TCL TV No Sound (11 Quick Fixes)

Imagine this, you have returned home after a long day and have turned on your TCL TV to watch the movie that you have wanted to watch for a long time. And you discover that the TV suddenly has no sound coming from its speakers. What should you do now?

Well, this complaint is nothing new and many customers have this same problem. The thing is, after a few years of usage, most TCL TVs develop sound problems, such as the sound might not be coming or there could be a delay in sound where the video and audio are not in sync.

There are also some common TCL TV volume problems where the device does not immediately respond when the button for altering volume is pressed. 

Why is my TCL TV not making sound?

why is my tcl tv not making sound

The quality of the screen image is probably the most important aspect of any TCL TV but what is also very important is the sound that accompanies it. This is definitely a very frustrating problem. Question is, what may be causing it? Let us have a look at the possible factors behind TCL TV sound issues.

  • It can be something as simple as the TV being on mute or the volume set at the lowest level.
  • Sound issues may be a result of problems with the internal speakers of the TV.
  • The cables that connect the TV and the external speakers could be wrongly connected and causing a misconnection and blocking or disrupting the sound.
  • The problem might even lie with the external speakers themselves, either they are faulty and have stopped working after years of usage.
  • If there is no sound while you are gaming, it could be because media-enabled devices such as the game console are not properly connected to the TV.
  • Improper audio settings in the TV are also sometimes why sound does not come even when turned up continuously.
  • If you are a user of a TCL Roku Tv and are facing sound problems then it could be because you may have turned on the private listening option in your Roku Mobile and forgotten to disable it.
  • Another reason for ROKU TCL TV sound issues could be that the volume mode on the TV is on Night and Leveling.

The first thing that you need to do is to check these areas for the source of the trouble. There are simple methods of diagnosis that can be followed such as whether or not the USB cables are faulty can be checked by disconnecting them from the TCL TV and using it with some other device to see if the problem persists there as well.

If the TCL tv sound issues only show up when you are gaming, then chances are that the gaming console is the problem. Similarly, for ROKU TCL TVs, try different mobile apps and see if the problem remains because sometimes faulty applications can also cause these sound troubles.

TCL TV No Sound (11 Quick Fixes)

TCL TV No Sound

Now that we have explored possible reasons behind TCL TV volume not working problems, let us figure out how to fix them.

Thankfully, most TCL smart TVs have a similar make and build, thus the fixes for dealing with sound issues in them will not vary much from each other.

Check the volume of your TCL TV

There is a very good chance that the problem that you have been stressing over is not even a problem at all. The volume setting of the remote of your TCL TV may be set at mute or you may have accidentally turned it down to the lowest level.

Yes, it is that simple.

To remedy this, all you have to do is take your remote and press the button to turn the volume up. Sometimes, the video that you are trying to stream can have a low sound and the only way to deal with this is to turn up the volume on your TV.

Check the TV remote or the ROKU TV App

A problem that is often noticed by TCL TV owners is that the volume starts going up and down on its own. This is even more annoying than the sound not coming at all. And the worst part is that you cannot seem to use a remote to control this as the TV does not immediately respond to it.

Firstly check whether or not the remote is working fine. If not, get new batteries or change the remote entirely. If the same problem remains, then you need to see if the volume button on the mobile app is being used or not.

Try a different Channel or Streaming Site

Sometimes the TCL TV sound problem may not be a result of any internal issues of the TV but because the site or channel itself has a low volume for all its available videos. This is a system issue of the site and does not concern the workings of your TCL TV.

Sometimes, streaming sites may undergo a global sound outage and you just happen to be trying to watch something on that site at that time and end up thinking that the sound is not working in your TCL TV. But no, this is a bug that the site authorities need to fix and they usually do it in a few hours.

The best way to check if this is indeed the case is to switch to some other streaming site and see if the sound there is glitching as well. If not, then you have your answer, if yes then you can try the other fixes provided below.

Reconnect your TV to the power outlet after disconnecting it

The more technical and well-known term for performing this simple but effective trick for any device running on electricity is called power cycling. The process to do this is very simple and all of us have probably tried it before.

All you need to do is to unplug the TV and then plug it back in once again. The basic idea is to remove the TCL TV from the electricity supply and then reconnect it after a brief break. This works because your TV sometimes crashes or hangs and enters an unresponsive state where it stops responding to commands.

Power cycling reinitializes the configuration parameters or in simple words, it makes the TV start back up from scratch to stop it from being frozen or hung.

Check the Wi-Fi Connection

One reason why your TCL TV may have no sound or disrupting sound may be a poor wi-fi internet connection. For the sound to be at par with the high quality of the video, there needs to be a constant flow of internet. Sometimes this flow is interrupted and it may show up as a disrupting sound.

If this is indeed the case then you will also see a drop in the quality of the streaming video. You can power cycle your wi-fi router and if the sound quality is still not restored then it is time to call the internet service provided to fix the issue.

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Check the back of the TV for loose cords

Sporadic audio or sound disruption can also be caused by reasons other than a laggy wi-fi connection. The most common being a disconnected or loose cable cord in the back of your TV. For sound to come properly, all the cords need to be inserted accurately.

If one of the cords responsible for the sound in the TV is not inserted all the way inside the socket then the problem that will happen is disruption of sound sporadically as the cord is not fully out or fully in.

Restart your TCL TV

This is like power cycling but the TV is not cut off from the power supply. Instead, it is reset by simply restarting it.

To do this all you need is to press the Home button and then System > Power> System Restart>Restart>OK, in that order. This will fix the sound issue if, rest assured the internal mechanics of the TV is fine and the sound problem was a temporary glitch.

Change the Audio Settings of your TV

You may not have realized it but the audio of your TCL TV may be turned off. That is not the same as muting the audio because that means the audio is still running. Audio being turned “off” would mean that the audio facility is not even present in the video.

This can be easily changed by accessing the Audio settings of the TV from Home > Settings > Audio. After you have opened the audio settings you have to go to the button for speakers. You can turn it on from there and adjust the volume as per your preference.

Adjusting the volume can also be done from the remote and there is no need to go to the settings in order to change it every time.

Turn off Automatic Audio Leveling

Automatic leveling is a feature that enables the TV to alter the volume level depending on the original settings of the video you are playing. While this is advantageous, sometimes this feature misreads the configuration of the streaming video and either increases or decreases the level to a level beyond normal hearing capacity. 

Since this feature is relatively new in TCL TVs, it still shows bugs and errors and thus the best way to not fall into this mess is to keep the automatic audio leveling feature turned off.

The option to access this feature can be found in Settings>Audio of the TV.

Update your TV

Most smart TVs nowadays can be updated manually or even be configured to automatically update themselves. But like any other device like your phone or your laptop, bugs in the system can put a hold on automatic updates. The reason why the sound stopped coming from the TV could also be some firmware problems in the internal TV mechanics.

This is why you need to check from time to time whether or not your TV is updated or not and manually update it. The process to update TCL TVs varies between its ROKU, and Google TV models respectively, and can be easily found on the website or in the manual that comes with the TV.

Conduct a Factory Reset

The last thing you can try if all the other methods yield no results is to factory reset your TV. This means that you will be returning your TV to the state it was in when it first came to you. All the personalized settings will be lost and along with its menu preferences and all stored personal data will be lost as well.

This will set right any glitches and bugs that your TV may have picked up over years of usage. The best way to not lose data is to note it down somewhere or just make a mental note so you don’t have to brainstorm and update the settings and preferences again.

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Final Thoughts

The TCL TV low volume is a common problem and there is no need to be alarmed if you are facing it. Devices are, after all, just devices and not totally immune to faults and errors.

Try these methods to fix the issue. You can always call for professional help eventually if none of these work out for you.

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