How to Fix a Flickering TV Screen: [11 Working Methods]

You are streaming your action movie and are munching on your popcorn. But this joy gets disrupted by the sudden flickers across the TV screen. This constant flickering is very irritating and may put you in utter frustration. You will have to stop your movie and look for probable solutions.

Your search for solutions ends right here! We have compiled the best ways to fix the flickering TV screen.

There may be many reasons why your TV is flickering. The wires may be loose, the software may be outdated, the TV may be overheating, and there can be many other reasons apart from it. Whatever the reason is, we try to bring you the solutions that will help you fix this problem. After all, we want you to continue with your leisure time.

The best way is to turn the TV off and see whether the flickering has stopped or not. Many times this flickering will go away with this simple step. But if it does not, then worry not because we have a lot of solutions ready to help you out. Let us answer your question on how to fix a flickering TV screen.

11 ways to fix a flickering TV screen

How to Fix a Flickering TV Screen

The question is, how do we exactly fix a flickering TV screen? You are frustrated and sitting on your couch scrolling the web for possible solutions. Take a breath of relief, because we have the best solutions right here, at your fingertips. Let us take a look:

Try switching the TV on and off

Turn off the TV and then turn it on. Doing this will help your television to reset, and can help you to fix the flickering of the TV screen.

If this does not fix the problem, then you may like to try the other methods listed here. At times this may prove to be a temporary solution, and the flickering of the TV may reoccur. So it is better to move towards the other better options.

Unplug the TV

If switching the TV on and off didn’t help then, try removing the plug from the wall outlet. It will help the TV reset, and the flickering of the TV screen will stop. It will help you resolve the TV glitching problem too.

Check the Cables

Is your TV flashing on and off? Check to see if there are any damaged wires connected to the Television. When the cables connecting the TV to different devices are loose or damaged, you may notice a flickering across the TV screen.

When you play your video games, you may see the flickering of the TV screen. It calls for a check on the cables connected. HDMI cords are brittle and may break easily. These wires are cheap and can be replaced very easily. You do not need to spend a lot of your money on these.

Check the device that is connected as an input to the Television. The cables connecting may be damaged, and you will want to replace them soon.

So, if your TV is blinking on and off try using this solution.

Inspect the video source

When you stream videos on the TV from the web or maybe watch something on the Cable TV, you may have noticed flickering across the TV screen.

This happens when the video signal is itself corrupt, and the error is overlapped on the source signal. In this case, you may not be able to get the flickering correct as it is present in the TV signal itself.

Still, you can try switching on and off the television to reset the TV and see if it helps you to fix your problem.

Adjust the room lighting levels

Generally, the TV screen is always flickering. It happens at such a fast pace that it is not detectable by the human eye. In certain lighting, this flickering may become noticeable.

To fix this you will have to brighten or darken the room to check whether the flickering of the tv screen is corrected or not.

You can also try adjusting the brightness levels of the TV. After some adjustment, you will be able to fix this issue.

There may be some internal hardware problems

At times you may not be able to detect the cause of the flickering, you may have tried all the possible fixes, but nothing works. It may be because there may be an internal hardware problem in the TV.

The ribbon may have become faulty, or some other internal part may have become weary and damaged due to continuous use. This can’t be fixed by you and you will like to consider calling a professional for help or try to take your TV to a repair center.

Check the WiFi router

Many smart TVs use the internet for streaming. The unstable internet connection may be a reason behind the flickering signals on your TV screen. Try to place the WiFi router close to the TV but not too close also. Keep it at proximity, that is enough for the signal strength to be good for the streaming.

The WiFi router emits signals that can interfere with the TV signals and can cause flickering of the TV screen. It occurs in old TV sets. So you will have to keep it at a suitable distance from the TV.

Change your seat

In plasma TVs, the flickering of the screen may appear when viewed from certain angles and distances. So, if you use a Plasma TV then change your seat and fix a certain distance from the TV to avoid any flickering of the TV screen.

Update your smart TV

Many a time in smart TVs, the software may grow outdated which can result in the flickering of the TV screen. Check for any updates in the software of your smart TV and update it if there are any.

Updating software will make the smart TV compatible with receiving the new signals and lead to a better audiovisual experience while viewing your television.

Switch off energy efficiency

When used in the energy efficiency mode, or the power saving mode, the TV may not be receiving enough power, which may lead to the flickering of the TV screen.

Try turning the power-saving mode off and see if you can get rid of the flickering of the TV screen.

If it helps you, then definitely the energy-saving mode was the issue.

Electrical Interference

When other electrical appliances are placed near the television screen, you may notice the flickering of the TV signal. It happens due to the electrical interference of the signals produced by the device and the signals produced by the TV,

To get rid of this, keep these electrical devices like mobile phones, wifi, and computers away from the TV.

These methods will help you to fix TV glitch screen. And remember you can always ask a professional for help.

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Final Thoughts

To fix a problem you will need to understand the cause better. The flickering of your TV screen can have a lot of causes and it will be useless if you fix the problem without understanding the cause behind it.

There may be some loose cable connections, some body parts may be damaged, the TV may be using some outdated software or it may be overheating. Whatever the cause is, look out for the fixes from the suggested solutions and try to fix this problem.

We have covered almost all the possible fixes which can help you get a better visual experience. If you are not able to get the screen right by these methods then it will be better if you contact a professional and have him look into this matter. He will help you get rid of flashing on TV.

We hope that you enjoy your TV time without any problems, and can resolve any problem arising henceforth.

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