How Unlevel Can My Intex Pool Be? (According to Experts)

Intex pools have become more popular than traditional in-ground pools because of their ease of installation and pocket friendliness. There are different kinds of Intex pools available in the market nowadays. For instance, oval frame Intex pools, easy set Intex pools, metal frame Intex pools and ultra frame intex pools.

Like any other kind of pool, Intex pools must always be installed on a leveled ground. Yes, Intex pools can also be installed on hill slopes. However, the level of imbalance has a limit and must be remembered during pool installation.

Try to install Intex above-ground pools on flat, leveled surfaces as it ensures the longevity of the swimming pool. The groundwork forms the most important part of pool installation. If the ground is extremely rocky, hire a professional to attain a perfectly leveled base. Otherwise, you might have to take down the pool, level the ground again and reinstall the swimming pool.

If you too have thought of buying an Intex pool and setting it up in your backyard, this is the ultimate guide for you. Oftentimes, it becomes impossible to attain a 100% leveled surface. This raises the question, “how unlevel can the base be”? Here’s all you need to know before setting up an Intex pool.

How Unlevel Can My Intex Pool Be?

How Unlevel Can My Intex Pool Be

If you go by instruction booklets, they will ask you to level the ground within an inch. However, it isn’t always possible to level the ground so close.

Intex pools that are unlevel by one inch look slanting, but do not cause any harm. Such pools are okay to be used for swimming. If it’s unlevel by more than one inch but less than two inches, it appears extremely slanting and looks bad to the eyes. Nevertheless, two inches unlevel Intex pools are also acceptable.

We would however advise homeowners with Intex pools to check the water pressure on both sides from time to time as it keeps increasing.

If the Intex pool is unlevel by more than two inches, it’s extremely unsafe to be used. Such pools must be taken down immediately. The pool can collapse any moment, damaging properties and causing harm to others

Every pool owner must be aware of the safety regulations and maintenance tips to keep their pools in best condition. Using an unlevel intex pool without being aware of the risks simply puts others in danger. Some of the dangers of using an imbalanced Intex pool has been discussed later in this guide.

If you have no leveled areas in your backyard, you must call in a professional pool installer to level the area for you. Always remember, that a leveled pool not only lasts longer but is also safer for everyone else. Being responsible homeowners, it’s your duty to ensure your safety and that of others.

What Happens If Intex Pool Is Not Level?

You must be wondering why it is so important to lay a swimming pool on a perfectly leveled ground. It might just appear to be an exaggeration. But, if you come to know of the consequences of using an unlevel Intex swimming pool, you might find this demand justified. To know about the dangers in detail, keep reading below.

Slanting Creep

Initially, if the pool is unlevel within an inch, it might not even catch your eyes at first. However, with time, pools settle, just like houses do. As a result, the difference of less than an inch increases to one inch. Gradually, the difference rises, and the pool looks slanted.

Bottom Rips

If you use a bottom-feeding pool vacuum, it is likely to get ripped and torn, if the base of the pool is uneven and rocky.

Pool Walls Begin to Fall Off

If you have an uneven Intex pool, the difference in water pressure on both sides of the pool starts to increase. The low-lying side of the pool becomes more in-depth and creates an outward pressure on the pool wall. This affects the structural integrity of the swimming pool.

Eventually, the pool walls are likely to fail at withstanding the excess weight of water and collapse ultimately. If this happens, your backyard would end up in flood. Not only does this mean loss of property and more investments, but also can harm kids.

Pool Liner Gets Damaged

Placing an intex pool on uneven ground damages the pool liner. If the surface on which the pool liner is placed isn’t flat, the pool liner cannot be laid straight. The liner folds in several places.

Now, when you use different types of equipment like a pool vacuum for various purposes, the equipment is caught in these folds and the liner tears and rips as a result.

If the pool liner gets damaged, the entire pool leaks and cannot be used for long. It has to be taken down to replace the liner. The only way to avoid these unwanted hassles is by installing your pool on a flat, leveled surface.

Pool Skimmer Could Stop Working

If water continues to settle at one end more than the other, the skimmer of the pool is likely to stop functioning. At least half of the skimmer must be filled with water for proper functioning. If the skimmer lies in the area with less water pressure, it will not get sufficient water and hence stop working.

Hazardous to Kids

When there’s one end of a pool with more water depth than the other, it becomes a dangerous sight for kids. If your pool is in that condition, you mustn’t leave kids unattended. It’s too dangerous.

Firstly, the kids can drown themselves, if left unattended. Secondly, the pool walls can collapse any moment, throwing the contents of the pool outwards. If kids remain in the pool while such accidents happen, they would be injured too. 

Once you find out that your pool is unlevel by more than two inches, you shouldn’t panic. You have time to reinstall the pool before it’s too late. Thankfully, to level the ground, you do not have to take down the intex pool immediately. With that being said, you mustn’t sit back and wait for the swimming pool to collapse. Neither should you continue using the unlevel Intex pool.

If you are worried about the costs of reinstallation, you need not worry. Leveling the land with your intex pool installed is a DIY process. However, if you intend to get it done by a professional installer, it might cost you around $1,500 to $15,000. The actual cost of installation or leveling of the land depends upon the size of the pool, condition of the ground, the difficulty of the terrain, etc.

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The Bottom Line

When the pool installation process begins, it’s extremely important to inspect the groundwork and ensure that it’s as level as possible.

We cannot really stress on the importance of a proper foundation when it comes to installing an Intex above-ground pool. Target to level the base to perfection, even if a pool unlevel by two inches is acceptable.

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