TCL TV Light Blinking: 7 Quick Fixes

TCL TVs are one of the best brands to look forward to while buying a Television. They have the best screens with the best audiovisual experience. If you are a proud owner of a TCL TV, then we know that you have one of the best choices.

But it has been reported by many customers that they have been facing some problems with the TCL TV. The topmost issue is that they find their TCL TV light blinking.

Is your TCL TV blinking light? Then we have the solution to it.

There can be many reasons behind that flickering light. It often blinks when you press a remote button. This blinking tells us that the command has been received by the television.

But at times, the flickering may not stop, and it will keep blinking. This is when you need to look up solutions to this problem. Worry not, because we have compiled the best fixes to help you fix that constant TCL light blinking.

TCL TV Light Blinking

Why is my TCL TV light blinking?

If the LED light below the TCL logo on the TCL TV is blinking on and off, and the TV is not turning on, then you can try resetting your TV. Before jumping on the solutions for fixing this problem, let us look at the probable causes behind this.

Some components may not be connected properly

The input cables may not be connected properly. They may be loose and can be the probable cause why the TV is not able to receive the signal from the cable properly. This disruption in the signal can be the reason why your TV light may be blinking.

It is a sign that the TV is receiving a signal from the remote

When the TCL TV light blinks, it is mainly because the TV receives a signal from the remote. So, if you have pressed your remote button, then it will show a blinking light on the LED. It may be the possible reason why your TCL TV may be blinking.

There may be some pending notifications

At times the blinking of the LED light may be a reminder of new notifications. You must read the notifications manually and keep the TV free from any unread notifications. When you read the notifications, you will find that the blinking of the TV light will get fixed eventually.

A reminder to update the TV software

You may find your Television software outdated, and the blinking light may be a reminder that you need to update the software. The light will stop blinking after you update the software.

The remote may not be connected

At times, the blinking of light can signify that the remote may not be connected to the TV. You need to check whether the remote is working fine and paired with the Television or not. If it is not paired,  you may have to press the pair button and point it towards the TV.

These can be the probable causes behind the blinking light of the TCL TV.

7 Ways To Fix TCL TV Light Blinking

Now let us take a look at what can be the probable fixes for fixing this constant blinking of the light.

Take a look at the input cables

The input cables may not be connected properly to the TV. It can lead to the TV searching for the signal, which shows up as the blinking of the TV light.

You can reconnect the cables and make sure that they are connected to the right ports. If the wires have become loose,  replace them as soon as possible.

The remote may not be connected

If your remote is not paired with the TV, then also the TV may start blinking. Make sure that you pair your remote with the TV by pointing the remote towards the TV and pressing the pair button on the remote.

It will help the TV get connected to the TV, and you can enjoy your time watching TV without being bothered by the irritating light.

Try restarting your TV

If there is not any apparent reason why your TV may be blinking, then it will be advisable to restart the TV and let the components of the TV reboot.

Restarting your TV will help you reboot the inner hardware, and the issue will finally resolve.

Look out for the notifications

The company keeps on sending new messages. If you do not read one of them then you may get notifications regarding it in the form of a blinking light. It is just like your smartphone.

So, if you do not want to be bothered by that constant blinking light, then you will have to clear up all the notifications.

It will help you stop the blinking light of the TV.

Reset your TV

Resetting your TV can help you fix the constant blinking light that is causing a nuisance to your brain cells. Here is a quick guide to resetting your TV:

  • Most of the TCL TV sets have the reset button placed right next to the HDMI and USB port. You can locate the button and press it once.
  • If you find that the problem is solved, then you may not press it further. But if you still find yourself stuck, then press it twenty to thirty times. It will solve your problem.

Update the firmware

The blinking of light may be a message to you to update the firmware of your TV set. The light may be a reminder of a pending update. Go to the update section and click on the update option. You will resolve the issue now.

Power cycle your TV

It is a form of resetting only. Here is a quick step-by-step guide,

  • For this, you need to unplug the TV from the wall for thirty seconds. After thirty seconds, you need to press the power button on the TV for another ten seconds. This will drain remaining residual power out of the system.
  • Now, you can plug back the TV and release the power button and start it. It will help the TV to reset.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that now you have the solutions list ready to fix the TV blinking. The best fix is to reset your TV, and see if the blinking stops! You may have to press the reset button many times, even twenty to thirty times. But we assure you that it has worked for many people.

You can also try the other solutions if the above-mentioned does not work. You can check out the cables, see if the remote is connected to the TV or not, update the software and check for any probable notifications.

If these ways do not help, then it will be better if you call the TCL service center (1-877-300-8837) to look into the matter. Their service is prompt, and it will help you resolve the matter. All these ways are easy to do and will not get you tired.

We hope that you resume your leisure watching and do not have to face this problem once again.

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