Rockwool vs Mineral Wool Insulation: The Differences That Matter

Passive fire protection is an added advantage and a necessity for buildings in many cases. It is nice to have thermal insulation and fire resistance, whether residential or commercial buildings.

But, the problem is that there are many requirements to be fulfilled for buildings, and each building varies from one another. This leads to a problem where a particular solution can’t be applied to all buildings in general. We should treat each project as a new requirement and determine what solution must be installed for maximum efficiency and protection.

This brings us to our next problem. How do we select the apt insulation material from the multitudes present in the market? How can one know which is the best for their home? In this article, we will be discussing some of the most extensively used insulation materials, namely, Rockwool and mineral wool solutions. We will see their significant differences and what they can provide for our home.

Rockwool vs Mineral Wool Insulation

Difference Between Rockwool and Mineral Wool Insulation

If you’ve tried to learn about Rockwool, you are most likely to get confused as both “Rockwool” and “mineral wool” have been used interchangeably, and it is right to some extent. Both are made by melting natural rocks and spinning them into thin, long fiber strands, which are compressed to create a high-density mat with insulation properties for both heat and vibrations. 

The main difference is that while one represents an entire array of insulation materials, the other represents an insulation solution developed by a manufacturer.

Mineral fiber insulation is on the rise everywhere and is on-demand. Several mineral fiber cores are developed by companies and individuals worldwide, and these mineral fibers have to be made following a certain standard. The BS EN ISO 13201-Euroclass A1 standard is, by far, the highest standard of mineral fiber wool insulation.

Here are some key differences between mineral wool insulation and Rockwool insulation.

  • The raw material of mineral wool insulation and Rockwool insulation is not the same. Rockwool is made up of basalt, and we know that the base material is mineral waste residue for mineral wool insulation.
  • Both insulation modes are used in different places of operation, which is surprising since both are somewhat similar to a great extent. Mineral wool insulation is better suited and more extensively used in industries, and commercial buildings, whereas Rockwool is majorly used in residential buildings.

Rockwool Insulation

We have all seen some company names becoming so popular that it replaces their industry. Nowadays, an example of that is that most people use “Google it” rather than “search on the web,” Similarly,

  • Rockwool insulation is an insulation material made from rock basalt.
  • Experts say that it is often the case that most people think of Rockwool as their go-to insulation solution.
  • The truth is that there are multiple manufacturers in the field today, and they should be considered to arrive at the best deal for you.

Mineral Wool Insulation

One must remember the acoustic modifications and the thermal superiority some products have over others to make intelligent choices for themselves and their buildings.

  • Mineral wool insulation is a broad category of insulation solutions containing various manufacturers and products made out of rocks and other natural minerals.
  • There can be differences in thermal and acoustic properties between the mineral fiber cores of products of different manufacturers, including Eurobond, Trimo, PAROC, etc.
  • One must identify the best solution for each project according to the requirements and ask for technical advice from an experienced professional if needed.

Is Rockwool Same as Mineral Wool

We have seen the importance of insulation in our homes and buildings. Whether wall insulation or attic insulation, Rockwool, and mineral fiber insulation have been used extensively in the field, this article has discussed what they are and what makes them different.

Even though the word is used interchangeably with mineral wool insulation, Rockwool insulation is a specific product by Rockwool, but it’s just a product. However, mineral fiber wall insulation is a field, and it contains some manufacturers such as Rockwool, Eurobond, Trimo, etc. It contains a set of different solutions that may be used as an alternative for Rockwool insulation.

Each construction and insulation project is unique and has its requirements. One has to understand it fully and try to choose a material and insulation that meets all the requirements, including thermal and acoustic requirements, and yet fits your budget. You need not go with the popular choice of Rockwool, but there is a large assortment of products in the insulation, just waiting to be found.

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