How Far Can a Generator Be From The Transfer Switch?

If you have a generator at your place, you must be well aware of the dangers it poses, if it is not installed and used properly. When it comes to electricity, we must be extra careful. In this guide, we have explained the function of the transfer switch and the distance from the transfer switch at which you can place your generator

A lot of things need to be remembered while installing a generator. Oftentimes, people question if at all they require a transfer switch while installing a generator. We have discussed this question in detail below. Not just that, why maintaining a safe distance between the transfer switch and the generator is also a part of this guide.

Therefore, without any further delay, let’s see how far a generator can be from the transfer switch.

How Far Can a Generator Be from the Transfer Switch?

How Far Can a Generator Be From The Transfer Switch

If you intend to buy a generator or are using one already, knowing how far you can place a generator from the transfer switch is extremely important for several reasons. If you have taken a hasty decision regarding the positioning of the transfer switch, you might end up overpaying your electricity bills.

However, there isn’t any direct answer to this question. A standard distance of about 60 to 70 feet must be maintained between the generator and the transfer switch. Placing them too far away or too close is harmful.

Maintaining a gap of 60 to 70 feet is ideal. It reduces generator noise, increases its efficiency and power supply since electricity weakens as distances increase.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is placing the generator away from an open window. You mustn’t place it anywhere near your home. You must also ensure that it isn’t too close to your neighbor’s house as well. Maintain a gap of at least 15 feet from the generator, otherwise, you might get carbon monoxide poisoning while it’s running. This distance is in fact more important than the distance between the generator and the transfer switch. Therefore, keep the positioning in mind while installing your generator and a transfer switch

If you place both of them too far away from each other, you might lose a portion of the generator’s power. Not just that, if the generator is too far away, you will have difficulty in hearing the sounds it produces while running. Sometimes, when the generator is running on less fuel or malfunctioning, it produces weird sounds, indicating that it’s working harder to supply power. If you can’t hear such sounds, the issues will go unnoticed, which will damage the generator in the long run. Therefore we advise homeowners not to keep the generator too far away.

Additionally, with every increasing distance, there is a chance of the connection failing. You obviously wouldn’t want that. Long distances would require longer cords. Over time, they are likely to develop weak spots, which is dangerous.

Therefore finding the ideal distance between the generator and the transfer switch is important. Also keep in mind that you must maintain a gap of at least 15 feet from windows and doors. If doing that requires you to place the transfer switch a little further, you must do so.

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The Bottom Line

We hope this guide is useful to every homeowner who uses a generator or is planning to do so.  We have covered every detail in this guide.

We have discussed the safe distance that must be maintained between the generator and your doors and windows as it’s a matter of safety.

Oftentimes, people wonder if they can install a generator switch themselves. Yes they can, if they have a detailed knowledge and thorough experience in working with electrical gadgets. If you haven’t done anything like that previously, we suggest you call a professional.

The cost of installing a generator or a transfer switch isn’t much. Moreover, a professional comes with extra knowledge and skill in this regard. They also have the necessary equipment that might be required in the installation process.

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