What is Crisp function in Microwave?

Who doesn’t love to microwave & eat crisp-flavored pizzas, chips, potato croquettes, etc at home? They all taste restaurant-style. Microwave’s crisp function does all this kitchen magic! Well, confused, what is crisp function in microwave? In a nutshell, it is a button that makes food crispier in minutes!

In this post, we’ll figure out everything about this crisp microwave button. Starting with what is a crisp button, how it works, what to cook on it, to safety precautions to consider while using it, we’ll learn everything.

Also, you will discover what a crisp plate, pan, and tray is. Moreover, one will learn how to use a crisper on a microwave and how one actually cooks on it, etc. So, before you crisp & crunch food, you know in and out of it.

Doing so, you ought to get a delicious crispier cuisine at the table. Be it for lunch or dinner!

What is Crisp function in Microwave

What is the crisp setting on the microwave for?

Well, crisp setting on the microwave is a cooking style that adds a crunch to your cuisine. On any modern microwave oven, you will find a ‘crisp’ button.

Many of us love to eat spicy, crusty, and crunchy food! Imagine a seasoned french fries, italian pizza, or cheesy lasagna at a restaurant! Remember the sumptuous smell & taste of it.

Well, what if I tell you that you can cook such glazed & crispier dishes at home! Not only would it make dishes taste so tantalizing but also would satiate your temptations. And, of course, such food is a bit healthier than restaurant cuisine.

The good news is one can easily cook crispy food using a crisp function. To say it clearly, just a matter of a few minutes.

How crisp function works in microwave?

How crisp function works in microwave

The crispy function makes food crispy with its superheated steam function.

A ‘Crisp’ is a special function that cooks food with the combination of both microwave & grill function. To make it work, use a crisper or crisp plate, pan, or tray alongside.

What food items can one experiment with this function? Using it, one can also add extra-crunchy flavor to already cooked french fries! Trust us, such fries taste heavenly-tasty. Just set the right temperature and power setting for cooking.

What is a dual crisp feature in a microwave?

A dual crisp feature uses two microwave functions to cook cuisine. Along with using the ‘crisp’ button function, it uses microwave cooking power. Because of which, you can defrost frozen food.

Many a time, you have last night’s leftover veggies in the refrigerator. When you take them out of the fridge in the morning, they all are freezing. You are willing to eat warm cuisine! What do you do at such times? Well, use a dual crisp feature in a microwave. It helps a lot.

Take the cuisine out of the refrigerator and slide it into the microwave. Make the ‘dual crisp’ function work. The dual crisp features use sensor-based cooking or time settings.

How is this dual-crisp function so useful? Well, imagine that you’re awake in the morning. Take out last night’s pizza out of the refrigerator. And, whoaa! It has turned soggy all night over. With a microwave’s dual crispy function, you can crisp the soggy pizza. Doing so, you can enjoy eating crispier pizza slices! Not just this, it also turns frozen fries to normal temperature while adding crispy flavors.

Also, a fingerprint-resistant crispy microwave keeps the food warm for around 1 hour. Isn’t it good?

What is dual crisp technology?

Dual crisp technology is prevalent in newer microwave ovens. It helps get excellently crispier, tender, and juicier cuisine! The dual crisp technology works in two dimensions. Let’s see how it works.

If said in short, it optimizes the oven temperature inside. It monitors the microwave distribution in the inner parts of the cavity. This in turn brings the right crispier and tastier flavours to your cuisines.

Firstly, the microwave source reaches the entire inner cavity. Thereafter, it reaches the food throughout! After that, the microwave source works upon the crisper or crisp dish. It brings the crisper to higher temperatures.

Because of it, you get an even crispier layer on each side. On top of that, you never lose the compactness of the food! The nutrient and cuisine taste are intact. Additionally, you get to enjoy the food’s crispiness outside and its tenderness & juiciness inside at the same time.

Other than this, there are health benefits of dual crisp features as well. One can fry meat or fish without adding oils. This in turn reduces use of greases. All of it is just the combined effect of the crisp, grill, and air convection system existing inside the oven.

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What is a crisp plate?

A crisp plate is what you use while crisping food on microwaves. Not any ordinary plate is ideal for adding that crispy touch to food!

Ordinarily, a microwave just heats the food. Cooking or crisping the food is hard for a microwave! It’s a tough task for the appliance to generate high amounts of heat to make food crispy. So, that’s when a crisp plate comes into play.

Many oven manufacturers send it to customers in the microwave package. It’s generally made up of carbon steel with a silicone base. These plates are easy to clean as well. However, if you do not get it with a crispy microwave, consider buying one crisp dish.

A non-stick crisp plate works best while crisping your food. Many crisp plates have non-stick layers coated already. While food is heating up inside the microwave, it can stick to the crisp plate due to heat. Having a non-stick layer, your foodstuff does not get stuck on the plate.

Do microwave crisper pans work?

Not just crisp plates, there are crisper pans as well. Both crisp plates & pans are nearly the same. Both give the same crispy, soft, and fluffy pizzas or chicken wings. Just different brands offer different types of oven accessories. Ideally, you should select one that best suits your purpose.

A crisper pan is made for using in ovens having a crisp function. Do not place this pan in any other microwave! The best thing to do is to check the owner’s manual. Be 100% sure about whether your microwave is compatible with a crisper pan or not. Take actions wisely!

Also, check the cookbook that comes with a crisp plate or pan. Learn which foods are best-cooked with crisper.

How do you use a microwave crisper tray?

Besides crisp plates & pans, there are also crisper trays. It is a rectangular shape tray.

There are many types of crisper trays. A few come with a lid. Also, a few have flat sides to crisp pizza & tortillas. Other few have ridges that add ashy grill marks on your chicken. Also, a few crisp trays can prove bulky for your small microwaves.

Choose the crisper that fits your needs.

How to crisp food in microwave?

How to crisp food in microwave

Well, which food can you crisp in a microwave? The list just never ends! You can crisp chicken wings or nuggets, pizza, French fries, potato croquettes, cornbread, steaks, Italian lasagna, bacon, and more. Add a desired crusty flavor to all these appetizing meals. It’s super-easy with the ‘crisp’ button.

So, how do you actually crisp?

  • Step 1: Prepare your food (marinate or prep according to the recipe)
  • Step 2: Preheat the crisper for 2-4 minutes, as per the instruction manual.
  • Step 3: Place your food on the crisper.
  • Step 4: Press the timer and wait till it is crisped.

Remember ! : The side that gets in contact with the tray cooks and gets crispy.

You can also crisp from both the sides. Just you need to flip the food accordingly.

Be Cautious ! : After the food is crisped, take out the crisper plate, pan, or tray with an oven mitt, pot holder/handle, or towel. The food is hot after it’s been crisped in the microwave posing risks of burning.

With a crisper, you get a detachable microwave handle. If it’s not there, purchase one as it safeguards in time!

A few safety tips while crisping food in microwave:

While crisping

  • Never place the crisper directly on the oven’s convection grid. Rather, place it on the glass turntable to aid the desired support.

To avoid microwave damage

  1. Do not allow the crisper to touch the microwave’s ceiling, cavity, or base as it can cause scratches.
  2. Do not place any metal inside along with the crisper.
  3. Do not place the hot crisper directly on to the countertop as it is heat-sensitive.

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Final Thoughts

Crisp function in microwave is an ultimate discovery! Because of it, you can eat that ‘crispy’ pizza or lasagna in minutes! Trust us, it taste restaurant-style yummilicious.

The next time you wanna eat crispier, use the microwave’s ‘crisp’ function. Refer to this quick post before actually using it! You would thank us later.

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