7 Safest Neighborhoods In San Francisco (2023)

The first thing we consider when moving into a new place is the cost of living, amenities available in the area, the connectivity, and most importantly the area itself. Or how safe and secure it is.

The last factor is quite important as it is actually responsible for determining real estate prices. This is the very reason why lavish apartments in areas where violent crime rates are high do not sell or rent for a high amount.

If you are newly moving or are just relocating, the first thing that you need to do is to make a list of the safe neighborhoods in San Francisco. Once you have done that, you can compare the latest stats of crime rates in the various neighborhoods.

Although this might seem like a hectic task, it is actually quite simple as there are free crime mapping tools available on the web that can give an overview of the crime rates and livability scores of the concerned place.

Safest Neighborhoods in San Francisco
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7 Safest Neighborhoods in San Francisco

San Francisco is a city that has something for everyone. From the antique taquerias of the Mission to the modern and trendy boutiques and endless places to eat and hang out, to have a heartfelt chat with friends or family, or to just exist peacefully.

But even above this comes the matter of living in a safe area. To make sure you find a place most suitable for you, a list of the safest places to live in San Francisco has been curated for you:-

Ocean View

Located in the southern part of San Francisco, this is considered one of the safest San Francisco neighborhoods. Although a hub of violent crime up until the late 1900s, the place started to see a revitalization after the 2000s and subsequent gentrification as people began to settle down here and business chains also opened up in different places.

This is mostly a residential area and quite small, to begin with. Most residents here are families and if you want to move into the Bay area then this place is suitable for you.

Here the total crime rates are 71% lower than the San Francisco average and that is quite an improvement if you glance upon its murky past of drug dealers and gang activity.

Over the years there have been many attempts to clear out these evils of society and the activism regarding this has seen success. There are barely any reports of any violent crimes in the area these days giving it its deserved spot for being a safe area to live in San Francisco.

Apart from this, there are plenty of parks and green spaces for the residents to enjoy as well as good schools and educational institutions.

Noe Valley

This is another one of the San Francisco neighborhoods which are known for its low crime rates and welcoming friendly vibe. This is probably why many young families think it wise to settle down in Noe Valley. This place is also jokingly nicknamed “stroller’s valley” given the sheer number of families with infants in strollers that reside here.

With a violent crime rate that is 58% lower than the national average, Noe Valley can be easily considered one of the safe San Francisco neighborhoods. The total crime rate here is 61% less than the San Francisco average.

This neighborhood enjoys a very favorable location as it is surrounded by hills and even when the rest of San Francisco is covered with the infamous Bay fog, Noe Valley retains bright sunshine which is why many locals consider the place one of the sunniest in the entire city. 

As already mentioned, Noe Valley has a welcoming and homely vibe and that is also enabled by the fact that the place is not yet vastly gentrified. Most businesses over here are local and major chains have yet to settle in.

There are plenty of small boutiques, playgrounds, and parks so there is no lack of entertainment for the many children of “stroller’s valley”. In essence, if you are looking for a place to settle down in San Francisco with your partner and start a family, then Noe Valley is ideal for you.


This is an excellent neighborhood for those who enjoy a hip and happening lifestyle as there is no want for entertainment in this part of San Francisco. It is located next to the Crocker Amazon and John McLaren park and is enclosed by Highway 101 and I-280.

On top of being one of the safest neighborhoods in San Francisco, it also happens to be one of the most diverse ones with people from a number of different cultural communities. 

According to the latest stats, the crime rate over here is 58% lower than the San Francisco average and 12% lower than the national average. The violent crime rate here, however, is only 8% lower than the national average.

However, the good news is that the area has seen a steady decline in the number of violent crimes over the years, and most of the crimes reported here as of now belong to the property crime category.

Most residents here are millennials, families, and young professionals. There are parks and playgrounds that double as recreational public places and also great overall connectivity as the professionals living here get to utilize the nearby highways and 6.5-mile commute to the Financial District.

The public transports are also operational throughout the day so as a resident you will be able to enjoy the nightlife of the adjoining areas.

Crocker Amazon

Located right next to Excelsior, at the southern tip of San Francisco, Crocker Amazon is one of the safe neighborhoods to live in San Francisco. It can be considered a semi-suburban area because it has the buzz and noise of the main city but also retains peace and quiet which makes it such an ideal place for many families to settle down.

In fact, location-wise, this neighborhood is quite removed from the city which contributes to its suburban vibe.

Here crime rates are 56% lower than the national average and violent crime rates are 46%lower than the national average. Crocker Amazon is also safer than 85% of other cities in California and here you have a 1 in 97 percent chance of becoming a victim of any kind of crime.

According to the latest stats, the decrease in crime in this area over the years has been as close to 20% which is amazing news to residents as well as potential residents.

Adding to the positive stats is the fact that the community that resides here comprises a racially diverse bunch as the place houses Caucasians as well as Black people and a surprisingly large number of Filipino people.

What makes Crocker Amazon such a great place to settle down is not just these above-mentioned factors but also the fact it has great amenities such as a robust commercial zone, Geneva Avenue, and Mclaren Park bordering the community. The latter also has a swimming pool. walking trails, golf courses, and playgrounds.

The real estate prices are a bit steep as compared to its neighboring Excelsior, but then you get every bit worth the money by living in this very desirable place.

Outer Sunset

Although this place is called the outer sunset, the neighborhood frequently sees a heavy cloud of fog but if you can live with this then it is one of the best places as well one of the safe areas of San Francisco. It is a large neighborhood on the western shore and is bordered by Golden Park in the north and the ocean in the west.

Its location is far away from the main city and because of the proximity to the ocean, it is super popular with surfers and photographers as one can get breathtaking views of the sunset out here.

The total crime rate and violent crime rate in Outer Sunset are 47% and 55% lower than the national average respectively. It is safer than 86% of Californian cities and here you have a 1 in 82 chance of becoming a crime victim. In short, this is a great suburban and welcoming community and an ideal place to settle down as long as you don’t mind the fog.

Inner Sunset

Inner Sunset has almost no violent crime. If we have a look at the stats then the total crime and violent crime rate over here is 68% and 54% less than the national average respectively.

Although the price of housing over here is costlier than its oceanfront neighbor Outer Sunset, there is no dearth of amenities out here. It is one of the safe areas of San Francisco and the residents here are mostly Families, UCSF students, nature lovers, and retired people.

This neighborhood houses the University of San Francisco Parnassus campus which is why students mostly rent here. For those who love nature, there is the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve with trails and lush green forests.

This is a very quiet and idyllic place even with the foggy streets which seem to add to its charm. It is also very peaceful and if you are looking for such a place then this is ideal for you.

Sea Cliff

This is actually a planned community in the northwest part of San Francisco. This neighborhood is almost synonymous with large houses and beautiful views of the ocean that it offers and also its own little beach- china beach. Over the years Sea Cliff has become an excluding housing community where some of the most affluent people reside.

Crime rates are very low over here with almost non-existent violent crime reports and thus can be easily considered one of the safe areas of San Francisco.

The crimes that take place in Sea Cliff are mostly property disputes and the property crime rate happens to be 2% more than the national average. It is also safer than 70% of other cities in California and here you have a 1 in 45 chance of becoming a crime victim.

In addition to being safe, the place also has an ideal location as it is located near the famous Presidio and it also boasts well-maintained hiking trails such as the Lands End Trail.

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Final Words

This was a list of the 7 safest neighborhoods of San Francisco in no particular order. Finally, where you will live all boils down to your preferences as some might prefer to lie as far away as possible from the buzz of the town.

In any case, if you find a place you like, be sure to actually visit it and then confirm if you want to live there or not.

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