What kind of paint can you use on the inside of a microwave?

Microwaves, being a kitchen appliance, are ought to wear-and-tear! On top of it, if you use it heavily & frequently, the total lifespan decreases more. In those events, it can be repaired or replaced. If there is an orange-brown rust or original paint peeling off, you can repair by repainting. What kind of paint can you use on the inside of a microwave? In this post, we will look into the exact same thing!

Microwave oven is an expensive kitchen gadget. You cannot just think of buying a brand-new microwave. So, repurposing by repainting is the best option of all times!

However, can you paint the inside of the microwave? Is it safe to repaint your microwave? Is it safe to run a microwave with paint flaking inside? Can you paint the rusty microwave cavity? How do you repaint the microwave interior cavity? Also, the best microwave-safe paint options! These and many such kinds of questions will be answered in this short post.

Stay with us till the end. Discover everything about microwave repainting.

What kind of paint can you use on the inside of a microwave

Can you paint the inside of a microwave?

Yeah! Absolutely you can, provided you take safety majors!

Oftentimes, we make a mistake by using ordinary paint. It cannot withstand high heat. This in turn results in the microwave exploding, minor sparking, or fire inside the microwave in rare cases.

So, repainting with microwave-safe paint is the first-step to safety!

Another mistake we make is that we do not inspect the rust or peeled off area. Diagnose the rust always before you repaint. Whenever sparks occur inside the microwave, the microwaves have gotten exposed to bare metal walls. Otherwise, the rust damage is so widespread that there are holes inside the microwave oven cavity. At those times, the repair by repainting is next to impossible! If oven damage is more, consider purchasing a brand-new microwave.

In such cases, repainting the inside of a microwave won’t make things turn better!

Is it safe to paint microwave cavity?

Is it safe to paint microwave cavity

Yes, it is safe to paint microwave cavity. Until you’re using a microwave-safe microwave cavity paint and painting properly, you’re playing a safe bet! Know the right painting technique before repainting the microwave.

If you’re painting appliance exteriors, then no space for worrying! The exteriors are built tough enough. So, generally, they do not cause any damage to the microwave. Removing rust on exteriors and repainting exteriors is a safe-game!

While repainting the inside microwave cavity, only use microwave-friendly paint. The microwave oven paint must not get hotter by high heat as you run the microwave for cooking. The rest is taken care of!

Is it safe to use a microwave with peeling paint inside?

Absolutely not at all! No! Never use a microwave with peeling paint inside. It is a risky bet you take on!

The paint is a protective-layer for metal interiors of a microwave. Metal is not microwave-safe. There are free electrons moving inside the metal. When they get in contact with microwaves, they reflect waves rather than absorbing.

As you paint a metal wall cavity, you make it microwave-protective! When this paint peels off or flakes, the metal walls become vulnerable to microwaves. So, there are chances of a mini lightning bolt or arcing inside the microwave. At times, it can also result in fire hazards. Or else, it can leach contents into food causing food contamination. Such a thing is riskier for health.

Can you use high heat paint inside microwave?

Yes, only high heat paint can resist microwaves! Other paints might leach its contents causing food contamination.

A microwave paint must withstand temperatures up to 1200° Fahrenheit. Enamel paints generally withstand high heat. So, they are perfect for microwave repainting purposes.

We suggest you use Rust-Oleum high heat paint. It smoothly paints the inside of a microwave. Also, even after it dries up, it can withstand hot temperatures of microwave ovens.

Can you paint the inside of a microwave with appliance paint?

Surely yes! You can repaint the inside of the microwave with appliance paint. Commonly, homemakers use microwave-safe enamel paint to coat the appliance interiors. It works best in almost all cases!

Enamel paint is microwave-safe in most cases. Just check the label if it mentions microwave safe paint too. And, you’re safe to proceed with repainting things!

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Can you paint a inside of a microwave with acrylic paint?

No, you cannot paint inside of a microwave with Acrylic paint. It can only withstand high heat temperatures up to 300° Fahrenheit. While you cook food inside the microwave, acrylic may respond all right for a few seconds. However, it’s not ideal for everyday use!

If you wish to microwave acrylic paint, you can! Microwave acrylic paint for a few minutes. You can turn hardened acrylic to pliable form.

Can you paint the inside of a rusty microwave?

Can you paint the inside of a rusty microwave

Surely yes! You can paint the inside of a rusty microwave. Rather, one repaints the insides because of the rust or peeling paint only. It’s the main reason behind repainting at most cases.

Just before you paint, you need to follow a certain steps to remove rust and then repaint. Otherwise, you risk the microwave ovens for chemical contamination, arcing, or fire, sometimes.

Also, repainting a rusty microwave works only when rust is under control. In other words, repainting works when rust is minimal. Make sure that rust hasn’t covered bigger microwave areas. Also, rust is not penetrating holes inside a microwave. As well as, the rust on microwave exteriors mustn’t make its way to eat up the internal cavity.

As all these three cases are extremes, you’ll be asked to replace the microwave. Also, it’s a better option now as rust is now out-of-control! Rather, purchasing a brand-new microwave is the best decision.

What kind of paint can you use on the inside of a microwave?

There are two kinds of paint available in the paint market. One is spray on paint and another is brush on paint.

Just check if it’s labeled as microwave-safe! Also, perform a microwave-safety test to double check. Repaint a smaller area inside the microwave. Run the microwave by placing a cup of water inside. Once the microwave stops, check if the painted part is no warmer than other non-painted parts. If it doesn’t feel hot, you’re in for that enamel paint and vice-a-versa.

Moreover, check the ingredients listed on the back of the paint package. There must not be any materials that are microwave-sensitive. For example, metallic items. It reacts slowly with the microwaves resulting in the sparking.

A spray-on paint is suitable for coating larger microwave cavity areas. Simply spray the areas that you wish to repaint. The spray does the task! It saves a great deal of effort and time. On the other hand, brush on paint is suitable for coating smaller repairs. If the rust is small, you can simply brush over the coats on the affected area. This is how other non-rusted areas stay intact as well.

Moreover, you can use a combination of two as well. After you spray the area, there will be places that aren’t coated well. Use a brush to repaint those spaces in the cavity. It covers the finishing spots and does excellent polishing. 

Microwave-safe paint options

Microwave-safe paint options

One can buy microwave-safe paint at any hardware store. Pick the right paint designed to repair the microwave internal cavity.

There are many types of microwave-safe paint options available in the market. The types include Spray on, Brush on, paint sheets, touch up kits, heat-resistant paint, non-toxic paint, etc. Let’s learn about all these types in detail. So, you can select the best paint for repairing microwave insides.

Spray on

Spray on is the popular paint that many homemakers use! They are easy-to-use and feel effortless while painting. These paints are best-suited for bigger and largely spread rust repairs.

Just make sure that your microwave is free from rust, grime & grease, dust, debris, etc. This way, you can spray even layers across the affected area. Let the paint dry fully before you use your microwave.

Brush on

It’s another famous paint used for treating small rust repairs! The brush on paint comes in mini bottles. Generally, all small scratches and rust can be fixed easily with brush on paint. How do you use brush on paint? Simply coat its layers over the affected region. Once a layer is fully dry, apply second, third, and as many painting layers.

Touch-up kit or sheets

Inside every microwave, you’ll find a shiny waveguide cover. Sheets are generally suitable to replace this waveguide cover. These sheets are made up of silicone resin mica paper. It’s highly heat-resistant.

Inside a touch-up kit, you get everything like brushes, sandpapers, stirrers, etc. As all tools & equipment are existing in one box, you can finish the repainting tasks in one-go. Your microwave will look new-like after repainting!

Heat-resistant paint

Any paint you select must be heat-resistant. So, it applies to all & any paint. Only buy a paint that can withstand high heat temperatures. It must not be designed for microwave exterior parts. Rather, it must be specifically designed for the inner microwave cavity.

Non-toxic paint

You don’t want high chemical paint that is hazardous to health! So, check beforehand the ingredients of the paint. You can check out the product back-side to do so. Your paint must be non-toxic.

If you use a toxic chemical paint, it can contaminate food & drinks. While your microwave is running, the paint can leach its substances into food. Do not purchase low-quality paint options. Rather, go for high-quality best paint options.

Read the instructions written by the manufacturer on the paint. Always invest in the paint that does no harm to health.

How to fix peeling paint inside the microwave?

It’s easy to fix the peeling or flaking paint inside the microwave. Only condition is that it must be minimal.

Follow these step-by-step to fix peeling paint inside microwave:

  1. Gently remove dust & debris surrounding flaking paint
  2. Get a sandpaper to remove paint flaking off
  3. Also, use a scraper to scrape off peeling paint smoothly

How to repaint a microwave?

It’s simple! You need to follow certain steps in an orderly manner. Doing so, you can repaint a microwave perfectly.

Clean your microwave

Unplug the microwave. It’s the first and most-important step! After that, clear out all the dust, debris, grease & grime. Take off the flaking paint. Also, take a medium-grit sandpaper to remove rust. Make the surface even with fine-grit sandpaper.

Apply the paint

Wear gloves & a protective mask. Spray the paint or apply coats of brush. Apply one paint coating and wait until it is dry completely. After that, apply the next several coatings likewise.

Dry the paint

After repainting work is over, let the microwave dry for at least 24 hours. Keep the microwave door open for air ventilation. You can use it for cooking after at least 3 days. At that time, it will be completely dry and safe-to-use.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you can use microwave-safe enamel paint inside the microwave. The paint must withstand high heat microwave temperatures up to 1200F. Repair minor rust & chips likewise by repainting.

Also, follow the step-wise microwave repainting guide. You can refer to this quick post to do so. Just never leave flaking paint inside as it is. Repair or replace the microwave sooner to avoid excessive damage.

Happy microwaving!

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