How to Reset GE Microwave’s Filter Indicator?

Confused why the RED-colored reset filter indicator light is blinking on your microwave? Well, it indicates that you have completed 6-12 months installing your existing charcoal filter. In that case, simply replace the filter and press down the RESET touch-pad for a few seconds! Tada! You’ve learnt how to reset the GE microwave filter indicator. Did it not work for you? Read further.

In OTR microwaves, they generally install circulating charcoal filters. As these charcoal filters are built inside the microwave, they need to be replaced at least once after a while. The RED blinking light simply tells you that “it’s the perfect time to clean/change your microwave’s charcoal filter”.

In this post, you will learn what a GE microwave reset filter does, how to change a charcoal filter, how & when to reset this filter light indicator, etc. Also, in a few cases, consumers have experienced that GE microwave filter’s light is NOT turning off! Well, if that’s the problem you’re experiencing, we can surely help you! As you read further, you’ll learn how to do so.

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Reset GE Microwave's Filter Indicator

What does a GE microwave’s filter do?

A microwave reset filter is set to pull out the microwave’s heat & toxins generated during cooking. A microwave oven pulls out the heat from its fan situated on the appliance. After that, the charcoal filter traps all the dirt, odour, smoke, pollutants, etc from the heat. The air gets clean and purified. Right after, it is recirculated back into the kitchen’s atmosphere.

In a nutshell, a charcoal filter absorbs unwanted smoke, substance, and odours. That’s how it works. You’ll generally find this charcoal filter installed in over the range microwaves.

When to reset GE microwave’s filter indicator?

A GE microwave reset filter light sustains up to a period of 6-12 months. After that, you must replace the filter. By doing so, you also improve the microwave’s overall shelf life. It can work efficiently and go longer for years.

Many users tend to forget the time to replace the charcoal filter! To make them aware, the microwave oven has a filter indicator. It is just a timed function or timer!

The filter indicator doesn’t blink RED if the charcoal filter is turned dirty. It just blinks when a 6-12 months time period has passed by. So, it’s a reminder that simply notifies you to replace the microwave’s charcoal filter.

That being said, you must check if the filter is turned dirty once in a while. At times, it might have turned noticeably discoloured or grimy. When you feel that filter is too dirty or filled with grease, you can replace it.

Cleaning it is also possible if the filter is dishwater-safe. Check the owner’s manual to identify it.

How to reset GE microwave’s filter indicator/light?

It’s easy! You can reset the GE microwave’s filter indicator in minutes. Just clean the older filter or bring a brand-new filter.

Opting for a brand-new filter is advisable. Not all filters are washable. Also, many brand manufacturers suggest “replacing the filter” rather than using the old. Take the wise decision!


Firstly, you need to clean or purchase a new filter. Secondly, fit the filter inside the microwave’s filter compartment. Thirdly, push the RESET button for 3 seconds or more. By then, the microwave’s filter indicator/light must go off.

Still struggling to reset GE microwave’s filter indicator? You’ll discover the right answer as you read further. 

How to change the filter?

As said before, the first step is to change the charcoal filter. Generally, the older filter is residing behind the vent in the filter compartment area. Sometimes, the filter compartment is fixed with screws. Other times, you’ll find a PUSH touch-pad to lower the filter door. It is located on the microwave’s access panel. That’s how you open the charcoal filter compartment.

After that, you need to slide in the brand-new charcoal filter. Close the door afterwards. Perfect, it’s done! You’ve changed the microwave’s filter.

Turn off reset filter light on GE microwave

Turn off reset filter light on GE microwave

Even after you replace the filter, you’ll find that the filter light is still on. It’s still blinking RED. To turn it off, you need to press RESET for 3 to 5 seconds. Doing so, the filter indicator light goes off!

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GE microwave reset filter light won’t go off

GE microwave reset filter light won’t go off

Confused why the GE microwave reset filter light won’t go off still? Well, don’t be irritated! It happens with many customers!

Here is a trick-to-do! What do you need to do? Unplug the microwave oven appliance at the circuit breaker. Let the power rest for at least 30 seconds. Plug it again! Switch on the appliance. Press down the RESET touch-pad again for at least 3 seconds. It must work! The RED filter light must turn GREEN.

If it doesn’t work for you, there might be two issues. One is that your control panel has become faulty. In that case, replace the entire display board. Second reason can only be identified by a technician. Contact GE Appliances Factory Service. Get your microwave serviced!

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we can say that it’s easy to RESET the filter indicator. Yet, reset filter on GE microwave can be confusing at times. In that case, for best solutions, read out your owner’s manual or read this quick post. It will help you out for sure.

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The filter light simply tells you to replace the filter. Change the filter, press down the RESET touch-pad, the RED blinking will turn off! Refer to this short post if you cannot. You would be at peace!

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