Plastic vs Glass Blender Jar: A Comparison Guide to Help You Decide

If you are thinking of purchasing a blender, you might as well consider it an investment. Although the market has tons of options and is abundant with the most advanced blender jar models, it is important to buy one that best suits your needs.

With loads of models and variations to choose from, this task becomes quite a challenge. You must consider certain factors in order to find the perfect blender for you. In this article, we study the main differences between a plastic blender jar and a glass blender jar and present you with a comparison, so you can choose one that best fits your requirements.

Plastic vs Glass Blender Jar

Plastic vs Glass Blender Jar

Blender jars, as a whole, can be mainly categorized into two types, namely, the glass blender jar and the plastic blender jar. Very often, people neglect and disregard this aspect when buying a blender. and although the material of the blender jar does not influence its performance, it is still an important factor to consider.

That being said, choosing the right jar may determine how well it is able to blend and achieve the results it was designed to achieve. Besides, the right jar will also be easy to clean and maintain and stay in the right condition for a significant period.

Plastic Blender Jar

Glass Blender Jar


Heavy and Bulky

Less expensive

More expensive

Comes in large and small capacities

Usually one size

Will not shatter if dropped

Will break if dropped

Will get scratched, stained and absorb odour

Scratch, Stain and Odour resistant

May leach chemicals

No Chemical leaching

Is not great for the environment

Environmentally a better choice

Not considered good for health

Definitely a healthier and safer option

The key differences between a plastic and a glass blender jar lie in its durability, weight, ease of cleaning among other features. Depending on the material of the blender jar that you choose, the look of the item is also significant and may be an important factor to consider to some people.

Plastic Blender Jar

Plastic Blender Jar

Plastic blender jars are commonly used in most kitchens, not just because they are affordable but also because they need comparatively low maintenance. Anyone can clean and maintain a plastic blender jar with perfect ease without the risk of breaking it if dropped by mistake. Furthermore, some may prefer plastics over glass because of their ease of portability and practicality in handling.

Pros & Cons


  • In comparison, it is the less expensive option
  • It is more convenient and more economical to replace
  • It is lightweight and not as heavy as a glass blender jar
  • It is much less likely to break or shatter
  • It is available in large and smaller sizes of varying capacities


  • It may absorb food odours over time
  • It is easily scratched and damaged
  • It can be stained or tarnished quickly
  • It may leach synthetics and chemicals
  • It is often not resistant to heat

Is a Plastic Blender Jar worth it?

Plastic jars are excellent and extremely relevant when dealing with light materials, such as making fruit smoothies and not hard ingredients such as ice. Hard objects may not be suited for a plastic jar because you risk scratching the bowl and the blades. If you are considering buying a plastic blender jar, you must choose one that is BPA-free as they are safer than the other varieties. 

Smaller sized plastic blending jars may be used to make smoothies for one person, especially if you are a bachelor or a working professional. Additionally, if you are considering this as a gift for your grandparents, you must choose a plastic blender jar over the glass one as older people with joint problems and arthritis may find it too heavy to use.

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Glass Blender Jar

Glass Blender Jar

A glass jar might be the right choice for you if you value appearance, clarity through the bowl, and the vintage appeal of it. It also feels much heavier and looks more expensive than its plastic counterpart, no matter the model. Glass is known to have several benefits, as well. Neither does it discolour nor does it scratch, nor does it absorb food odours as a plastic blender jar might.

Pros & Cons


  • It is a step towards good health
  • It is mostly safe to be used in the dishwasher
  • It is durable in the long run
  • It is heatproof
  • It is scratch-resistant
  • It does not stain or absorb any colors with time


  • It is usually heavy to be carried around
  • It is bulky in size and not meant to be traveled with
  • It may break if dropped by mistake
  • It is typically the more expensive option
  • It is not available on the high-end models of blenders

Is a Glass Blender Jar worth it?

Plastic jars usually become scratched and less clear over time, and this makes them look tarnished and dull. In comparison, glass blender jars retain their good looks much longer and are in general, more presentable, especially in the company of guests in the house. They are definitely worth the splurge but you must be careful while using them.

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Which is better plastic or glass blender jar?

Glass and Plastic blender jars are both useful and differently suited to different families with altering needs. They each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages and what you should keep in mind is the way you will use the blender. However, to make it easy for you, go through a summary of the entire comparison that we made.

  • Plastic Blender Jars: Being lightweight, plastic jars are suitable for families with older members and children. Although some may consider plastic as unsafe and plastic blender jars as unfit to be used for making anything edible, you must stay assured that there is no such harm associated with BPA-free plastics. Level markings are often more clearer in these jars and you won’t be left with a massive hole in your pocket after buying this.
  • Glass Blender Jars: In contrast, glass blender jars outperform plastic ones in matters of scratch and stain resistance. Neither do they retain odour, nor do they cause chemical leaching. People love glass blender jars because they look more sophisticated and have somewhat of a vintage charm. Guests may view your glass jars as high-end simply because of the way they look. In addition to that, people find glass blender jars to be sturdier and more reliable than their plastic counterparts. Although most plastic jars are BPA-free, you may avoid this confusion altogether and go for a glass blender jar.

Ultimately, what can be said is that glass and plastic blender jars are both reasonably good. Therefore, while making your choice on whether to go for a plastic or a glass blender jar, make sure to evaluate what purposes you will be using it for, your budget and if your preferred kind of jar is available in the blender model that you select.

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Final Thoughts

While choosing the perfect utensil for your kitchen is pretty tough, it does not have to be that complicated. All you need to do is to consider your requirements and priorities and calculate a budget beforehand.

In conclusion, deciding between glass or plastic blender jars, first of all, depends entirely on your taste and budget. If you are purchasing a blender for the very first time or consider yourself somewhat awkward,  do not opt for the glass jar. Besides, if you don’t have a limited budget and plan to use the blender jar a lot, the glass model is just for you.

Whether you choose the plastic blender jar or the glass one, the one factor that you need to keep in mind is to be able to thoroughly clean the blender jar including all of its blades, and it needs to be as effortless as possible. To further simplify this job, you must choose a model whose jar and blades are removable and safe to be put in the dishwasher.

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