What is tilt tension on a chair?

In today’s modern work culture, employees spend at least 5 hours at a stretch working, no matter at their workplace or at home. Do you also have to sit in front of your laptop or computer for long hours? If yes, you might be able to relate.

While work from home might sound convenient for many because they no longer have to travel for long hours and rush to their workplace, it is causing various kinds of health problems like musculoskeletal disorders and repetitive strain injuries. With the emergence of the work from home culture, individuals have started to face these health problems and if not rectified immediately can affect their posture in the long run.

When you have to sit for hours in front of your laptop, you are likely to develop backaches, neck pain and headaches, which affect your productivity. To eliminate such problems, people must use the right kind of chairs having the necessary features that would enhance their comfort. Have you heard of tilt tension knob chairs? It’s the kind of chair we need to ensure comfort and maximum productivity.

Present day manufacturers are customer oriented and therefore come up with the best quality, improved chairs. Modern day chairs are integrated with two major features: tilt tension knob and height adjustment lever.

If you have decided to buy a chair with the tilt tension knob feature, but do not know how to use it, you have come to the right place. With this kind of chair, you can do your work very smoothly and comfortably.

These kinds of chairs are perfect to be used as Gaming Chairs, irrespective of one’s age. If you are a gaming freak, and love to play digital games for hours, you must use a chair with an in built tilt tension knob feature.

One can also find these chairs used in major offices. Hence, these chairs are becoming increasingly popular as office chairs too. For students studying at home, these chairs can also be used as desk chairs.

What is the knob under my office chair?

The knob found under an office chair has a purpose. This knob helps to increase or decrease the tension as per the convenience of the person sitting. With this feature, one can easily adjust the chair as per his comfort. This means that anyone sitting on a chair which has the tilt tension knob feature can sit comfortably for long hours and concentrate on the work, without any back pain or neck pain.

We can rotate the knob as required. Due to the moveable feature of this knob, these chairs have become increasingly popular and are most in demand.

Keep reading this guide below to know more about the tilt tension feature.  

What is tilt tension on a chair?

What is tilt tension on a chair

Before we discuss the tilt tension knob feature, let’s first know what’s tilting. Tilting is the action that enables one to rock back and forth, according to one’s comfort and convenience. The act of reclining to a certain degree while sitting is referred to as tilting.

Adjusting the degree to which one would recline depends on one’s height and weight. For instance, if a person is heavy or taller, he would require an improved tilt tension feature. On the other hand, a short or slim person would require less tight tilt tension. In simple words, the tilting knob allows every person to find the comfort spot, by adjusting the knob.

Supposing the tilt tension of a chair is extremely light for an individual sitting on a chair, the person will have a feeling of going over backwards. On the contrary, if the tilt tension is too tight, a slim person or a short person would have to sit straight.  

What does the knob under my chair do?

The knob is located underneath the chair. This knob is moveable. Therefore, we can make the knob move whenever we need to. If you want to make it loose, simply rotate it in the anti clock direction. Similarly, if you want the tilt tension to be tight, move it in the clockwise direction.

This knob will help you adjust the tension of the chair as per your comfort. Hence, you no longer have to suffer from backaches and neck pains, even after sitting in front of your desk for prolonged hours. Thus, the knob under the office chair has an extremely important function to perform.

Now that we know the function of the knob on bottom of chair, let’s know how to use it.

  1. Find the knob and see where it is located.
  2. If you want to tighten the knob, rotate it clockwise.
  3. If you want to loosen the knob, rotate it anti-clockwise.
  4. Until it provides the perfect tilt tension as you want, keep adjusting it.

This feature of loosening or tightening the knob as per your wish will enable your to work smoothly. Besides, it would keep your body in good shape.

Why do chairs tilt?

The tilt tension knob feature has made the lives of people, especially employees and students comfortable. In this new era which demands more use of computers in workplaces, the tilt tension feature has proven to be very useful for employees.

These chairs are not only used by employees but also by the students who spend most of their time on the computer. Even students are attending multiple lectures or playing games for hours on their computers. If they are unable to sit comfortably, it causes them discomfort and pain.

In fact, parents often complain about their kids suffering from backaches and neck pains from an early age.  Therefore, both for employees and students, chairs with the tilt tension feature are ideal for daily use.

Nowadays, most offices have chairs with an adjustable knob, to take care of the comfort of the employees. These are ergonomic chairs that ensure that the person maintains the right posture, while sitting in the same position for prolonged hours.

Ergonomic chairs certainly help to reduce the back pain that most employees suffer from. Tilt tension and seat height adjustment are two of the commonly found features in ergonomic chairs.

When you get such a chair, make sure to adjust it to your comfortable seating position. Make sure you stay supported throughout. To ensure maximum productivity, comfort of the worker is most important, and that’s what these ergonomic chairs are meant for.

The bottom line

The chairs we commonly use at home are fixed chairs. These chairs don’t have the feature of tilting and therefore are uncomfortable. They can cause health problems, if used regularly. Chairs that have the tilt tension feature are safe and comfortable.

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Long hours at the office are frustrating. While working at the office, the employee might feel like reclining back for a moment and relax. Ergonomic chairs with the tilt tension knob feature enables you to do so with ease. Simply rotate the knob and you get your comfort position! If your office chair doesn’t have these features, probably it’s time to bring it to the notice of the employer.

Experts always recommend people to ergonomic chairs that have the latest features in them. These chairs are certainly worth your investment.  One must prioritize health before anything else. Only if you stay fit, can you work for long hours, energetically and meet the objectives.

The latest chairs with the tilting feature allow you to maintain maximum productivity while enjoying maximum comfort. So, what are you thinking of? Quickly get rid of your fixed chair at home and bring a new ergonomically designed flexible chair and enjoy!

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