How To Keep Things Crispy In The Microwave? (6 Working Methods)

Microwave has become a common kitchen appliance that’s present in almost every household nowadays. One of the most common problems that homeowners face while using a microwave is that the food always comes out soggy.

Most people find it hard to retain the crispy texture of food when heating in a microwave. Especially snacks like pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, etc. lose their taste and crunch and that’s certainly disappointing.

What most homeowners do not know is that the crispness of food can be retained while heating in a microwave, if the correct heating tips are followed. With these simple tips, one can heat their favorite dishes, without being afraid of losing the flavor. 

Below listed are some of the useful tips that homeowners must follow while heating or reheating food in a microwave oven. Let’s go through them one by one below.

How To Make Food Crispy In The Microwave?

How To Make Food Crispy In The Microwave

Not everyone is aware of these easy to follow tips. If you are tired of serving soggy food items to guests and looking for the appropriate solutions, here you go. Follow them and see how your food comes out crispy and spicy.

Use Paper Towels

One of the easiest methods to make something crispy in the microwave is by using paper towels. Do you know paper towels are excellent absorbers?

They would soak up the steam that’s released when the food gets heated inside the oven and retain the texture of the food.

To use a paper towel inside a microwave, you simply need to dip it in water and wring it out to ensure it’s damp but water droplets don’t drip from it. Next step is to wrap the damp paper towel around the food container in a way that it’s wholly covered.

That’s all. Place this wrapped container inside the microwave and heat it for the required time. After the food is sufficiently heated, you would be surprised to see how the meal is hot and crispy, ready to be served and enjoyed!

Heat The Food On Medium Heat

Another way to make food crispy in the microwave is by heating it at low to medium temperatures. Let’s see why.

When you heat the food at a high temperature right from the beginning, the water will evaporate from the food more quickly and settle on the food, making it soggy.

Therefore, homeowners are always advised to heat food at a medium temperature so that the water content of the food is maintained, thus reducing chances of the food becoming soggy.

Check The Food Temperature From Time To Time

Never put food inside a microwave oven and engage yourself in other activities. Stay close and watch the temperature.

As soon as the food is heated to the desired temperature, don’t keep it inside the microwave any longer. Switch it off and take the food out. Overheating food is undesired not only because it makes the food soggy but also kills the nutrients present in it.

Use a Microwave Safe Mug Filled with Water

The next time you reheat fried food in a microwave, you can simply place a mug containing water inside the microwave, along with the food. Make sure the container is microwave safe.

Water will absorb the excess moisture produced during heating just like paper towels. Without a water mug or a paper towel present, the moisture would have settled on top of the food, making it soggy.

This is one of the easiest and simplest ways of retaining crispness in food. For this method, no extra material is required. After you have placed the food and the water mug inside, reheat the item at medium temperature for a suitable period and take it out. Let the food sit for a few minutes before serving.

Try a Microwave Crisper Tray

For a better solution, you can try using a microwave crisper tray. These kinds of trays are specifically designed to keep the food crispy and not turn it soggy.

Wondering how do these trays retain crispness? These trays bounce extreme heat off the food, preventing the food from becoming overheated. Thus, water doesn’t evaporate quickly. The crust therefore remains dry, crispy and crunchy.

Now, while using a microwave crisper tray, do not forget to preheat the tray for three to four minutes inside the microwave before placing food on it. Doing this extra step would give you optimum results.

While taking the tray out from the microwave, make sure to wear microwave gloves, because the tray would be super hot and your hands might burn!

Another tip to remember is to put the microwave on a lesser power mode. When you do this, the food will take longer to get heated and release moisture. The food will therefore retain its crispness throughout. However, for the best flavor and crunch, we suggest heating the food at a higher temperature for the last 20 seconds, before switching the microwave off. 

The hot surface of the crisper tray will turn the lower crust of the item crunchy that would be satisfying and delicious to be savored. This heating method is ideal for reheating pizza, bacon, pakoras, nuggets, etc.

Use Convection Microwave Settings

Not every microwave has this feature. If your microwave has, it’s time to use it. Convection microwaves work similar to traditional ovens. They circulate the hot air around the food, heating it in the process. This hot air circulation keeps the food dry and crunchy.

To use this feature, place the food inside the microwave and put it on convection mode. Heat the food for the desired time. Take it out when it’s done.

When you use the convection feature to reheat crispy food in the microwave, you ought to be mindful about a few things.

Firstly, go through the manual of the appliance thoroughly. Homeowners usually don’t think it’s necessary to read the manual. It’s there for a reason. The manual tells you how to use the appliance effectively and safely.

You must go through the section that discusses the convection feature of your microwave to get guidance on how to set the temperature, how to position the food properly and how long to cook in that setting. A thorough knowledge will ensure you are doing it right and reduce chances of accidents.

Secondly, always use containers and accessories that are safe for convection microwaves like metal cookware, ceramic containers or glass containers.

Thirdly, never use plastic cookware, paper items or cardboard items inside a convection microwave. These items have a high tendency to catch fire or melt when heated at high temperatures.

Fourthly, do not place multiple food items inside the microwave, if there’s no space. Overcrowding doesn’t allow the food items to be heated evenly. Food can remain undercooked. Sometimes it can burn. Make sure there’s enough space between food items so that hot air can circulate freely.

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The Bottom Line

Now you know how easy it is to make things crispy in a microwave. Each of these methods have their individual drawbacks and advantages. It’s up to you to choose which of these best suits your needs.

Try them out at home and see which method gave you the best flavored, crispy, crunchy food. Next time your guests come to your home for dinner, don’t worry. Try these tricks and serve your guests crispy, delicious meals anytime! 

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