7 Safest Neighborhoods In Boston (2023)

When we are considering moving into a new place, the things we consider are cost and amenities but the one thing that we should also keep an eye out for is how secure and safe the neighborhood is.

The level of security in a place is a factor that affects even real estate prices as the cost of renting or buying an apartment that has a prime location and good connectivity will still be low if the neighborhood it is located in is notorious for being a hub of violent crimes.

That is why, if you have a mind to make Boston your home, temporarily or even for good, the first thing that you should get a hold on is the safe parts of Boston to live in.

Needless to say, Boston is a place that supports upscale living with all the modern imaginable amenities but since security is a big issue, quick research on the safest neighborhoods in Boston won’t harm anybody.

What’s more, is that nowadays with the advent of the internet and technology, there are crime mapping tools and services available for free as well as with payment. Open one of them up and enter the name of the areas you have shortlisted one by one.

The tool will give you a list of crimes-both petty and violent that took place in the area in the last few years and months. With this, you will more or less have an idea of the place.

7 Safest Neighborhoods in Boston

Safest Neighborhoods in Boston
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Although it is imperative that you will do your own research, it still does not harm to have some help right? Here are 7 of the safest Boston neighborhoods to live in.

Fenway & Kenmore

This is easily one of the best and safest Boston neighborhoods. The name of this place is probably best known for being synonymous with the Red Sox as Fenwark park has been the home ballpark of this well-known baseball team since 1912.

A couple of decades ago, that is all there was to this neighborhood, Red Sox, some bars, and a few locals and fans populating them. But now Fenway & Kenmore has become a hub of entertainment and if you are a student, a young professional, or just want to live somewhere fun with your friends or partner then this is the place for you.

Thanks to the variety in kinds of architecture ranging from older buildings to newly built condos and penthouses, this neighborhood has apartments to suit all kinds of budgets. The population of students that reside here is also one of the reasons why rent is low. The neighborhood also boasts a number of well-maintained public spaces such as Fenway park, Riverway Park, and extensive Back Bay Fens as well as some cultural attractions.

Given that this place is almost always teeming with people and party-goers, this is not ideal for you if you want a quiet life because the stadium full of roaring fans on a matchday is hard to mute out.

Other than that, the neighborhood is a good place to call home both because of its affordability as well as the safety or security.

Allston Brighton

The area that falls under Allston Brighton is actually the largest neighborhood in Boston, being made up of two interlocked regions.

Here the turnover rates of available rentals are quite low, which is to say that people tend to stay here for a long time without vacating their apartments and shifting somewhere else. This is a positive indicator of the overall safety of the place.

In fact, with a crime rate that is 17% lower than the national average, Allston Brighton can easily be counted as being one of the safest areas of Boston to settle down in.

According to the latest data available, residents of this neighborhood have a 1 in 65 chance of becoming a crime victim, which is pretty good considering some other cities of Massachusetts where crime abounds. To put it in a number, this neighborhood is safer than 84% of other cities in Massachusetts.

The area has a homely vibe as it mostly houses students, young professionals, and singles. The rates here are quite affordable and it is a thoroughly middle-class zone with some notable business presence.

But that does not mean that this area is morose and devoid of any fun. On the other hand, many will term this place as having a hip and Bohemian vibe. It is quite close to downtown but the noise and bustle from there do not seem to enter this area.

There are also public halls and other places where people often congregate. In short, if you are looking to lead a quiet and private life in a safe spot without blowing a hole in your finances, then this spot is ideal for you.


Also located in Massachusetts, this place is a growing community of bustle and activity making it a homely and safe area to live in Boston. Somerville is often regarded as one of the coolest suburbs in America and this is because of its charm that comes from blending its rich history with that of the growing population from different cultures.

Housing prices have only recently started going up due to an influx of people scrambling to settle down over here but even with that Somerville seems to have preserved its suburban charm.

This place has a good public transportation system as well as connectivity via roads. The culture that permeates this neighborhood has an artsy vibe to it, which is probably why so many typing artists and students tend to make their home here.

Moving on to safety and security, Somerville is safer than 58% of cities in the United States and the place has a total crime rate that is 42% lower than the national average and a violent crime rate 52% lower than the national average. Here you have a 1 in 73 chance of being a victim of any kind of crime.


Although only a neighborhood, Cambridge may very well feel like a small town because of the unique culture that pervades it.

It is often called the Intellectual Capital of the World because of its proximity to excellent schools and educational institutions such as MIT and Harvard University. Thus Cambridge houses many students and academics alike.

The population is a very motley crew, 30% of them being born outside of the United States. Needless to mention, if you settle down here, most of your neighbors will be highly-educated academics. Probably because of this very reason, the atmosphere of the area is welcoming, liberal, progressive, and civic-minded.

Housing and rental prices are higher than the national average over here but living here comes with its perks such as clean energy, availability of public spaces, perfect public transit and walkability, and its well-connected location.

Not just that Cambridge has over 600 restaurants, bars, and cafes so it does not lose out on hangout spots as well. There are also multiple cultural festivals that take place around the university campus areas to keep you entertained.

The only thing is that this area experiences congested traffic several times a day but that’s something unavoidable in most metropolitans. Security here is also pretty tight making it a safe and fun place to settle down, as long as you are able to pay for it.

East Boston

Despite its earlier history as a hub of crime, East Boston now can be considered one of the safe neighborhoods to live in Boston. It has a very unique and diverse culture as the population is mostly made up of Italian, Russian Jew, and Irish communities and their descendants. In recent years, there has also been a rise in the number of Latino residents.

Crime rates in this part of Boston have gone down by a lot and now according to the latest data, the total crime rate over here is 34% less than the national average.

Although the violent crime rate exceeds the national average by a small margin, you have to consider that it is after all Boston we are talking about. It is also safer than 71% of cities in Massachusetts and you have a 1 in 65 chance of becoming a victim of any type of crime over here.

Hyde Park

This neighborhood is a relatively small one and is located on the southernmost side of Boston. Maybe because of the size of this area, the community feeling and social fabric over here are quite tight and it has the feel of a small town with a tight-knit community in it. This place has very low total crime rates and almost no violent crimes.

Since this is strictly a residential area, it is not uncommon for business owners to live a drive away from their respective businesses and they might even know their customers by name.

This is one of those places where an outsider who does not live there will be identified as so by almost everyone on the street and this is one of the reasons why crime rates are low over here.

Jamaica Plain

As of now, Jamaica Plain or commonly referred to as JP is considered one of the safest places to live in Boston. It has a very diverse population and Latinos, African-Americans, and Asians make up most of it.

Despite having a fun and hip vibe to it, JP is actually quite family-friendly. What’s more, is that this area is also LGBTQ+ friendly and many queer families live on Centre street without facing any discrimination from other residents.

The cost of living in JP is 5 % lower than the national average and although that is still a lot of money, the amenities, and entertainment that can be found in the area measure up to it. Here, the total crime rate is 22% lower than the Boston average and JP is safer than 55% of other cities in the United States.

The diverse culture also automatically means that the variety of food found here is peerless and you will never fall short of restaurants and new cuisines to try out. In short, it is a fun and vibrant place for a peaceful and undisrupted life.

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Final Words

After all, is said and done, this is but a mere list made from recent crime statistics. And the surest way to find out if a place is liveable or not is to visit it. Knock on a few doors and ask the neighbors first-hand about their experience of being a resident and the problems they face or don’t.

To be fair, there are hardly any places totally free of crime so if you settle down in a part of a city that does not report much crime in its immediate vicinity then that should be good enough.

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