Noisy Neighbors Revenge (13 Ways To Get Back At Annoying Neighbors)

We usually do not get a chance to choose neighbors. All we can do is try to be a good neighbor and hope for them to be the same. However, very rarely, we come across rude and irritating neighbors. Sometimes, they are avoidable. In some cases, we don’t have any other option but to deal with them.

Dealing with loud, noisy neighbors is tough, to say the least. They affect our quality of living and that’s why it’s important to get back at them.

Here are some ways in which you can make your neighbor quiet down a bit. If not that, you can at least feel satisfied by making things difficult for your neighbor.

Let’s go through the ways by which you can get your revenge on noisy neighbors

13 Ways To Get Your Revenge On Noisy Neighbors

Ways to get your revenge on noisy neighbors

Even after requesting your neighbor repeatedly, do you notice no difference? Probably it’s time to try other methods. Here are some creative ways to give noisy neighbors the same treatment. Go through them below and take your revenge on noisy neighbors!

Hit the ceiling, floor, or walls

This technique has been in practice for a long time now. People often bang the adjacent walls, ceilings, or floors to signal their neighbors about their inconvenience. This is done to remind noisy Neighbors to lower the volume. However, if you are resorting to this technique, you must remember that drywall and textured ceilings aren’t as durable as brick walls.

If you strike them with sufficient force, the drywall might crumble down. For this reason, some people attach fair-sized plywood to studs or joists. This can save you from getting your drywall damaged while banging heavily. If you don’t have plywood attached, you are advised to try out the other techniques to get even with annoying neighbors. 

Complete your household chores while they are sleeping

Complete your household chores while they are sleeping

Since your neighbor didn’t pay heed to your problems, you must remember that you are fighting fire with fire. If they are causing inconvenience to you, why shouldn’t you? Find out the times when they tend to chill and remain quiet. That’s your opportunity to get revenge!

Why don’t you vacuum clean your house at that time? Or perhaps mowing your lawn is a good option.  Both these activities produce a lot of noise, enough to disturb their peace. You can also try out a new smoothie recipe you have recently learned! Whatever you do, your purpose is to get even with annoying neighbors. Therefore, use the traditional models to make sure they produce weird noises that are bound to bother your noisy neighbors. 

Next, what you can do is clean your yard and house early in the morning, while your otherwise noisy neighbors sleep peacefully. When you choose to schedule your household chores is completely your decision. So, the next time your neighbor asks you to reschedule your activities at home, turn a blind eye to them, just like they did to you. 

You can also try shifting furniture across the room. While doing that, make sure the furniture pieces are banged repeatedly to the adjoining wall. You can also hang and rehang family photographs when your neighbors chill at home. While hanging new photographs, use long nails and a hammer to fix the photograph in position. You can also use screws with an impact driver.

If you love doing outdoor chores, what’s better than lawn mowing, weed whacking, and using leaf blowers to keep your garden clean and lovely! If it’s difficult for you to manage these chores alone, you might ask your friends to join you. After the work is done, all of you can play some music and enjoy quality time. 

Play loud music often

Play loud music often

A brilliant way to get back at noisy neighbors is by playing loud music. Suppose, your neighbor has a school-going child. If you know when he sits to study, you can play music and call your friends to party at that time! This is sure to frustrate your neighbor.

However, the volume shouldn’t be too loud to disturb the other neighbors as well. Place the speakers close to the common wall. To ensure the sound vibrations reach them and don’t spread to other directions, you can use a soundproof blanket to wrap the sides, floors, and top portion. Select a song with loud music. If it’s attention-grabbing it’s even better. 

To irritate your neighbor a bit more, use a lot of bass. Bass sound waves are difficult to eliminate. Even if your neighbor tries to soundproof their walls, bass sound waves have a high possibility to penetrate through and produce noise inside their room.

Train your dog

Train your dog

If your neighbor has the bad habit of shouting unnecessarily, you can train your dog to react to it. So the next time your noisy neighbor catches an argument with anyone, train your dog to start barking. Not just that, you can train the pet to bark at unusual times, perhaps early morning.  If your neighbors sleep late in the morning, the sound of the dog barking is sure to frustrate and irritate them.

Play hoops in front of your house

Another safe technique to get revenge on your noisy neighbor is by playing a game of hoops. If you can bring some of your friends and cheerleaders while playing, it’s going to be more fun. Playing hoops is quite simple. You simply have to install a hoop on one side of your building, probably the one facing the house of your noisy neighbor. That’s all.  Dribble away with your friends!

While playing, don’t forget to laugh, shout, and even engage in fun banter.  All of these would certainly increase your neighbor’s dissatisfaction.

Exercise regularly

It goes without saying that exercising with loud music helps to boost up one’s energy. Therefore, when you exercise, you definitely get a chance to play loud music and get your neighbors loud music revenge

Additionally, exercising allows you to get revege in other ways too. For instance, dropping barbells repeatedly on the floor is bound to bother your noisy neighbors. You can practice throwing balls too. However, remember to attach plywood on top of the drywall. You wouldn’t like to repair the drywall now and then.  

While exercising, don’t forget to keep your windows and doors open to let the fresh air come inside. In winters, it’s an even better option to exercise in your garden, in the early morning, accompanied by loud music. Don’t you think 6 AM is a good time?

Practice playing a musical instrument

Practice playing a musical instrument

There are innumerable instruments that you can learn to play in your leisure hours. Pick up a flute, guitar, or drum and practice playing them when your neighbors wouldn’t expect it. 

You can do that early in the morning when they are still asleep or when they are about to play their instrument. Or, you can also play these instruments when they are busy with their office work! What would be more frustrating than that!

You can also arrange for a jam session if you don’t like listening to your loud neighbor playing his instrument. And if you manage to learn how to play the instruments while getting back at your neighbor skillfully, it’s an added benefit!

We recommend practicing drums because they are loud and produce a bass range of sound waves, which become hard to eliminate. Other instruments that can be used in this case are trumpets and saxophone. They are loud sound-producing instruments and if not played properly, they produce weird noises. 

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Throw loud parties frequently

If you happen to know that your neighbor has an important meeting the next day, isn’t that a great occasion to throw a party the previous night? Absolutely it is. It’s a fantastic idea to annoy your neighbor. Invite all your friends, your loudest ones most importantly.

Don’t forget to invite your noisy neighbor! Make sure there are arrangements for everything. If anybody wants to play a musical instrument, make sure they get a few options. If anyone wants to play outside, provide them with suitable options. Again, if someone wants to play the TV and chill, so be it. 

Disconnect their circuit breaker

If your neighbor has crossed all limits and you simply can’t take the nuisance anymore, you can opt to disconnect your neighbor’s electricity supply. That would also cut off the noise. If your neighbor resides next door to your house, you probably need to enter his house without getting caught to get this job done. However, if you both share a common apartment, the job might be easier for you.

Look for a switchboard in the basement of the building. It contains individual connections of all the houses. They might or might not be properly labeled. In case they aren’t, you need to figure out which is the connecting switch to your neighbor’s house. Be careful and don’t cut off everyone’s electricity supply. Since this method is comparatively risky, you mustn’t opt for it unless required. 

Try out doorbell ditch

Don’t you see the mischievous kids pressing the doorbell and running away before being caught? Probably it’s time to become a mischievous lad and do the same to your neighbor. This is another way to take your noisy neighbors revenge. Ringing their doorbell incessantly is a sure-shot way to bother them. 

Also known as ring and run, this doorbell ditch technique has been in practice for a long time. Even your neighbor knows about this. Therefore be very careful and don’t get caught. To be on the safer side, you can hire people who would do this work for you! While they do the work, you stand in one corner, enjoying the whole scenario!

Start renovating your house

Start renovating your house

If you love to explore the various DIY ways to decorate or renovate your room, it’s time to take on something like that. You can try various DIY ways to soundproof your bedroom, bathroom, or doors. While you engage yourself in doing this project, you would produce a lot of unwanted noise, sufficient to irritate your neighbor. Do these especially on weekends, when your noisy neighbors are at home all day.  Start with the preparations early in the morning, to ensure their peaceful sleep is disturbed.

If you are thinking of soundproofing your room, the best idea is to build a room-within-a-room. This idea involves a lot of work and labor. You must tear out the drywall panel, hammer the nails and screws into the joists, construct another wall, attach a new drywall panel to it using impact drills and so much more. The best part is you can drag this project for weeks and months and get back at noisy neighbors.

Inform the police

After trying out all the above-mentioned tricks, and if nothing helped, it’s time to involve the police in this matter. But, before you call the police, you must gather enough evidence to support your claims.  If your neighbor bothers other neighbors as well, bring them together and lodge a complaint.  Remember that the police would question you based on your complaint. Therefore, you must be aware of what you are doing.  Use a decibel meter to record the noise that your noisy neighbor produces. Handover it to the police when asked. It might be enough to promote a warning or an arrest.  Whatever the result is, it’s sure to scare your neighbor. 

Take your neighbor to small claims court

The next way to get revenge on apartment neighbors legally is by taking the matter to a small claims court. For the damages caused by the neighbor, you would receive money. For instance, if you had to soundproof the apartment because of the nuisances caused by your noisy neighbor, the latter would repay you the appropriate amount.  You must furnish all the receipts and bills to the court on time. However, you can’t claim for your hard work.

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The Bottom Line

These are the various things you can do to get revenge on your neighbor without them knowing. Resort to these methods only when your neighbor refuses to cooperate and turns a blind eye to your problem. Also, you shouldn’t involve the higher authority in the first place.

You can create inconvenient situations for your neighbor in a lot of ways. Try them first. If nothing works, you can then take the matter to the police. Everyone involved must know that you did your best to resolve the matter peacefully with your neighbor.

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