Dropped Airpod in Water: 5 Ways to Save Them

Remember the day you walked into the Apple store to buy yourself a new pair of Apple AirPods! You were so excited and happy that you finally bought the coveted earphones. With its impeccable design and incomparable music quality, it became one of your favorites. And remember how you thought to keep it safe no matter what!

But guess what? Now you are here, reading this article on how to get water out of the AirPods that you mistakenly dropped in the water. So stop screaming,’ I dropped my Airpod in the water’ all-around your house and read along.

We do not blame you! It is very acceptable. After all, we all are humans and are bound to make mistakes. And we also know that you tried your best to keep them safe. But let us come right to the most important question, that you want the answer to, how to get water out of AirPods?

The first thing that you would like to immediately do is to not let your AirPods submerge in the water. Take them out instantly as soon as it drops into the water. It will prevent any further water absorption by the AirPods.

5 Ways to get water out of AirPods

5 Ways to get water out of AirPods

The company mentions that the new generation AirPods are water-resistant in the case of sweating and rainfall. But heavy exposure to water will cause damage to the earphones.

So, if you have dropped your AirPods in the pool, then it is highly unlikely that the earphones will work as they used to. It is better to be cautious when near water and keep your AirPods away from the water.

The first and second-generation charging cases, AirPods Max, and Smart Case are not water-resistant. So keep them away from any moisture. The AirPods Pro, AirPods (3rd generation), and MagSafe Charging Case for AirPods (3rd generation) are water-resistant, which makes them safe for workouts and running as they are resistant to light water exposure.

So now that you know which models are water-resistant, you can easily take measures accordingly.

So if you have dropped the AirPod in the water then this article is meant for you!

Use a microfiber cloth to dry them out

Use a microfiber cloth to dry them out

If your AirPods fell in the water, then consider trying this way to dry them up. It is the best way to dry the AirPods. It has been mentioned on the Apple website too.

  • First, wipe the AirPods, and the charging case with the microfiber cloth thoroughly.
  • If you want to dry the AirPods and the charging case, then you must keep them placed upside down on the microfibre cloth.
  • The charging case should be kept with the lid open and allowed to dry.
  • The earbuds are placed with their face down on the fiber cloth, and the case upside down on the cloth to dry out.

It will ensure that the AirPods are completely dry. You can wait for at least 4 hours before proceeding with using them. Now you can use them and check if they are working fine or not. If the AirPods have been submerged in water for more than 15 seconds then, you can consider extending the drying period too. It will help in enhancing the performance of the AirPod.

If your AirPod dropped in the water, then it will take some time to get back to normal working.

You can also use airwaves for ejecting water out of AirPods

You can also use airwaves to eject water out of AirPods, similar to the feature that the apple watch uses.

  • First, connect the AirPods to the iPhone and turn the volume up.
  • Next, download the Siri shortcuts app on the iPhone, cover the sensors of the AirPod and activate the water Eject shortcut.
  • The AirPods will start to vibrate, and the water will start coming out.
  • You can repeat this process to dry it out completely. It works for the AirPod pros too.

Use some desiccant packets

These packets come with new handbags, shoes, and electronics. Place these ‘Do not eat packets’ with the AirPods in a container and seal it completely. Keep it away for a few hours, and then unpack it.

These packets will absorb any remaining moisture from the AirPods and render them completely dry. You can check it now.

Use some desiccant packets

A warning, do not place them in a rice container like you do for your mobile phones, as the rice may get inside these and damage the AirPods permanently.

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Use your Applecare warranty

If you had subscribed for the Applecare warranty, then this will be covered in it. It covers any water accidents and mishandling or drops. So you can get them replaced under this by paying a $29 service fee. Believe us, it is much better than paying a whopping $200+ for a brand new set!

Buy a new pair

If you find that even after trying all the above ways, you are not able to hear any sound, and the AirPods still do not work, then the best option is to go and buy a new pair. Yes, we know, it will be costly, but you can always go for the latest updated model. It will give you extra features and will be worth the money too.

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Wrapping Up

We understand how dreadful it is to watch your precious possession stop working. But we hope that these methods will help you dry out the earphones and save your money from buying a new pair.

So if you have dropped AirPods in the water then, remember to, first of all, remove them from the water and do not panic. Then you can use a microfiber cloth to wrap the charging case and the AirPods upside down. Let it dry for four hours, and then you can check if they are working or not.

If this method does not work then, you can consider trying the other solutions listed above. Find the solution for you that works the best. If these solutions do not fix your AirPods then, you may like to consider buying a new pair of them. Next time, remember to be extra cautious and vigilant with the new ones. It will cost you, but this will solve your problem perfectly well.

And the best thing is that you can add the Applecare warranty to your AirPods so next time, god forbid if something happens to your AirPods, the warranty will take care of it.

If by mistake your AirPod fell in the water, then refer to this article. We hope that the article solved your problem and that your AirPods are working just like a new set. You can now listen to music and enjoy your time.

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