How Long Can You Leave A Candle Warmer On?

One reason why a candle warmer is a popular product is that it extends the lifespan of a glass candle. The way to do so is also quite innovative as the wick inside the candle does not need to be burned, instead warmth from another source is provided to heat the candle and release the scent mixed within it.

Since the candle warmer is essentially increasing the longevity of a candle by using such innovative methods, it begs the question as to how long one can and should use a candle warmer.

Can you leave candle warmers on all the time?

Can you leave candle warmers on all the time

Technically speaking, yes you can leave but that doesn’t mean you should be doing it. You may ask why because no manufacturing label will caution you against leaving it on all the time. But you should not for a number of reasons.

This is especially true for electric candle warmers that use a hot plate because the heat used in these types of candle warmers is usually higher than other types such as a candle warmer lamp that uses a light bulb for heating the candle and thus generates much less heat and also consumes less energy.

Another reason why you should not be leaving an electrical device on all the time is that it may get overheated and the wires may catch fire. The chances of this happening are minuscule as the wires are made to prevent fires but it can still happen.

Heat is corrosive and it is sure to damage the device or wiring if used for a long time without pause.

How long can you leave a candle warmer on?

How long can you leave a candle warmer on

The duration for how long you can leave a candle warmer on depends on what kind of candle warmer it is and what quality of the device you have. High-end candle warmers can be used for 10 hours straight without any problems, except overheating. But this is only true for the hot plate types.

For candle warmer lamps, that use a bulb of 25 watts to provide heat and warm up the candle into melting, the bulbs have a pretty long lifespan of average 1500-2000 hours of use after which they need to be replaced. However, this is just the time duration for which the warming bulb can be used and not the candle warmer lamp itself which will perform well for 10 or 12 hours before it starts to overheat.

Tea light candle warmers, however, cannot be used for more than 5 to 6 hours at a time because the tea light candles that warm the glass candle only last for that amount of time. The downside of using tea light candle warmers for a longer duration is that if left unattended, they can burn out quickly and cause damage to the candle warmer dish which will break over time.

These days, most candle warmers come with an auto-shut-off feature that deals with the excess heat by automatically shutting the device down after a certain temperature is reached. Then after it has cooled down a bit, the device turns on again and this cycle continues.

This only is the safest way of keeping a candle warmer for a long time. If you have accidentally left the candle warmer on while you step out of your house, you can rest assured that the auto-shut-off feature of the device will protect it against damage.

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Can you leave a candle warmer on overnight?

Can you leave a candle warmer on overnight

This again needs some discussion before a definitive answer can be reached. How long does a person sleep at night? 7 to 8 hours at the most? So, calculating the maximum time durations of the candle warmers that can be kept on for 10 to 12 hours, one should be able to keep their candle warmers on at night.

Many people struggle with sleep problems and having certain scents such as chamomile, for example, helps them sleep. But think about it, while you are sleeping, you are essentially leaving the electrical device unattended for the entire time. This is different from keeping it on all day because if something happens, you can instantly deal with it.

However, if any mishap happens such as your pet tumbling the candle warmer over and the hot wax either injuring it or starting a fire, it will be quite some time before you can regain your senses and compose to look into the matter.

This is why it is often not recommended to keep candle warmers on at night.

Is it safe to leave a candle warmer on all night?

To speak plainly, no it is not safe to keep it on all night. A candle warmer left on overnight can pose multiple safety hazards.

Firstly, it is an electrical device that heats a candle and if it spills or spews for any reason whatsoever, then not only will the surface that receives the hot wax will be damaged but the device as well is likely to be affected.

Moreover, if you have a habit of leaving the device on all night then the device will break down one time or the other. This may happen in the form of a burnt coil or a wire on fire. Either way, it is not ideal because it can cause a short circuit for your entire house.

If you have children and pets at home then it is not recommended to keep such a device on overnight. This is because toddlers who have just learned to walk and pets who stroll around the house all night can trip over the device and get injured from the hot wax.

Lastly, not all candles are made from the best quality wax and if you are not using high-quality candles, then the fumes from the candles being constantly inhaled are very likely to cause a health issue.

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Wrapping up

Even if it is quite tempting to have a relaxing sleep in the warm embrace of a sweet fragrance, you should rethink it. If you are dependent on the candle warmer to induce a good sleep then you can set up the auto-shut-off feature.

Other precautions that you should take while leaving candle warmers on for a long time is to make sure that there are enough amounts of wax in the candle and that it does not evaporate while the device is on and let the excess heat damage the device.

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