Why Are Built-In Microwaves So Expensive?

Everything good comes at a cost. If you are willing to have something that will be the topic of discussion at family meets then you will have to spend some money. Microwaves are something that has become a basic requirement for the modern household. Microwave helps in completing complex tasks like reheating food, grilling, and other cooking tasks that require heat.

How to give the regular old microwave a new flair that attracts the eye of every visitor? Well, the answer comes in the form of a built-in microwave. Being sleek and subtle is in fashion, so when a microwave is hidden out of sight and springs right back to action when they are required is something that makes these built-in microwaves a style statement in the kitchens.

But all these subtlety and sleek designs come with a hefty price tag and in this article, we will be looking at the probable reasons for such high prices.

Why Are Built-In Microwaves So Expensive

Why Are Built-In Microwaves So Expensive?

Built-in microwaves are not only expensive to buy but are also expensive to maintain. There are a number of reasons owing to their high cost and some of the main points are as follows,

Design that blends well with the rest of the kitchen

Console kitchens are a thing of this generation where every part and component of the kitchen is arranged in a space-saving manner. This type of kitchen provides a modern look in a small space without cramming all the appliances in an unorganized manner. Having a microwave that is built into the wall takes around the same space as a photo frame while providing all the services of a countertop microwave.

Permanent installation

Built-in microwaves are fitted by making a cupboard or a hole in the existing wall, so unlike the other microwaves, it is not portable. This has its pros and cons, the pros are from an aesthetic point of view while the cons are due to the lack of accessibility for maintenance and installation. Professionals are required for setting up the built-in microwave which is another reason for their very high prices.

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Expensive components

Built-in microwaves make use of different heating technology to cook food and this calls for advanced high-tech parts within the microwave that are costly to manufacture. These sensitive parts can increase the cost of your built-in microwave and if you have a smart microwave that is controlled by voice, then the prices are going to be even higher.

High maintenance costs

An expensive appliance is bound to have intricate expensive parts that are hard to replace. So, maintenance has to be done by professionals who are experts at what they do and know how to handle this modern age technology. Also since the microwave is fitted into a wall or a cabinet it is impossible to access the microwave internals. Taking out the microwave and repairing it is a complex and costly process.

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Final Thoughts

Built-in microwaves are pieces of art that you can enjoy by paying a premium price. Not only are microwaves an environmentally friendly option, as they don’t use fossil fuels, they are also cheaper and have more features than a simple oven. Although built-in ones might be a bit too much for some who are just looking for the functionality, from the looks perspective it will be worth every penny. If you have a home for yourself and you are settled in for a long time then a built-in microwave will be the best addition to your kitchen.

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