How Do You Record Noisy Neighbors For Evidence?

Being surrounded by good neighbors is very crucial for the well being of every individual. It’s the responsibility of every neighbor to care about the difficulties of fellow human beings to ensure conflict-free co-existence.

Living with noisy neighbors disrupts harmony and peace of mind. It negatively impacts one’s work-life in the community. To prevent such inconsiderate neighbors from making constant noises and troubling you, you may approach them with an appeal to no more create noise. But what if the neighbor disapproves such accusations?

Well, here’s the solution to it. You don’t need to tolerate such nuisance noise which causes distress, disturbance, annoyance and irritation. You can simply buy the right noise recording device to record noisy neighbors and generate audio files for evidence.

In this article, you will come to know about various ways of recording noisy neighbors. So, let’s get started.

4 Ways To Record Noisy Neighbors

Record Noisy Neighbors For Evidence
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There’s no need to endure all the troubles you are facing because of the noises coming from the house of your neighbor or from the upstairs neighbor of the same apartment.

You can complain about the excessive noise to the manager of your apartment. Don’t approach being half-prepared. Make sure that, with the device to record upstairs neighbor stomping, you have captured and recorded all the nuisance noises.

When you set up a meeting with your apartment manager, you can simply play all the recordings as evidence.

So, let us take a look at some of the best ways to record neighbors’ noise.

Microphone or Voice Recorder

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You can use a microphone as a recording device for loud neighbors. It’s not possible for you to wait all day long or keep yourself awake during sleeping hours in order to catch the moment when your upstairs neighbor will start to bang loud music or scream out loud

Make sure that the microphone you are buying captures noises from all directions, has the capacity to tolerate high sound pressure, and is suitable for loud noises.

To record noise from upstairs neighbors, you can buy a voice-activated recorder or you can keep a noise recorder active throughout the night.

Locate the recorder on the window or wherever you can properly capture the noise. You need to pay attention to the issue that the noise source should not go out of the range. This will enable you to get audio recordings with good sound quality.

Noise Nuisance Log Sheet

Each time you are disturbed and irritated by noises from your neighbors, you can write it down and keep a record of the time and date and of how long the noise persisted.

Although it’s not effective enough for lodging complaints against noisy neighbors in court, it is useful for having conversations with your apartment manager, landlord or directly with your neighbor.

Video Camera

This is a very effective method for recording noise. If you can see the source of noise, don’t miss the opportunity to capture the video with the audio.

Suppose, you find your neighbors carelessly leaving their barking dogs outside for the whole night, set up your video camera on the proper time and place and leave it on for recording.


You can also use your mobile phone to record a video along with audio as evidence of the troubles caused by your neighbors.

However, in this case, you need to rush and turn the recorder on each time you hear a noise or you may even set it up for recording for a long span of time. Taking that as evidence, you can report to your apartment manager, local authority or enforcement agency.

Now, here’s another way you can use your smartphone to record the noise coming from your neighbor. You can easily download an app to record noise from neighbors from play store or app store. Such an app is simple to use and can easily be downloaded. It helps you to accurately record the noise nuisance.

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The Bottom Line

From this article, we have come to know about the various ways of recording noisy neighbors for gathering evidence.

Make sure that you do your own research before getting any recording devices or apps according to your need or purpose. In order to make a viable purchase, don’t ignore asking all related questions and seeking all necessary information.

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