How To Get Bad Neighbors To Move? (9 Working Legal Ideas)

Nobody likes bad neighbors. They are annoying, irritating, and difficult to be dealt with. Anybody who has experienced living with such neighbors and their nuisances knows how frustrating it is.

If you too are facing a similar issue, it’s high time to try some tricks to annoy your neighbor and force them to decide moving somewhere else.

 No matter you have a bad neighbor living across the street or next door or in the same compound, you have every right to annoy them and make your neighbors move. However, make sure what you are doing is legal and remember to stay within your limits.

In this guide, we have shared useful legal methods you can follow to get rid of neighbors who are essentially uncooperative and disrespectful.

How To Get Bad Neighbors To Move?

How To Get Bad Neighbors To Move

Needless to say, bad neighbors affect your peace of mind. Therefore, the best way to protect your mental health is to legally make your neighbors move.

 One shouldn’t hesitate to take any possible measure intended to get rid of bad neighbors. Let’s go through some smart ways to get bad neighbors to move.

Bring it to the notice of the house management

Do you and your neighbor live next door in one compound? If yes, you probably have a management house inside the compound. Without any further delay, launch a complaint to the management or a lawyer who’s in charge of that society.

By doing so, you bring your issue to the attention of everyone else, leaving them to decide if or not your neighbor should move out.

Don’t forget to support your complaint with enough evidence. When you present sufficient proof to your claims, you make them look convincing and true.

When the management gets hold of enough proof, they cannot overlook the matter, bringing an immediate solution to your problem.

So, the best way to make sure your bad neighbors can’t get away with their false stories and continue to disturb others is by gathering sufficient evidence and complaining at the earliest.

Try to be nosy

One thing that can make your neighbors question their stay in your locality is by making them feel unwelcomed. Therefore, what you can do to make them feel so is poke your nose in everything they do.

For instance, while they return after the day’s work, stop them and engage in long conversations. No one would like unwanted conversions when they are tired. Interrogate them about their life and start narrating your life too, even if they don’t ask.

They might start leading a quiet life in the hope of avoiding your long conversations. This is surely one of the various ways to annoy your neighbor. 

If your neighbor pokes his nose in everything you do, don’t hesitate to do the same with them! Did you run out of sugar at night? Bother your neighbor, even if it’s late at night!

By doing so, you can get a sneak peek into his house and gather evidence about your neighbor’s wrongdoings. Present the evidence and make a complaint against your neighbor to the police.

Organize some fake loud activities

If your neighbor is being unreasonably loud all day and that’s affecting your life, get ready to give back the same treatment. Obviously, bad neighbors wouldn’t be affected too much by that noise.

 You can, however, try to make noises that your neighbor would find annoying. If they do, make sure to repeat such sounds frequently, though within a limit.

You surely wouldn’t like to get involved in legal trouble, so avoid playing loud music or partying late at night. But, if your neighbor parties all night and sleeps till late hours in the morning, and you on the other hand is an early bird, you might enjoy mowing the lawn early morning!

If your lawnmower doesn’t produce loud disturbing noise when being used, fuel it up. If your neighbor remains occupied with his official works in the afternoon, perhaps it’s a good time to bring in your friends and enjoy!

Again, if you have a huge yard inside your apartment, perhaps organizing frequent house parties and get-togethers will definitely get neighbours to move.

Make things inconvenient for them

Even after trying your level best to explain to your neighbors about your workload and the inconvenience they cause if they don’t stop, it’s high time to annoy them in any possible way. Here are a few ways to annoy your neighbor:

  • Order food at their address: Have you done this before? If not, you must do it now. Select the cash-on-delivery method and place an order at their address. When the delivery boy finally arrives, your neighbor would be taken aback. He would have no other option but to pay the money, despite not ordering it himself. Your neighbor would be certainly disappointed and irritated.
  • Doorbell Ditch: Don’t you have naughty kids in your neighborhood who ring the doorbell and run immediately? Perhaps it’s time to be a naughty kid for once. Not only will this give you satisfaction, but you are sure to enjoy the whole scene. What you have to do is simply ring the bell a few times and disappear. After your neighbor closes the door, repeat it until you feel it’s enough for the day. However, be careful and don’t get caught in the process.
  • Mislead the solicitors: Don’t you have a salesperson visiting your house now and then? Sure they do. They are usually very pressing and refuse to go unless you buy a product from them. This is a golden chance to annoy your neighbor. Next time when such a salesperson comes to your house, give them your neighbor’s address and mention they might be interested in buying such products. The next thing that’s likely to happen will blow up your neighbor’s mind.
  • Roast A Pig: food smell, no matter good or foul is bound to distract anyone while they are reading, working, or sleeping. This is an amazing way to distract your neighbor. If you are a food lover, this is an added benefit. Cook items that smell delicious and disturb your neighbors. Even if they don’t like it, they can’t do anything about it. You are cooking food not doing anything illegal.
  • Make Dogs Bark: Do you have pets in your house? Teach them to bark at night. When this continues for several days, your neighbor is bound to come to you, requesting you to stop them. This is an amazing way to teach your bad neighbors a good lesson.

Complain to the landlord

If complaining to the house management didn’t work, you can address your issue to the landlord and get bad neighbors to move out. If you have their contact, you must tell them directly. Otherwise, get their contact from a reliable source and convey your inconvenience.

While some landlords listen to the problems of the tenants with patience some tend to neglect them. If your landlord asks you to lay your complaint to the house management, tell him you already did and the response you received.

You might exaggerate your problems a bit, just to make them look more convincing and serious. Remember that your purpose is to present your landlord with reasons so that he serves a quick notice to your neighbors.

This is a smart step especially if you have evidence that your neighbor is involved in fishy activities which might put everyone’s life at stake.

Consistently call the police

If complaining to the house management and the landlord didn’t work out, you must legally make your neighbors move.  Therefore, inform the police and bring your problems to their attention. If you have enough evidence supporting the illegal activities or careless actions of your neighbor, hand them over to the authority.

However, don’t call the police for mere inconveniences caused by them, like loud music. After you complain to the police, they are likely to ask you a few questions, like if you informed them about your problems, how did they respond, what other steps have you taken, etc.

We therefore, advise you to talk to your lawyer about the kinds of offenses your neighbor commits and know if you can facilitate a legal proceeding against your neighbor without bringing any trouble to yourself.

Bring other neighbors together and complain jointly

If other neighbors are also feeling disturbed due to the same reason, you should bring them together and encourage them to file a complaint to the house management, landlord, and police.

When a group of people complains about the same thing, the authority is bound to look into the matter and provide a solution. Complaining about the bad neighbor together guarantees that he/ she would be met with serious consequences.

You can also convince your neighbors to file a petition to the higher authority, along with suitable evidence. This step will definitely go a long way to ensure the bad neighbor is met with the right kind of treatment.

Report the bad neighbor to the HOA

If the landlord didn’t pay any heed to your problem, it’s time to report the bad neighbor to the Home Owner’s Association.

You must know that there’s an HOA in every neighborhood. This association looks into the well-being of every neighbor. Now, if anyone faces a problem, it’s their responsibility to fix it. Therefore, complaining about the bad neighbor to the HOA is a just thing to do.

If your neighbor breaks rules specific to the compound, try to present appropriate evidence which proves your claims. By doing so, it will be easier to evict the bad neighbor. This is certainly an effective way to make your neighbors move.

Convince other neighbors to file a class-action lawsuit

If you took the cause to every authority and nobody could evict the bad neighbor from the society, you can try convincing other neighbors to file a class-action lawsuit against the bad neighbor.

 This is a sureshot way to get rid of bad neighbors, provided the accused person is found guilty. If your neighbor is into criminal activities and you have sufficient proof to support your claim, filing a class-action lawsuit is the best step to take.

However, before filing any such complaint, remember to know the state laws from your lawyer. A lot of states list these types of laws under “landlord-tenant laws“. It’s advised to go through such laws and the various clauses associated with them before filing a complaint.

Final Verdict

We have enlisted the various things one can do to get rid of any irritating, uncooperative bad neighbor. You might feel bad at first, but you shouldn’t compromise your peace and well-being in any way.

Even after conveying your problems and inconveniences, if your neighbor continues to do the same, complaining against them is the right thing to do.

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