7 Safest Neighborhoods In Bronx 2023

A few years ago if someone said that they wanted to style down in the Bronx, New York City, they would probably be called crazy. As the place was riddled with crime, gang activity, and several other vices. But as it happens, the situation now is much different. Crime rates have seen a steady decline.

It is fair to say that if you want to move here, you will find plenty of safe places to live in Bronx. The level of security and safety may not be as elevated as neighborhoods in, say, Manhattan or Boston but it’s pretty decent, especially if compared to its past history.

What is more, you might want to move into the Bronx because of cheap rent and real estate prices but end up getting so much more because the place is really unique.

In terms of quality education, public parks, transportation, and connectivity, Bronx does not disappoint. There are plenty of schools, and thus is ideal for those families moving in that have children. Also, the place is very quiet in general.

After coming from the main city, the Bronx might seem like a breath of fresh air. However, these things don’t matter if people cannot live here for fear of crime. The good thing is that you can now know the crime rates of a place simply from crime mapping tools which use the latest stats to compile their data.

7 Safest Neighborhoods In Bronx

Safest Neighborhoods In Bronx
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So, seeing as you have read up till here, it looks like you are on the lookout for safe neighborhoods to live in the Bronx. You have come to the right place. Here is a compiled list of the safest neighborhoods in Bronx in no particular order:

Country Club

This is located in the eastern part of the Bronx, this is easily one of the safest Bronx neighborhoods. It is an exclusive residential community that is often prized for its near distance to the waterfront of Eastchester Bay.

It has spacious green spaces and for better or worse lacks a commercial area which is why this neighborhood has a peaceful and private atmosphere to it. It is also safer than 57% of other neighborhoods in The Bronx and that is one of the many reasons that Country Club is an ideal place for young people, retirees, and singles to live.

The place has a lot of beach clubs and recreational facilities that utilize the waterfront as one would expect from a place located so close to the Bay. Commuting from here is also not a headache as one can just take a train from the nearest Pelham Bay subway station and after a switch over to Line 6, they will be on a direct route to Manhattan.

Housing prices are not exorbitant and the average rent over here is just over $950. This makes it such an ideal spot for young families who are just starting out and need a safe area to settle down in.

Morris Park

If safety is the top priority in your list of requirements for a place, then you can choose Morris Park without a second doubt. This is easily the safest neighborhood in Bronx as well as one of the safest in entire New York City.

In terms of connectivity as well, this neighborhood doesn’t lack because it is within walking distance of several nodal subway lines that make commuting to Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn a matter of a single ride.

Due to the proximity of several healthcare centers such as Calvary Hospital, Jacobi Medical Center, and New York City Children’s Center Bronx campus, most residents over here either have jobs in the healthcare sector or are med school students.

The total crime rate here is 13% lower than the national average which also makes it great for young professionals and people who live alone.


Apart from having scenic views of the Hudson river, what Riverdale also has is high security. It is full of suburban mansions and private schools and mostly houses wealthy and affluent families who in themselves keep tight security around their properties. The place is hardly gentrified as most houses over here used to be summer homes to the affluent at one point in time.

Living in Riverdale might either be a breath of fresh air as it is largely removed from the commotion of the city. Or it might feel self-defeating as you may wonder why one would move to New York and then live in Riverdale which is so vastly different from the picture NYC paints for itself.

As for crime rates, Riverdale is one of the safe areas to live in Bronx as the crime rate here is 40% lower than the national average. The violent crime rates are even more impressive 48% lower than the national average. Here you have a 1 in 71 percent chance of becoming a victim of any crime. It is also safer than 83% of other New York cities.

Spuyten Duyvil

Spuyten Duyvil
Aerial view of the Spuyten Devil neighborhood / Demerzel21 / Bigstockphoto.com

The name of this neighborhood is Dutch for “In the Spite of Devil”. Despite having such a peculiar and off-putting name, this place happens to be a safe part of Bronx to live in.

It is located on the southernmost part of Riverdale just across the river, often sparking the debate if it is a neighborhood in its own right or just an extension of Riverdale. While that debate is still ongoing, what it does have in common with Riverdale is the immense amount of safety and perhaps the scenic beauty.

Spuyten Duyvil is a beautiful neighborhood of small houses and apartments on the steep, hilly, and wooded roads under the Henry Hudson bridge. Although the housing rates are steep as compared to the Bronx average but are lower if we consider the average rates in New York.

As for safety, it has already been mentioned that it is one of the safe Bronx neighborhoods and that is because according to the latest stats, total crime rates here are 22% lower than the national average.

This is not a neighborhood famous for its nightlife as the residents here are mostly older people and people with children who have their own families and/or retirees. This is also probably why the crime rates are so low.

However, the place has great connectivity so it is also a good place for young people to settle down.

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Woodlawn Heights or just plainly known as Woodlawn is a tight-knit neighborhood that is well known for its safety and is definitely one of the safe areas of Bronx. The greatest selling point of the area, however, is the fact that it is quiet and peaceful, however, if you are looking for a place with a rife nightlife and party climate, then this is not the place for you.

The residents here have a strong sense of community and although they mostly keep to themselves, the people are said to be friendly and helpful.

Despite being such a quiet place, there are quite a number of Irish pubs here. This can be ascribed to the influx of Irish immigrants into this area in the 1970s.

The crime rates over here are impressively low and there are plenty of public green spaces and golf courses so there is no lack of entertainment either. The restaurants here too are mostly owned by Irish-origin people.

However, Woodlawn heights cannot be said to have good transport connectivity and you will have to take a bus ride to reach the nearest subway. That is something to consider if you have a work from an office job and need to commute regularly. 

Pelham Bay

If we look at the stats, Pelham Bays has only 1 violent crime per thousand residents and 25 instances of property for the same amount of residents. Therefore, it can be easily concluded that this neighborhood values security and can be considered one of the safe areas of Bronx.

The crime rates have even been dropping over the years as law enforcement has been making commendable efforts to combat crime.

Apart from the stellar safety making it one of the best places to live in Brox, Pelham Bay also has great connectivity and a prime location as you have easy access to the train. It is also not lacking in any amenities either as there are plenty of outdoor public spaces, eateries, and just about everything!


With a crime rate that is significantly lower than the national average, Kingsbridge is not only one of the safe neighborhoods to live in Bronx but is also one of the best and with the most amenities.

It is located just outside of Upper Manhattan and is an ideal place for retirees and families. Commuters and young professionals also rent here as the place is close to the D-train and Metro-North Road Railway which makes it easy for traveling to the nearby boroughs.

There is no dearth of recreational activities in Kingsbridge and most of them occur in the lap of scenic nature. There are places to hike, play soccer and baseball and the list of amenities goes on! In essence, it is a safe and homely place to live. Especially within an affordable housing rate.

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Wrapping Up

Choosing the right neighborhood in an area as vast as the Bronx can be a daunting task but that does not mean it is impossible.

Thing is, you cannot get an area that will have a 100% guarantee of zero crime but as long as you find a spot where the crime occurrences are low in the immediate vicinity, that should be good enough.

In any case, once you have zeroed in on any spot make sure to pay the area a visit before signing the housing contract as nothing beats a fist hand survey done by a real person!

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