How to Keep Portable Air Conditioner Hose from Falling Off? (4 Quick Fixes)

Have you ever wondered why the exhaust hose tends to fall out? The hose carries the heat to the outside. This means that it gets heated in the process.

The humidity present in the hot air affects the duct tape glue, which is used to attach the hose with the portable AC. Hence, the exhaust hose falls out when the connection becomes loose.

A portable air conditioner hose falls out at either one of its two ends. It might have a loose connection with the portable AC or fall out of the window.

Does your portable air conditioner hose fall out every now and then? Is the connection between the hose and window or the portable AC and exhaust hose isn’t secure enough?

Don’t worry. In this guide we have discussed how one can prevent the exhaust hose from falling out.

4 Ways To Keep Portable Air Conditioner Hose From Falling Off

Keep Portable Air Conditioner Hose From Falling Off
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Now that you know the reason behind the exhaust hose falling out, you must be curious to find out ways to prevent that from happening further.

We have enlisted some steps that you can follow to ensure the exhaust hose remains in place and doesn’t fall out anymore.

Use HVAC duct tape to fix your hose

The simplest way to keep the hose in place is obviously to tape it using duct tape. While doing so, make sure the tape is of good quality so that it can withstand humidity and varying temperatures.

If you are looking for good quality duct tape, look for HVAC duct tape as they are well suited for extreme weather, humidity, and temperature. These are quite sticky and you might need a helping hand while attaching them.

Use original hose adapters

Though using HVAC tape to attach the exhaust hose to the portable air conditioner is a simple and effective hack, it doesn’t look clean. There are other ways to attach a hose to a portable air conditioner.

A better and cleaner solution to prevent your exhaust hose from falling out constantly is by using the original hose adapter of your portable air conditioner.

If your portable ac hose adapter has been broken or isn’t working properly, you should buy a new one and use it. But if you find that the original portable ac adapter isn’t working properly despite being in good condition, it doesn’t make sense to buy a new one.

We suggest trying this method because it doesn’t involve using extra gear such as HVAC tape or hose kit. Besides that, none of the other tricks or hacks would be as effective as using an original adapter.

The original portable AC adapter is designed specifically to fit and cater to what the unit requires. Original parts are specific and therefore are rare to find.

If you intend to buy a new original adapter and see if it’s keeping the exhaust hose in place, you can look for one online. Alternatively, you can also contact the manufacturer or the air conditioner company to place an order.

For this step, you do not require any tape or glue. The original adapter is expected to fit into its place and hold everything together.

Use a bungee cord to hold up your hose

Sometimes the portable air conditioner hose falls off because the hose pulls itself due to its weight. This happens when either of the two ends is significantly higher than the other one.

To fix this problem and prevent the hose from falling off any further, you can tie a bungee cord to both ends of a curtain rod. Otherwise, homeowners can also fit two metal hooks on the wall on both sides of the window. Then, they can insert the exhaust hose of the portable air conditioner on the bungee cord loop.

What happens now is that the bungee cord lifts the hose, and the downward force that the hose exerted is now distributed to the bungee cord. This makes a significant difference. This method is usually effective and keeps the hose attached to its place.

Use an air conditioner hose kit

If none of the above-mentioned tips help, you can use a portable air conditioner hose kit.

Do you know what a hose kit is? It’s a package with the same-sized parts expected to fit into most portable air conditioners.

These kits aren’t expensive. However, the ones you come across online are mostly of low quality. If you compare the original parts of an air conditioner with that of a hose kit, you can very well feel the difference.

Yes, there are good-quality hose kits available as well. While looking for a hose kit, make sure to go through the customer reviews and the authenticity of the seller.  If both the AC window kit and the air conditioner hose are well-rated, you can expect them to be worthy of your investment.

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The Bottom Line

While you try these various steps to keep the exhaust hose in place, there are some useful details that you must keep in mind.

Firstly, don’t stretch the hose too much. They are made to sit loosely in place, without excessive tension and pull off forces. Instead of stretching the hose, try replacing it with a new one.

Secondly, always connect the exhaust hose to the lowermost part of the window. The more you stretch, more are the chances for the hose to fall off.

Accordingly, the hose should support as little of its own weight as possible. You can accomplish this by using a bungee cord to hold the hose up. It does not even have to be a bungee cord. Anything that prevents the hose from hanging in the air will prevent your portable air conditioner hose from falling out.

Most of the time, using a HVAC tape to attach hose to portable air conditioner fixes 99% of the problems. But if the hose still falls out of place, you can try the other steps.

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