Why Are Microwave Drawers So Expensive?

When you first think of the term, Microwave drawers, the first thing that pops into your mind is that it is some sort of an overpriced cabinet that you can install a regular microwave into which will make its pricing seem completely unjustified to you. However, on deeper research, you will realize that it is not exactly what its name suggests and is in reality, far more advanced. 

The technology that is used in the making of these appliances is patented to a brand called SHARP which means that there is no fear of competition and the brand may charge as much as it deems fit. Besides, these microwaves come without any sort of turntable and some of the parts used in microwave drawers can be expensive and slightly hard to obtain.

Microwave drawers are indeed a matter of contention. Some people believe that microwaves have no business being so exorbitantly priced. Others can’t get over how delighted they are to have a microwave oven that slides out and has so many fascinating functions. Let’s check out a few factors that make these microwave drawers expensive, and very much worth the price!

Why Are Microwave Drawers So Expensive

Why Are Microwave Drawers So Expensive?

  • Microwave drawers, unlike normal microwaves, do not have a turntable to rotate the dish. The magnetron is positioned and it revolves on the roof of the microwave. The cost of manufacturing this unique element that supports the magnetron at the inner top is extraordinarily high, making the microwave drawer a highly expensive investment.
  • The typical microwave oven, which is mounted on the countertop, takes up space in the kitchen that might have been allocated for other functions. However, with the microwave drawer, you have the entire room to yourself. This appliance is placed under a cabinet or a shelf and so, it does not protrude outward. Not only does this create more space in your kitchen but also allows you to pass in front of it without facing any barriers.
  • It’s significantly safer to load and unload the microwave drawer. When picking up or placing something, it’s always better and safer to look for it from the top. Nonetheless, sometimes handling heavy or heated substances from a greater height can also be risky.
  • It is much simpler to maintain the microwave drawer from where it’s placed. The inside and even the outside parts are easier to cleanse. Additionally, you would not have to lift it from its current location on a countertop or shelf to a lower level for clean up. This could lead to serious damages if you cannot handle the weight and drop it on the floor.
  • You can set up a passcode or a form of encryption in a microwave drawer which would mean that your children wouldn’t be able to access or open anything they aren’t supposed to. It also helps safeguard the food that you have inside, aside from keeping kids away from it.

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Final Words

There is no way that you can compare a microwave drawer to a countertop microwave. At the end of the day, each of these appliances serves a purpose, whether it’s cooking or reheating food, but they do so in very different ways. Microwave drawers offer much more, such as a wider area to suit larger dishes, the lack of a turntable, modern amenities such as timers and push-to-open, and the ability to conserve counter space – all while giving your kitchen a modern style.

All of this, unfortunately, comes at a hefty price, often up to 20 times that of a countertop microwave.  Microwave drawers are a premium investment owing to their one-of-a-kind functionalities. Besides saving room in the kitchen, the placement of the microwave helps it stay unnoticed and undetected and ensures it stays blended with the rest of the kitchen decor. One of the qualities that distinguish it, is its locking mechanism. This truly makes this appliance much safer and worth the money as not everyone can use it. Some of the most recent versions even have a smartphone app that allows you to control the device the way you want to.

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Get a countertop if you prefer a straightforward appliance to prepare food, thaw, or warm your meals. Choose a microwave drawer only if you have the capacity and budget for it and if you value appearances and practicality.

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