Roku

It can be very frustrating when you discover that Disney plus is not working on your Roku TV that you probably bought to stream videos without the hassle of having to connect your TV to an external device for accessing streaming sites with the TV.

But the good news is that this problem has plenty of troubleshooting options that you can and should try before you take your device to a professional or for repair.

Check for Updates

This is the first thing that you should do when you discover that your Roku TV is not being able to stream videos for Dinsey plus. Software developers are always working to improve the quality of the software, to prevent any glitches, and also provide a more enhanced and easily usable interface.

This is why you should always update an application software, in this case, Disney plus from time to time. In most cases, any present issues with the app will be solved after an update.

  • To update the Disney plus app from your Roku TV, you have to go to the homepage and highlight the Disney plus app with your remote, and press the * button. After that, you have to click on “check updates” and install the update if it exists.

Restart the Roku TV

This sounds too simple to be an effective solution but believe it or not, it works. Simply restarting your Roku TV is one of the best ways to solve problems such as an unresponsive Disney plus app.

The goal behind this operation is to clear all the accumulated caches on the Roku TV that may affect the smooth functioning of the device. The built-up cache is the most common reason behind issues such as screen freezes, sound delays, buffering video, slowed down response time, etc.

  • To clear cache, press the Home button to go to the main screen and then press these combinations of keys one after the other- HOME 5 times, UP 1 time, REWIND 2 times, FAST FORWARD 2 times.

This should make your Roku device reboot one or two times after which you will see the Home screen again. Wait for ten to fifteen seconds before using it again.

Perform a Power Recycle

This will need you to unplug the Roku device from the power outlet and then replug it again. Power recycling is often used to soft reset a device that runs on electricity.

After you have unplugged the device, wait for a full sixty seconds before plugging it back in, and then switch on the TV from the power button on the body of the TV. This helps to drain the residual power left in the device and helps to perform a soft reset on the device.

Check If the Disney Plus Servers are Down

Sometimes the problem of Disney plus crashing that you think is happening because of some issues with the TV is not even a real problem at all. Since these streaming sites have servers that experience large traffic almost throughout the day, it is normal for them to malfunction at times.

Although this does not happen often, it is still a real possibility. If the problem is with the servers then the app will not even launch on your TV let alone display buffering and crashing problems. You can check whether the servers are at fault or not by simply launching the Disney plus app on other devices such as a laptop or a phone.

If it is not working on those devices as well then all you can possibly do is wait for the technicians to make the servers up and running again.

Usually, if the server of a major streaming site is facing issues, there will be internet news articles about it and the site itself will let its users know through their social media.


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Remove and Reinstall the Disney Plus Application

The official troubleshooting manual will not list this but this method happens to work a lot of times. Simply uninstalling the app from your device and then reinstalling it is one way to remove the built-up cache and data in the app that might be weighing it down and affecting its performance.

  • To uninstall the app, go to the Roku HOME option and highlight the Disney plus app.
  • Then to open the channel menu you have to press the asterisk ( * ) button on your remote.
  • From the settings, you can choose Remove Channel> OK and then wait for the uninstallation process to start.

To install the app again, all you have to do is go to the apps section and choose Disney plus and click on install.

Reset your WiFi Connection

This is like performing a power recycle but for the wi-fi router. A laggy internet connection can be a very legitimate reason behind Disney + not working on Roku TV. For the video and audio to stream perfectly, there needs to be a constant flow of the internet and when it is the internet, you may notice a quality drop in the streaming.

Simply resetting your WiFi connection by unplugging and plugging the router will help restore the proper speed and streaming quality of the video.

Sometimes, however, even resetting the Wi-Fi connection may not do the trick in which case you have to assume that the problem lies at the end of the data provider. You can call their customer service and let them know of the issue at once for immediate resolution.

Perform a Factory Reset

This refers to returning your TV to its original state or the state it was in when you first bought it. Doing a factory reset will essentially remove any menu preference, personalization, and such from the TV and return it back to how the developers originally made it.

This is an effective way to remove any residual cache, bugs, and glitches that the TV may have accumulated over years of usage. You can note down the preferences and passwords so that when you start the TV after the factory reset, the personalizing process is accomplished without hassle.

  • To do the reset, click on these options in the given order: Settings> System>Advanced System Settings> Factory Reset.
  • A four-digit code will appear on your screen which you have to enter and then click OK from your remote.
  • If you do not have a remote, then check the back of your TV for a reset button and hold it for fifteen seconds and release it,

Your TV will turn off and restart on its own and display its original and initial screen.

Perform a factory reset only if all the other methods have not worked out for you.

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Final Thoughts

These were some tried and tested methods for troubleshooting the initially mentioned problem. While the problems and solutions mentioned are the most common ones, it does not necessarily mean that the issue with your TV has to come under these as well.

If the problem remains even after trying these, then contact customer support. It is best if you isolate the source of the problem, as to whether it is the Roku TV or the Disney + app that needs attention, and then call customer support accordingly.

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