How to Soundproof Gaming Room? (23 Working Methods)

If you’re a gamer, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about how to soundproof your gaming room.

After all, who wants to hear their parents or siblings arguing in the next room over? Or the dog barking? If you want to be able to play games without any distractions, you need to take some steps to soundproof your gaming room.

There are quite a few ways to soundproof your walls for gaming, and today we’re going to take a look at some of them.

So, if you want to start with your first gaming room, or you’re exploring ways to improve the soundproofing of your current setup, keep reading. We’ll help you with our top 23 ways to soundproof a gaming room.

​​23 Ways to Soundproof a Gaming Room

How to Soundproof Gaming Room

It’s important to have a space where you can be yourself and enjoy your games without interruption.

Luckily, there are some ways to soundproof your gaming room and make it the perfect place to game in peace.



You must take care of the spaces between the door & door frame in order to make a room soundproof for gaming. In this case, weatherstripping is an excellent option for those people who are looking quick and pocket-friendly solution.

It helps to create a barrier between the door and the frame, which prevents noise from escaping or entering the room.

For the perfect result, make sure to measure your door before buying the weatherstripping otherwise the installation will be incomplete or the sealant won’t fit properly, letting sound pass through.

MLV (Mass Loaded Vinyl) Sheets

MLV sheets are a great way to soundproof your gaming room without spending too much money. These sheets are made of vinyl material and are designed to reduce noise.

They can be attached to walls, ceilings, or floors and will help to reduce the amount of noise that can enter your gaming booth.

Decouple the Wall

You can soundproof your gaming room by decoupling the wall from the foundation. Decoupling the wall means that you create a barrier between the two surfaces so that sound cannot travel through.

In that way, the outside sound will not be able to enter, and the sound from your games will not bother other people in your house.

There are three different methods to decouple the wall:

Double Stud Wall

This is a two-layer wall setup with the space between them filled with insulation. This helps reduce noise transmission and makes it more thermally efficient. Also, double stud walls tend to be stronger and more resistant to damage.

Staggered Stud Wall

This method uses wider sill plates to create the staggered stud wall. It is just the same as the double stud wall but the staggered stud wall uses less space and is great for a smaller area.

Resilient Clips and Hat Channel

If you’re looking for a way to soundproof your gaming room with an easy installation, resilient channels are the way to go.

This method will require you to attach the clips to the studs in your wall and then attach the hat channel to the clips.  You will then install another drywall over the hat channel.

Soundproof Paints

Soundproof Paints

Using soundproof paints can be a perfect way to reduce the level of noise in your gaming room. With many different colors and shades available, you can find an option that will fit in with your room’s décor.

These paints work by absorbing sounds and keeping the area quiet. This can help noise reduction levels and make it easier for you to concentrate on your game.

Use Acoustic Panels

Use Acoustic Panels

Generally, people think of using acoustic panels in recording studios and music rooms. It is also helpful for gaming setup.

The unique structural design of this paneling makes it ideal for catching and absorbing all of the unwanted sound and echo that might come from your speakers while gaming.

Bass Trap in the Corners

Bass Trap in the Corners

The room consisting of bass traps in the corners will be more effective in soundproofing your gaming booth. Bass traps will help to absorb low frequencies and reduce the overall level of bass in the room.

They best work in smaller spaces where bass can quickly become overwhelming.

Acoustic Wallpapers

These wallpapers are designed as a barrier to reduce the level of noise. It includes many layers of material that work together to reduce noise. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colors and styles to choose from, so you can always find an option that fits well with your gaming room’s aesthetics.

Make the Door Thicker

Knock the door to check if it’s hollow from the inside. If it is, then that means the door isn’t very effective in blocking out noise. To make it more soundproof, you have two options – whether you replace it with more thicker door or add any soundproof materials.

You can change it with a solid core door. These types of doors are usually heavier and more expensive, but they’re much more effective in blocking out noise.

Door Draft Stopper

Door Draft Stopper

The innovative idea of the door stopper is truly amazing. It stops the noise from coming through small spaces between floors and doors, making your gaming experience much more enjoyable.

It can easily be placed under a door to block the noise and make your room soundproof. Also, the door draft stopper can be used on any floor or carpet to stop noisy doors.

Soundproof Tiles

You can use soundproof ceramic tiles to decrease the noise in your room. These special tiles absorb any kind of bass and dampen vibrations from speakers and computers. You will also need to add sub-flooring, carpets, or any other material that will help to deaden noise.

Soundproof the Windows

Soundproof the Windows

Soundproofing your windows is not as difficult or expensive of a task when you use the right material. There are different methods that work well, such as using curtains or any sealant that can easily fill the gaps.

If you want to use curtains to soundproof your windows, make sure to get ones that are thick and heavy. The acoustic sealant is an affordable method that helps to fill any gaps around the window.

Soundproof Blankets and Curtains

If you’re exploring a way to soundproof a room for gaming, using blankets and curtains is another great option. The fabric will help to absorb the noise and prevent it from entering the room.

You can easily hang them on the walls or drape them over the windows. These both work well to keep the noise in and improve the acoustics of your room.

Install a Subfloor

You can add an extra layer of protection against noise by installing a subfloor. This is a thin layer of wood or plywood that is installed on top of the existing floor and It can be held in place with a strong soundproofing sealant.

This extra layer will help to absorb any vibrations and noise that may be coming from your gaming setup.

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Cork Tile Flooring

The Cork tile flooring is a perfect way to handle the sound issues in your game room. A 3mm layer of cork can reduce noise by up to 10 dB without affecting the look of your room. You can also use cork tile on your walls to reduce sound.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a new flooring material or just want to add some cork to your existing floors, this can be a great way to reduce noise

Use Thick Rugs & Carpet

Use Thick Rugs & Carpet

Avoid unwanted noise and footsteps by placing a thick rug or carpet in your gaming room. It will also give an elegant look to your game room. In your gaming session, if you are using a chair with wheels then place the rug under the chair so that it does not move around and make noise.

Not only do rugs and carpets help noise reduction but also give a comfortable feeling while playing games. There is a huge variety of rugs and carpets available in the market with different designs, colors, and sizes to choose from.

Drop Ceiling with Insulation and Soundproof Ceiling Tiles

When it comes to soundproofing your gaming room, the ceiling may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But believe it or not, the ceiling can actually have a huge impact on your gaming room. That’s why a lot of gamers opt for a drop ceiling with insulation and soundproofing ceiling tiles.

Drop ceilings are easy to install and can help reduce noise from outside the room, as well as echoing inside the room. And when you add insulation and soundproofing tiles to the mix, you can create a true oasis of gaming calm.

Place Furniture Near The Wall

Place Furniture Near The Wall

One of the most common ways to prevent noise from going through your walls is by adding furniture near the wall. It acts as a sound barrier and absorbs some noise so that you can enjoy your gaming sessions in peace. For example- you can place a couch, a bookcase, sofa, or any other piece of furniture against the wall.

Keep in mind that the furniture should not have any gaps between it and the wall, as sound can easily travel through them.

Quiet Computer Fans

The computer fans are the most annoying element in your gaming setup. You can make them silent with fan cases and anti-vibration fan mounts. These mounts can be easily purchased online for a few bucks.

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Use Pillows

Use Pillows

You should consider using pillows to help soundproof your gaming room. By placing them around the room, you can help to absorb some of the sounds that are produced by the games. Moreover, it is easy to find and relatively inexpensive.

Not only will it help to reduce the noise produced by the games, but it can also make your gaming room more comfortable. So, if you are looking to soundproof your gaming room on a budget, this is a method worth considering.

Lift Speakers to Avoid Vibration

If you have floor-standing speakers, it’s important to make sure they’re not touching the ground. Any contact will cause the speaker to vibrate, which will create sound waves that will travel through the floor and be amplified. The same goes for bookshelf speakers. Place them on something like foam pads or coasters so that they’re not in direct contact with any surfaces.

You can also try using speaker stands to get your speakers off the ground and away from any hard surfaces. This will help to minimize the number of vibrations that are created, and in turn, reduce the amount of noise that is produced.

Opt for Silent Accessories

Any true gamer knows that a great gaming setup is not complete without the right accessories. So, you should avoid using a regular keyboard and mouse for gaming. If you want to soundproof your game room, you need to go for silent accessories which include a silent keyboard and mouse. In that way, you can game all you want without disturbing anyone in your house.

Purchase Gaming Headphones

Whether you want a high-end headset that offers Dolby Atmos sound or something more budget-friendly, there is an option out there for you. These headphones come with noise-cancellation features that will help you stay focused on your game, regardless of the noise going on around you.

You can easily find many different types of gaming headphones on the market with a wide range of features.

Anti-Vibration Mat

As the name suggests, anti-vibration mats are designed to reduce the amount of vibration that is transferred through the floor. This makes them an ideal choice for gaming rooms, as they can help to reduce the amount of noise that is generated by gaming consoles and other equipment.

Anti-vibration mats are usually made with synthetic rubber, which is incredibly strong and durable. You can easily and quickly clean it with soap and water.

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The Bottom Line

So, these are some of the ways you can soundproof your gaming room and have a great experience while playing games.

Whether you want to go for a high-end solution or something more budget-friendly, we have covered all the methods so that you can decide according to your need. Give these methods a try and see which one works the best for you.

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