How High Should A Wall Heater Be Off The Floor? (According to Experts)

Wall heaters are the heating units that are installed on the wall. Most commonly, people use this kind of heating system in smaller spaces, like studio apartments or small office spaces. Compact places usually have no space to accommodate other types of equipment, such as a heater, which is why they use heaters attached to the wall.

Wall heaters can be broadly classified into two categories;

  • Gas wall heaters
  • Electric wall heaters

Gas heaters are an affordable alternative to electric heaters. They are lit from the bottom, using a pilot light to allow the free-flowing heat. In the 1980s, gas wall heaters required a ventilation system to work effectively, but later, engineers invented the ventless gas wall heater to eradicate the need for additional ventilation.

On the other hand, electric wall heaters are made of a metal body and are designed with an internal heating element. This heating element gets the heat from the electric current, which is released into the home space through the wall unit.

How High Should A Wall Heater Be Off The Floor?

How High Should A Wall Heater Be Off The Floor

The mounting height of a wall heater should be a minimum of 8 inches or 203.2 mm above a finished floor.

The hot air from a wall heater is directed downwards, which is why most people like to keep it close to the floor. Wall heaters are either mounted on the wall near the ceiling or on the floor. So, if you are mounting these heating devices close to the floor, the wall heater height from floor should be kept 8 inches above the finished floor. 

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, you should follow the three-foot rule while using all heating systems. So, avoid keeping any flammable objects within this restricted area. In addition, you should also avoid putting anything in front of your wall heater, like furniture, etc., as they can lead to fire hazards.

Electric wall heaters need a dedicated circuit to run efficiently. They can operate on either 120 or 240 watts with several watt options.

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How High Should A Gas Wall Heater Be Off The Floor?

According to the guidelines stated by the National Fuel Gas code, you should install your gas heater 18 inches off the ground. Notably, this 18 inches distance is not measured from the ground to the bottom of the heater. Instead, it should be from the ground to the pilot light or other lighting mechanism.

This rule related to the wall heater height  is meant to protect you and your family from possible fire hazards.

Note: The standard distance rule might differ from one city to another. Therefore, you should always check with your local offices to get a clear idea before installation.

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The Bottom Line

If you have a compact space like an apartment building, small home, or a restricted office area, you’ll be glad to choose wall heaters as an alternative. These heating units are incredibly economical and equally easy to maintain. Furthermore, the installation process is also quick and straightforward.

The best part about buying a wall heater is that it is available in several sizes and styles to fit the consumers’ changing requirements. They are the safest, most cost-effective, and easy-to-operate heating systems.

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