Why is there a Popcorn button on the microwave?

Having a nice movie-time at your home theater? Popcorn is a must! We often are willing to cook it using the ‘Popcorn’ button on the microwave. Well, confused whether to press the microwave’s ‘POPCORN’ button or not? Will it cook the corn kernels well? Well, yeah! It will heat the corn kernels rightly if you follow the tips. Read through this quick post to know what tips?

Why do microwaves have a popcorn button?

Why do microwaves have a popcorn button

To cook the popcorn! Many microwaves have a ‘POPCORN’ button. Yet, having a button isn’t enough. Your microwave also needs to have humidity or temperature sensors.

If it doesn’t have sensors, it just heats what’s inside. Most microwaves do not have sensors but they just have pre-programmed timers. These timers just run and don’t detect overcooking or undercooking. So, many a time, they prove to be of no use when heating kernels.

How does the popcorn setting on a microwave work?

How does the popcorn setting on a microwave work

How does the microwave popcorn button work?

Let’s assume that your microwave has steam or temperature sensors. Also, there could be acoustic sensors. They automatically switch the microwave off as the popping sound slows down.

Generally, if it’s a futuristic & fancier microwave, you already have a sensor. You put the popcorn bag inside the microwave. Press the microwave’s popcorn button. Microwave itself identifies how long it will take to cook popcorn. As the bag gathers more steam, the microwave slowly shuts down. So, at most times, you’re about to get appetizing fluffy popcorn.

Let’s assume that you have an old-fashioned microwave. In this case, you probably just have a timer. You put the popcorn bag inside the old microwave. Press the POPCORN button. Either you get fluffy popcorn, undercooked ones, or burnt scorched popcorn.

The reason being timers just run and do not recognize the heat pressure. So, be cautious while you cook popcorn in an old-time microwave.

Why shouldn’t you use the popcorn button?

Thinking of slamming a popcorn bag inside a fancier microwave? Willing to use a ‘popcorn’ button on it? Think again! Well, even if it’s a modern microwave, you’re not guaranteed a fluffy corn all the time.

Unless you do not monitor the bag while it’s inside, there is no perfectly cooked popcorn. Well, it’s better to scan than cleaning off the burnt corn later or eating undercooked ones.

But, why so much hassle? Here is the reason. There are different popcorn brands as well as microwave brands. Not all microwaves cook popcorn well and vice-a-versa. That’s why you see the warning ‘DO NOT USE POPCORN BUTTON’ on the popcorn bags.

To conclude, one can microwave popcorn following the guidelines. Read further to discover these short guidelines.

Who invented the popcorn button on the microwave?

If you’re curious, let’s roll into the popcorn button history.

In 1946, Dr. Percy Spencer discovered the microwave popcorn. While working with a corporation named Raytheon, he experimented with various cuisines.

He tested whether food cooks with magnetron’s heat or not. He firstly tried & tested it with chocolate then with popcorn. After several experiments, he discovered that corn kernels pop out with magnetron’s heat. Both Spencer and Raytheon were amused to figure this out.

After this discovery, they thought of something that heats food. Their discovery can be stated as a catalyst to microwave invention.

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Is all popcorn microwavable?

Is all popcorn microwavable

Can be. Some popcorn is microwavable and some aren’t. You have to hit & try with your microwave and popcorn bags.

Firstly, the popcorn must be fresh. When kernels have been preserved for long, they mostly dry up. So, they do not pop at times. The reason being there is low moisture present inside bags. 

Secondly, the bag thickness also matters. If it’s a light-weighted bag with a caution ‘Do not use Popcorn button’, follow the rules! Otherwise, you’ll probably burn the popcorn.

Thirdly, the bag size, weight, and humidity inside also matters. The more humid it is inside a bag, the faster it cooks. The more weight a bag has, the slower it cooks.

In a nutshell, microwave the bags accordingly. Ideally, keenly observe each bag while it’s inside the microwave. Simply, hit & try! As you hear slow popping, stop the microwave. If the popcorn remains undercooked after the timer ends, you need to heat more the next time.

Follow the rules, otherwise the popcorn microwaving idea will cost you a real!

No popcorn is better than burnt or undercooked ones.

How long is the popcorn setting on the microwave?

Microwaving popcorn is easy! It takes 2 to 3 minutes to cook all the kernels. Yet, keenly observe how the process goes.

You do not have to listen to the microwave timer all the time! If popcorn is cooked, you can take them out. On the other hand, you think more cooking time is needed. Increase the timer and cook for a longer time.

At the end, you want flavorful & fluffy popcorn at hand.

Why isn’t my microwave popping my popcorn?

Microwave not popping popcorn? The reason can be low heat.

You can solve the problem in two ways.

Heat some water first

Popcorn is coming out tough as it is not getting heat to cook. Before microwaving popcorn, you need to slide in a cup of water inside. Microwave it for at least a minute or two. Doing so, a right humidity will generate inside the appliance.

After that, you can slide in the popcorn bag. You would get to enjoy fully-cooked microwaved popcorn.

Say Hi to a microwave-safe glass bowl

Ditch the popcorn bag completely. Instead, empty the corn kernels into a microwave-safe glass bowl. We repeat once more, be it a microwave-safe glass bowl. Otherwise, the glass can explode inside the appliance.

Cover the glass bowl with a vented lid. The vents help the steam to escape outside the glass bowl. So, vents are a must!

The microwaves will create optimal heat inside the bowl. As you remove the bowl with an oven mitt or a cloth, you’ll get hot fluffy popcorn.

That’s the best way!

Why does the popcorn button not work?

Many microwave’s popcorn buttons do not work. 

Also, many microwave brands advise not to use the popcorn button. To use, you must have a sensor. The sensor is either in-built. Or else, you can install a sensor later inside the microwave. 

After you do so, your microwave’s popcorn button may work as you wish it to. Hit & try as every microwave and popcorn brand is unique.

What size microwave do you need to pop popcorn?

Mini microwaves are good when you’re heating a small popcorn bag. On the other hand, cooking a family-size popcorn bag? Go for a large capacity microwave.

Also, there must be at least 500 watts to pop the kernels. It helps the appliance to reach the right heating temperatures. This in turn pops the corn kernels optimally.

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The Bottom Line

Finally, the answer is that you can use popcorn button on microwave!

Stay beside your microwave while popcorn is heating. Monitor the appliance functioning. Also, follow the simple rules stated above in this post.

And, you’re good to eat hot fluffy homemade popcorn! That too in a couple of minutes..!!

Enjoy microwaved popcorn while watching a nice movie!

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