What Is Chaos Button On The Microwave And How To Use It?

Daring to press the Chaos button on the microwave? Don’t be scared. It’s not made to create bustling noises or chaos inside your microwave! Microwaves, these days, are more advanced in design. They have a lot of features & functions that enhance microwave cooking. Normally, microwaves can defrost frozen food but it takes time to do so. So, brands invented the ‘Chaos’ button that defrost your food quicker!

That’s what a Chaos mode on a microwave does! Imagine you’ve taken out extra-frozen meat or fish from your refrigerator. Also, both are heavy in weight! You know it would take long-times to defrost these heavy frozen items. Well, this meat & fish will defrost quickly if you use the Chaos button.

It truly simplifies reheating or defrosting kitchen tasks!

Curious to know more about Chaos function? You’re reading the right quick post. We’ll get you through everything in minutes!

What Is Chaos Mode On The Microwave And How To Use It

What is a Chaos button on a microwave?

A Chaos button is simply a defrosting function. Generally, a normal defrost feature releases uniform or constant flow of heat while defrosting cuisine. However, by switching on the Chaos button, the microwave releases random pulses of power.

These random heat pulses break down frozen raw food even faster. Say, meat, fish, green veggies, etc. Most commonly, it’s seen that meat, steak, pork, turkeys, fish & seafood, poultry, etc takes time to defrost. Whereas, veggies generally defrost fast.

So, if you’re a homemaker, you can turn up the Chaos button to defrost heavy-weight chicken breast, pork, steak, fish, etc. It would reduce overall cooking time in the kitchen.

Not only does this function defrost quickly, but it also heats up foodstuff  inside out. As often with normal defrost function, foodstuff gets hot only from outside and not inside. Resulting in uneven food cooking. Well, the microwave chaos mode thaws food more evenly and equally.

The irregular heating pattern by Chaos button reduces thawing time upto 60%. And, every side of bone & meat is getting even heat no matter what the shape is or how thick! The random pulses do the trick!

How to use the Chaos button?

It’s easy to practically use the microwave Chaos button.

While using the Chaos button, you need to act smart sometimes! It’s easy, just know what kind of food you’re going to defrost on Chaos.

Thawing Meat with Chaos

  1. Take out the meat from the refrigerator
  2. Check meat’s WEIGHT beforehand, do it manually or it’s mentioned on the label.
  3. Put Meat on a microwave-safe dish AND slide it into microwave
  4. Push Defrost or Chaos button on the touch-pad
  5. Watch out the meat if it’s defrosting evenly or not
  6. Flip over meat in between for even cooking
  7. Once done, Take out & cook immediately on stovetop

Generally, it takes 5-7 minutes to defrost meat per pound. Also, defrosting timing depends on every microwave model wattage.

Attention ! : Always cook microwave defrosted meat immediately. Do not leave it in the microwave. Waiting longer can multiply the breed of bacterias, which is bad for health.

Thawing Veggies with Chaos

  1. Take out the veggies from the refrigerator
  2. Check veggies’s WEIGHT beforehand, do it manually or mentioned on the label
  3. Cut veggies into tiny pieces and separate them out on a microwave-safe plate
  4. Slide the veggies into microwave
  5. Push Defrost or Chaos button on the touch-pad. If the Defrost option is not there, set the microwave to operate at 30% of total power and set a 2-minute timer.
  6. Stir in between for even-cooking
  7. Once done, Take out & cook immediately on stovetop

How does Chaos work on a Panasonic microwave?

It’s simple.

For Bread (100-800g),

  1. Place bread on a microwave-safe plate
  2. Push microwave Chaos button for once
  3. Select weight – grams(g)/pound(lb)/ounce(oz)
  4. Press ‘Start’

For Mince/Chops or Meat (150-1200g),

  1. Place Meat on a microwave-safe plate
  2. Push microwave Chaos button for twice
  3. Select weight – grams(g)/pound(lb)/ounce(oz)
  4. Press ‘Start’

For Meat Joints (400-2500g),

  1. Place Meat Joints on a microwave-safe plate
  2. Push Chaos button for thrice
  3. Select weight – grams(g)/pound(lb)/ounce(oz)
  4. Press ‘Start’

The first brand to launch the Chaos button was Panasonic. However, now, this microwave Chaos mode is integrated in almost all microwave brands. No doubt, Microwave designs are getting more user-friendly than before!

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Why no chaos mode on my microwave?

Also, many microwave brands, these days, do not include a separate Chaos function. It’s renamed. Now a days, a microwave has an ordinary DEFROST feature button. It runs on chaos theory. 

Nevertheless, there are auto weight defrosting microwaves as well. These microwaves pre-recognize weight & defrosting time required. Based on that, they decide whether to use normal defrosting or thaw with Chaos. Technology in microwaves is ever-evolving!

Why is it called Chaos mode?

The name “Choas” might sound like end of the world for you! Well, it’s pretty scary to read a microwave function named Chaos.

Wondering why microwave brands have named it Chaos? Well, it’s not at all named like this to scare you. Nor is it a fancy techy word to attract the customer’s attention! Well, then why Chaos?

The Chaos defrost mechanism is based on scientific Chaos theory. It is a theory founded by Professor Jaroslav Stark around 1960-1970s. The theory is based on chaotic outcomes. It generates arbitrary power beats of energy.

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So, Chaos button on microwave – not a terrifying thing! You can start using it in daily kitchen defrosting tasks! So, you can get cooked cuisines on time!

You can call it simply an advanced defrosting function. Use it on days when you take out freezing cold and heavy meat, fish, or veggies from the refrigerator! You can thank us later!

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