How to Reduce Noise When Living on a Busy Street: Tips and Tricks to Implement while Living Near a Highway

Any person living in the busy streets of a metropolitan city is bound to be annoyed or disturbed because of traffic noise. Not only that but dog barking, collective shouting of people, car sounds, vibrations, etc., make them hate city life even more.

Such unpleasant feelings because of the road noise can really harm one’s sleep and study schedules. This is why it is necessary to develop measures to reduce noise when living on a busy street. Such actions will undoubtedly help to reduce street noise and echoes in the apartment dramatically.

This article is specifically designed to guide you with tips and tricks one can implement for street noise reduction. It would definitely help you discover ideas that will not cause huge expenses.

How to block out street noise?

How to block out street noise

Understanding how to stop traffic noise might look like something that is hard, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Making your apartment soundproof has fortunately turned out to be a lot easier with implementing methods to lessen traffic noise and other road noises.

Before you can devise solutions on how to block out street noise, it is essential to discover the root cause and where most of the noise is coming from.

You need to figure out whether the noise is from the windows or doors or even the walls. Figuring that out will help you prioritize the areas you need to work on for soundproofing. This will also ensure you don’t pay much attention to the areas, which will, in turn, waste your resources while soundproofing a house from traffic noise.

Discover the source of the street noise

The primary source of the street noise in your apartment is usually from either the windows, walls, or doors. You need to figure out the primary source of the road noise to be able to take further measures.

Make your windows soundproof

Once the source has been figured out, you can easily get your hands on soundproofing a house from traffic noise. One of the chief sources of traffic noise in your apartment is through the windows. That is because the thin layer of windows usually fails to provide sound dampening.

Additionally, there are considerable gaps in between the window and its frames. That, in turn, allows noise from outside to come through. Fortunately, there are several methods to combat the noises.

Install soundproof curtains and drapes

Such noise-blocking drapes work exceptionally well when you want to block noise from a busy street. They reduce noise and also help to eliminate echoes caused by traffic noise.

Try using window weatherstrips

These weatherstrips allow to seal the gaps between window panes and frames and therefore block out street noise.

Buy acoustic, thermal insulated windows

Soundproof windows are the best and safest way to block out street noise. Those are usually double-paned windows through which sound waves can hardly enter.

Reduce the amount of noise coming from the door

Reduce the amount of noise coming from the door

Doors are one of those openings that allow a lot of traffic noise to enter. Therefore, you need to soundproof the doors to dramatically lower the sound waves.

Door sweeps

These sweeps work well to reduce street noise if there are gaps in your doors at the bottom. In that way, the noise and sound from outside would not be able to slide in anymore.

Install soundproof door weatherstrip kit

These are similar to the window weather strips, except for the fact that they are designed for the doors. They help you soundproof your home from external noise.

Use blankets to cover the doors

This one is a lot easier and effective. But it will affect aesthetics. This works well for people with a low budget.

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Treat your door acoustically

Such doors are manufactured especially to lower noise levels. However, they come at comparatively higher budgets.

Work on your walls

Work on your walls

If you want to reduce street noise, prioritizing your walls is a necessity. Even one tiny crack on your wall can result in extreme chaos due to road noise. Walls are comparatively much harder to soundproof, but they are one of the most critical areas too.

Use mass loaded vinyl

This thin but super dense rubber-like material is heavy but flexible. Thus, it works well for soundproofing applications. It is also a great alternative to other soundproofing materials. Installing mass-loaded vinyl adds dense mass to any enclosed area, which, in turn, blocks sound waves from passing through walls and ceilings.

Try implementing soundproofing paint and tapestries

Thick tapestries are undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to reduce noise from the main road. Such tapestries function like other wall hangings but absorb the sound waves, which reduces the reflection of sound, and thereby, reduces noise.

Soundproofing paints absorb the sound energy, which makes sure that less sound energy travels through the walls

Install bass traps

Bass traps are used to absorb the vibration-like sounds that come from passing vehicles. Putting one of them in every corner of your apartment is enough to do the trick.

Try using your exterior walls

A fat wall of the book works like magic when it comes to soundproofing a house from traffic noise. You can try placing your bookshelves to line on your outside walls to reduce noise from the main road.

Fabric is also a good insulator. So moving your clothing racks, closets, or even linen storage to your outer walls can also help reduce traffic noise.

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Re-design interiors, install carpets and soundproof materials

Re-design interiors, install carpets and soundproof materials

Redesigning interiors with soundproof materials and installation of carpets and rugs will help balance the sound. It will also prevent sounds bouncing on the floor, leading to echoing of outside traffic noise, making the sound even louder.

Try planting indoor plants

This is the closest to nature solution that allows you to reduce noise when living on a busy street. However, this measure demands a bit of time because such plants usually take a long to grow. Planting such sound-absorbing plants in your backyard will help you in street noise reduction.

Use white noise machines

White noise machines are some of the extreme measures necessary to block noise from a busy street. White noise machines let you play calm and relaxing tunes to get rid of external sounds.

Soundproof Air Vents

Soundproof Air Vents

Air vents allow a considerable amount of road noise into your home. The easiest and the cheapest way to block out street noise coming through the air vents is to block them entirely or soundproof them. It also acts as one of the most effective solutions to reduce noise when living on a busy street.

Try using earplugs in case of extreme conditions

Earplugs come to your rescue when you feel way too distracted from your regular schedule. This acts as the quickest solution as they are comfortable enough to let you sleep wearing them.

Try adding acoustic panels

Sound dampening entirely depends on the area you choose to soundproof. Depending on your choice, you can try adding studio acoustic panels to block noise from a busy street. This option will serve well as a temporary and cheap measure to reduce noise from the main road.

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The Bottom Line

Peace is a choice, and almost everyone deserves a fair chance of having a shot at it. It is not much to demand if one wishes to live in a quiet and peaceful home. This blog has discussed not one but ten measures that will help one to block out street noise. You can easily implement these ideas for soundproofing your apartment against road noise.

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