How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button? (7 Working Methods)

Using the pairing button is the easiest way to sync the Roku remote to a device but what if you bought the Roku device and then realized that the Roku remote had no pairing button?

Or maybe the pairing button is there but is not working?

Some Roku remotes have their pairing button in the battery compartment so you should search that portion of the remote first but do not worry if you don’t find the button over there as well because some models don’t have pairing buttons at all.

pairing button in the battery compartment

Roku devices use two types of remotes – a standard IR Remote and an enhanced “point anywhere remote”. The standard IR remotes don’t have a pairing button and are used by pointing it at the Roku device to control it.

On the other hand, the enhanced type of remotes have a pairing button and need to be connected to WiFi to sync with the device. In this way, you can use the remote to control the device even when you are away from the TV or the device or when there is a barrier between the remote and the device and you cannot point the remote at it.

The remotes that use WiFi sometimes cannot be used because of a broken pairing button.

The good news is that a Roku remote can be paired by using other means as well and once you have made sure that the pairing button is not working you can try the other ways.

7 Ways to Pair Roku Remote Without Pairing Button

How to Pair Roku remote without pairing button

Fortunately, you do not necessarily need a pairing button to pair the Roku remote to the device.

As already mentioned, IR Roku remotes don’t need to be paired and neither is it supposed to be paired. The remote control is pre-calibrated with the system. It functions like a standard TV remote.

But Enhanced Roku remotes need pairing and you need to follow these methods to pair a Roku remote without pairing button:

Use the Roku App for Pairing

These days everyone has an android or an iOS smartphone and these devices can be transformed into controllers as well.

Similarly, you can use a Roku mobile app to make your phone into a remote for the Roku device. The app is free and is easily available on Apple Store or the Google Play store.

After you have installed the app, you will need to create an account by entering some basic credentials such as name and email id. Your phone and the Roku device have to be connected to the same network for this to work and if you are using your phone’s mobile data then make sure that the device is connected to the hotspot of your phone.

Finally, select these options in this exact order-

  • Remote > Settings > Remotes and Devices > Pair New Remote.

You will now be able to see the interface of a remote control appear on the screen of your smartphone. Using the buttons on this interface, you will be able to relay commands to the device with ease.

Use the Power Cycling Method to Pair Your Remote

Use the Power Cycling Method to Pair your Remote

Some power cycling works when electronic devices stop functioning.

First of all, detach the Roku device from the power source and also remove the batteries from the remote. After not more than 10 seconds plug the device back into the power outlet and simultaneously put the batteries back into their compartment once the Roku logo appears on the TV screen.

Doing this should automatically start the pairing process between the remote and the device.

Use the Buttons of the Body of the Roku Device

Usually, all devices that employ the use of a remote have buttons built on them for times when the remote breaks or is misplaced and such. Similarly, every Roku device also comes with physical buttons that you can use to operate the device as well as pair it with the remote. So if your pairing button is broken or not working then you are in luck because you can still use these buttons.

First of all to the Home Screen of the Roku device and then use the buttons on your TV to find the settings options. The buttons will resemble that of a remote and have scrolling buttons and a big button in the middle to select. Use the selection button and the scrolling button simultaneously to go to the remotes option and then to “pair remote”. The process to pair the remote should begin automatically.

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Use the Universal Remote for Roku

If all these above methods have not worked for you then you have no other option but to use a universal remote for your device. You can also get a replacement remote but make sure that it is compatible with your current device. No matter what, the remote that you are getting should be supporting both IR and Bluetooth technology.

Check and Reset Your WiFi Connection

Check and Reset Your WiFi connection

It is worth checking the connection before you move on to buy a whole new remote. Although the Roku remote does not need an active internet connection to establish a connection to your device, what it does need is a local network. So if there is any glitch in the local system then your remote won’t pair as well.

If you are not familiar with the technical settings of your router then you should call someone who is. Turning the WiFi on and off one time will probably solve the issue temporarily but if something is blocking the remote’s connection path, this problem will persist unless you address it.

Check for any HDMI Interference

Technically speaking, this isn’t any method to sync a Roku remote without pairing button and is rather a troubleshooting option but you should still check it out just to be sure. Sometimes nearby HDMI cable connections get in the way of Roku networks and disrupt the pairing between the remote and the device.

This issue is most commonly noticed with Roku streaming sticks that can be connected to your TV directly using the HDMI port.

Because the streaming stick goes in the place usually reserved for a cable, its connection is interrupted. Going by this logic, this problem can be solved if the streaming stick can be placed at a distance away from the HDMI port. A cable extender is used in such cases. Any HDMI extension cable will do and it will act like a USB cable that will connect the Roku device and the HDMI port.

Make Sure the Roku App Works

In case you are trying to use your smartphone as a Roku remote with the help of the Roku app and find that it is not working then it might be worth it to troubleshoot the app once. The most common problem while using the app is that the Roku box does not show up on the app and thus you cannot pair it.

Check if the network your smartphone or the Roku box is connected to a VPN. If that is the case then disconnect it right away as otherwise, the app will not go into pairing mode. The other thing you need to check is whether the Roku box still has enabled network access.

Usually, the app will function after this but if it still does not, then it is time to start looking into other options.

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Final Words

Your Roku remote controls a lot of devices and if the universal remote is not compatible with all of them then it becomes a hassle to control every device in a different way. So the recommended thing to do is to get a replacement remote as soon as possible.

While using the phone as a remote is a good option but considering that multiple people use the devices, if the paired phone has to be taken out of the house or wherever the devices are, while someone wants to use the TV with the Roku box then it becomes troublesome to unpair one smartphone and then again pair the available smartphone as a remote to the Roku box.

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