What Does Powerwash Mean On a Washing Machine? (Unraveling the Secrets of Advanced Cleaning Technology)

Have you ever soiled your clothes so that it looks unsalvageable and ruined forever but then it magically comes out clean from the washing machine? It was in all probabilities a Powerwash cycle that miraculously cleaned your super dirty clothes.

The Powerwash technology is an option that select Maytag washing machines have. Using this feature, extremely stubborn stains can be dealt with. This technology provides a more intense washing than regular washing cycles that are used for daily loads.

Assuming that the clothes you have can withstand an intense heavy-duty washing then by all means a powerwash is the best way to clean and freshen up your extra dirty laundry.

What Does Powerwash Mean On a Washing Machine?

What Does Powerwash Mean On a Washing Machine

The PowerWash Cycle in a washing machine is very different from the other wash cycles in three ways. It provided more wash action, increased rinse action and heat to combat tough stains on fabric.

The name PowerWash is a proprietary feature of the appliance company Maytag but the same feature may be available in different brands under other names.

In simple words, powerwash is a technology that allows the washing machine to get rid of very dirty clothes that are stained with stubborn marks. These stains are not suitable for daily washes as a normal washing machine cycle can take of lightly soiled clothing or smelly clothes but not clothes that need deep cleaning.

The PowerWash cycle is specifically engineered for heavy-duty washing and should only be used for:-

  • Clothing soiled with mud, dirt, blood, paint, etc.
  • Clothing with stubborn stains from makeup, oil, wine, permanent marker, etc.
  • Certain hard fabrics like Denim
  • Heavy-duty working uniforms like plumber’s, mechanic’s, and firefighter’s uniforms, etc.
  • Large laundry loads such as multiple bedsheets, comforters, or towels.

However, the powerwash feature should not be used for clothes that are made of delicate fabric or have fringes/laces.

Clothes with beads or solid items sewn on the fabric should also not be put into a powerwash cycle. If you have such clothes or a relatively smaller load then go for the setting that sets the washing machine for extra agitation during a normal wash cycle.

How Does the Power Wash Cycle Work?

How Does the Power Wash Cycle Work

Only a select few washing machines have the PowerWash feature and here is how it works:

Wash Action

The extended wash sequence of the PowerWash cycle continuously moves close through the water to loosen the stubborn stains. The agitator located inside the washing machine continuously moves back and forth to provide full and heavy-duty wash. The agitation helps in cleaning all parts of the laundry equally.

Heating Action

At the same time, the wash temperature is increased by a built-in heater that ensures that the detergent is used effectively. The simple science behind this is that hot water melts the fatty and oily components of a detergent faster helping it to dissolve better.

Rinse Action

At the end of the cycle, a thorough rinse action fully washes away any remaining detergent along with the dirt and stains.

Obviously, the PowerWash cycle is more than just a heavily engineered washing option as there is a stabilized use of an Optimal Dose Dispense System, Power spray technology, and enhanced actions of washing and rinsing.

All of these features contribute to making the PowerWash cycles a completely effective way of mechanically washing extremely dirty laundry.

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For daily washing of clothes, the normal washing cycle of a washing machine is more than enough. However, for clothes that need a thorough and heavy-duty washing, the power wash is an ideal feature that provides deep and penetrating cleaning.

This technology combines a high temperature, high agitation, and a super-fast spinning mode for a good rinse. So, use it only if you need it as not all clothes can handle it.

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