How To Make A Portable Air Conditioner Work Better? (7 Quick Fixes)

When it’s summertime, we can’t go a day without using air conditioners. These days,  portable air conditioning has become an easy alternative to large AC units. These are easier to carry and install and provide cost-effective cooling.

If you can’t afford to buy air conditioners at home, buying a portable air conditioner is an ideal solution to get some relief from the hot and humid summer weather.

However, portable air conditioners can become a waste of money if they aren’t used properly. There are certain things users need to keep in mind to enjoy the maximum amount of cooling.

In this guide, we have discussed some tips to ensure that your portable air conditioner is running at its highest efficiency. Go through the tips given below to make a portable air conditioner work better and increase its cooling power.

7 Ways To Make A Portable Air Conditioner Colder

Make A Portable Air Conditioner Colder
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A quick way to make a portable AC colder is by insulating the exhaust hose and the entire room properly. Also, if you have been using the air conditioner for a long time and it’s old now, its efficiency is expected to reduce. In that case, replace it with a new one.

Try Keeping The Exhaust Hose Straight

The exhaust hose is installed to extract heat and humidity from the room. It can be through the doors or windows or drop ceiling. To enjoy optimal functioning of the portable air conditioner, one must place the exhaust hose straight, without any bends or kinks.

Have you ever wondered why is it necessary? The hose remains twisted, heat from the air wouldn’t be extracted fully, meaning that the air conditioner will have to work harder to keep the room cool.

Not just that, the moisture present in the warm air will accumulate inside the hose, since it wouldn’t pass out completely, ultimately damaging the unit and affecting its longevity.

Keep All Doors And Windows Closed

If the doors and windows remain open or have large gaps, outside air will flow into the room, ultimately rendering the air conditioner useless. To ensure effective cooling of a room, one must keep all doors and windows closed.

This prevents outside air from entering and inside air from leaving the room. If outside air keeps flowing into the room constantly, the unit has to work harder to maintain a cool temperature. 

If possible, put curtains and blankets on your doors and windows. This is useful in two ways. Firstly, they protect the air conditioner from being exposed to direct sun rays. Secondly, they prevent the sun’s rays from entering the room.

Turn On The Air Conditioner Before You Need It

The air conditioner needs some time to lower the temperature of the room. Therefore it’s advisable to switch it on before you need it. When you do this, you will get the room is perfectly cold and cozy when you enter it.

For instance, if you switch on the portable AC during the morning when the temperature isn’t too high, the unit wouldn’t have to work harder to cool the space. If you switch it on during the afternoon when the room turns into a furnace, the unit will have to work harder and that will increase your electricity bills.

Switch Off Unnecessary Electrical Devices

If you use multiple electrical devices at the same time, each will draw a considerable amount of power and that would affect the performance of your portable air conditioner. Therefore, to make a portable air conditioner colder, you must try to minimize the use of other electrical devices at the same time.

For instance, switch off the lights, television, fans, fridge, computers, etc. if you aren’t using them. Not only will this ensure faster and more effective cooling but also reduce your home electricity bills.

Clean The Filters From Time To Time

Every homeowner using a portable air conditioner must know how to maintain it. Only a  properly functioning portable AC will effectively cool the room. If it’s not functioning properly, how do you expect it to cool the room efficiently?

Therefore, make sure the filters of your machine are cleaned regularly. Check whether they are clogged with dust particles. Wash them with warm water with a mix of detergent, at least once in a few months. This will make a portable air conditioner work better.

After cleaning the filters, make sure they are dry before you insert them into the unit.

Place The Portable Air Conditioner At A Strategic Location

To make a portable air conditioner work better, it’s also important to place it in the right location. While placing the unit at your home, here are a few useful points you must keep in your mind.

  • Ideally, place the portable air conditioner close to an electrical outlet and an outside window for draining and venting. The exhaust hose comes in different lengths. However, it’s advisable to buy a shorter exhaust hose so that it remains straight mostly. Lengthier exhaust hoses tend to bend.
  • See whether the power cable can reach the outlet without any need to stretch it too much. Experts advise homeowners not to use an extension cord when using a portable air conditioner. It’s dangerous.
  • Make sure you place your unit on a flat, leveled surface. Don’t place it on any table or raised surface.
  • Try placing the portable air conditioner in a place where cool air can flow freely. Keeping that in mind, don’t place it behind any furniture item or sofa or bed. Keep it in free space to ensure air flow doesn’t get blocked.
  • Also check the air inlets from time to time, to ensure they aren’t blocked. Otherwise, they might prevent hot air from flowing out of the room.
  • Don’t place the air conditioner near heat sources or kitchen or TV screens. Keep your portable air conditioner approximately 3 meters away from these devices.

Ensure Your Electrical System Meets The Unit’s Power Requirements

Before buying a portable air conditioner, make sure your electricity set-up caters to the power requirements of that unit. Make sure the unit comes with a ~10 amp power socket. Usually, most wall outlets in homes and offices have 15 amp sockets.

If it’s a larger AC unit, you might require more power for its functioning. Always hire an electrician while installing a portable air conditioner and get everything inspected by him to avoid chances of any mishap in future.

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The Bottom Line

These are some useful tips to make portable AC colder. However, the most important one is to ensure it’s placed at a strategic location and the exhaust hose is placed straight and has no leaks.

Also, if you have been using an old portable air conditioner for a long time and are tired of getting it repaired, it’s time to buy a new one.

Lastly, when using your portable AC, keep it in moderate settings. Don’t turn your room into a fridge.

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