Why Is There a Bad Smell Under My Sink: 7 Quick Fixes

The fragrance of the room freshener is all over your house atmosphere, and the whole room is dewy with the smell as you enter the kitchen, your experience is disrupted with a very foul smell. On investigating, you find out that the kitchen sink has been smelling very bad.

Yeah, we know that you keep your kitchen very tidy and clean but still find yourself in such a situation. But let us reassure you that it is not your mistake it is just that the sink needs a thorough cleaning. There can be many reasons for the bad smell under the kitchen sink. The sewer gas may be leaking or there may be rotten food in the pipe or sink.

We understand your situation and this problem is very common in households today.

But we are here to resolve your problem with the best methods that will leave your sink smelling like a fresh rose. Let’s not delay and find out why your sink smells bad and how to resolve this issue.

Why does it smell so bad under my sink?

Why does it smell so bad under my sink

Even though you try your best to keep the kitchen clean with everything placed in its right place, the smell of the kitchen sink will put down your whole image. So what exactly are the causes behind that odor under the sink? Let’s have a look at them.

Sewer gas

The plumbing system has harmful gases that flush away the sewage and provide clean water. But these gases are toxic and may cause serious diseases. So if you find out that the odor under the kitchen sink smells like sewer gas then something is wrong with the system.

P-trap may be dry

P-trap may be dry

The p-trap or the u-trap is the curvy part of the pipe that holds water. It prevents any kind of sewage smell to emanate from the sink. If this pipe is dry then surely it will smell like sewage.

Possible blockage

When you flush down the big chunks of waste down the sink, it may get trapped in the pipe and cause a blockage. This blockage will result in waste getting trapped and spoiling. Thus, producing a sewer smell.

There may be a leakage

If there is a possible leakage in the p-trap then water may be escaping from it, resulting in a foul smell like sewage. Remove the p-trap and look out for any possible leak.

The vent is clogged

Each household has one main vent which exits through the roof. There may be a possibility that the vent may be clogged, resulting in a bad smell.

Rotten food may be stuck

At times, the food particles may get accumulated in the pipe that may get rotten over time and produce a foul smell.

Improper cleaning of the sink

When the sink does not drain properly, the residual buildup will result in a bad smell under the sink.

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How do I get rid of the smell under my sink?

How do I get rid of the smell under my sink

You do not want the guests at your house to complain about the odor under the bathroom sink. We know this very well and have found the best ways. Through these, you can make your sink fragrant again.

We have discussed many reasons behind the smell under the sink, now let us look at the probable methods that will help you get rid of this foul smell.

Use dish soap and hot water

Make a mixture of dish soap and hot water and pour it down the sink. Let this sit for about fifteen to twenty minutes. After this drain it with hot water. Any residue left will be drained off, and the smell will fade.

Baking soda and vinegar will also do the trick

Does your sink smell like sewer? Pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the drain. Let this mixture sit there for fifteen minutes, then pour some hot boiling water. It will help you get rid of the rotten smell.

Lemon peels, salt, and water

If there is garbage disposal attached to your sink, then clean it by throwing in some ice cubes with coarse salt. It will help the trapped remains to scrap off. Then throw in some citrus peels for that fresh odor and clean look.

Clear the blockages

Clear the blockages

If there are any blockages, then make sure you clean them up. There may be blockages in the vent or the drain pipe. If you cannot clean them up, then call a professional for help to get rid of the odor under your sink.

Replace any broken pipes

Replace any broken pipes

Does your sink smell like mildew? Many times mold or mildew may grow in the leaks of the pipe. Which may result in a musty smell under the sink. Get the pipes replaced to avoid this nasty smell.

Do not flush down greasy stuff and use baking soda with vinegar

The grease may get collected in the walls of the pipe and result in a stinky smell. Use baking soda and vinegar to clean the grease off the pipe.

Call a professional for help

While these methods will be very helpful, it is advisable to get the sink drained with the help of a professional plumber. Let them do the rest of the work.

These methods can help you in getting rid of the musty smell under the sink.

If you are unable to get rid of the smell still, then it will be best to call a professional for help. This odor may even have harmful effects on the immune system of the body.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that you never again have to search for ways to treat the smell under your sink, as we have tried our best to cover almost every possible measure to deal with it. You can always refer to this article in case you find yourself stuck with a very bad smell under the sink.

Still, if the situation persists, it will be best to speak to a professional and seek out their help.

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