Can microwave ovens explode?

Trying out new cuisine in a microwave? Worried why the microwave is reacting abnormally? Will it explode? Well, we all love the fact how fast they cook meals!

Though the question arises in the mind sometimes, can microwave ovens explode? Well, No! Microwave appliance itself cannot explode. Yet, it can burst the items inside it. Be it an utensil or foodstuff.

Not all objects are prone to accidents. So, which are those unsafe items? Well, let’s figure it out in this post.

Can microwave ovens explode?

Can microwave ovens explode

As said above, the short & sweet answer is No! Microwave as an appliance cannot explode. The exterior parts of the microwave are built strong enough!

Still from a safety point of view, stick to these guidelines. Just make sure that electrical wiring is not faulty. Otherwise, the appliance can leak smoke or trigger fire. Ask the technician to install the appliance properly. Though they always do even if you won’t tell. Still, as they said, prevention is better than cure!

Moreover, a microwave comes with a safety certificate. It ensures that it’s safe-to-use and accident risks are minimal. Also, in case of unexpected power cut-offs, some microwaves shuts off themselves. 

What can cause a microwave to explode?

What can cause a microwave to explode

There are multiple reasons why the microwave explodes!

Metal inside microwave

Don’t even mistakenly put a metal utensil inside the microwave! We repeat for your safety, Never! Atoms are moving freely inside a metal utensil.

When microwaves reach them, they vibrate in no time! As metal reflects microwaves and does not absorb, it doesn’t heat up your food. Rather, as there is no space for microwaves to escape, constant reflection can cause sparks. It could blown up microwave. Ultimately, it could result in fire.

Boiling egg inside microwave

The microwaves must reach foodstuffs to heat up! Otherwise, it could result in a exploded microwave tragedy! What happens if you wish to boil an egg inside the microwave? Well, egg shells are solid hard. Therefore, they do not allow the heat to reach the inside soft part. This in turn causes the yolk & egg white to release steam. The steam builds up pressure on the hard egg shell. If it continues for longer, you’re sure to explode the egg inside the microwave!

Paper bags inside microwave

Most microwave-safe popcorn paper bags can withstand microwaves! You’re safe to go about them.

However, paper bags aren’t microwavable. Neither white nor brown paper bags! They are made up of using glue, ink, and other such materials. As these bags are so thin, they can explode when heated up. Microwaving paper bags can emit smoke or catch fire. Better avoid them!

Grapes inside microwave

Thinking of making a dish with dried grapes or raisins? Willing to microwave it to get the work done faster? Well, think again! Grapes cannot be microwaved because of their shape and ingredients.

Never even tempt to put grapes cut in half inside the microwave! Grapes aren’t made for microwaves. The sugary & sweet pulp turns into plasma when superheated. It then can catch the fire. Sometimes grapes explode inside the microwave, sometimes even when you take a bite! Be safe!

Still wish to heat up grapes? Consider roasting them inside the microwave. It may work!

Boiling water inside microwave

Considering this to be a myth? Well, heating up water for a few seconds is good. But, boiling the water for longer is a bad decision. Especially boiling pure distilled water in a clean cup! It can result in an exploding microwave.

A constant heat can make water superheated. While you look over at it through the microwave’s glass frame, it would appear still. It doesn’t show any worrying signs! No rolling boils! As soon as you move the water while taking out the cup, it can explode.

Such accidents are rare! Yet, always put a wooden stick or spoon inside the water cup. It will reduce the chances of mishap.

Ceramic dishes inside microwave

Many ceramic dishes are perfectly fine with microwaves! Yet, low-fired ceramic can retain the clay and its porosity inside. So, it can store the moisture when it’s sitting outside. When put inside the microwave, the chances are that the moisture could heat up, building up steam, and causing the microwave explosion.

Take-out hotel containers inside microwave

Do not put take-out hotel containers straight into the microwave. Double-check if it states that they are microwave-safe. In case the container has a metal handle, never put it inside the microwave! Metal isn’t microwave-friendly.

Sauces inside microwave

Heating tomato or chili sauces is not a good choice! It creates splatters inside the microwave. As ingredients are closely bound inside the thick sauce, the heat has no space to release.

As a result, the steam builds up which then causes the microwave explosion. It may explode while you blend in the sauce with a spoon. Creating spatters around the countertop!

Old & cracked ‘microwave-safe’ container inside microwave

Yeah! Microwave-safe containers are cool to microwave! However, even if they are microwave-friendly, check these. They must not have any cracks, scratch, or color-change. Putting it inside can make the microwave blowing up. It could cause the container to melt, crack, or smoke fumes.

Styrofoam container inside microwave

Styrofoam is a type of plastic. Any plastic is good with the microwave until they are labelled microwave-safe. Other plastics can melt or wrap. At times, it can also release toxic chemicals into the food or air. Foam is not stable with heat.

Leftover potatoes inside microwave

Boiled potatoes for the first-go? Immediately store the rest of the not-used potatoes inside the refrigerator. Potatoes are a house for Clostridium botulinum bacteria when not stored. It can cause stomach problems.

Microwaving outside-kept potatoes do not kill the bacteria. Rather, it upsets your stomach.

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Chili papers inside microwave

Red & hot chili peppers have capsaicin inside them. When heated up, the ultra-hot flavored capsaicin heats up too. So, when you open the microwave door, you can experience the hot chili flavor. This in turn can burn your eyes, nose, ears, and skin. Not good for health!

Travel mugs inside microwave

Many travel mugs are thick! Most of them are made up of stainless steel. It’s not microwave-friendly. The travel mug does not absorb the heat. Rather, it can reflect causing arcs in some cases. So, better avoid travel mugs!

Aluminum foil inside microwave

Microwave aluminum foil only if it’s microwave-friendly. Also, if it is teared apart or has pointy edges, it can spark. The smoother an aluminum foil is, the good it is! Otherwise, the arcing can cause damage to the microwave or result in fire sometimes.

Ice inside microwave

In case of ice, the water molecules are locked tightly. Inside normal water, they can move around freely or go back-and-forth. This in turn makes the water hot. As moving of water molecules is impossible inside hard ice, you cannot microwave ice quickly! Yet, it can melt but takes longer than usual.

You need to microwave it for a few good minutes! Doing so, the free water molecules will begin absorbing heat. In the meanwhile, some ice-parts will start to melt.

Dry sponge inside microwave

Willing to disinfect your kitchen sponge? Disinfecting the sponge inside the microwave is alright! Just make sure that you do not put fully dry sponge inside the microwave. It can catch fire in no time!

Dry clothing inside microwave

Though not many do it, what if you are tempted to do so someday, if it’s a busy hour of the day! Well, drying clothes inside the microwave is a bad idea!

A microwave doesn’t dry the moisture inside clothing. Rather, it makes the moisture turn hotter and hotter so that you can ignite the fabric or burn yourself!

Can a microwave explode with nothing in it?

Can a microwave explode with nothing in it

Your microwave requires an object inside to function normally. Microwaves released must get absorbed by something! Otherwise, the magnetron – part that releases microwaves – itself absorbs the microwaves. It gets heated up and may get damaged. Also, it could cause arcing and end-result, fire.

If fire occurs anytime, do not open the microwave door immediately. Switch off the appliance so the oxygen supply will cut off in a few minutes. As a result, the fire will go off.

So, the bottom line is that never start an empty microwave! Always double-check that you’ve placed foodstuff inside.

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A microwave itself cannot explode. However, the objects inside the microwave can explode! It can damage the microwave and catch fires as well.

Also, a few materials like metal and foodstuff like grapes aren’t microwave-safe. Better, avoid them! Read the list of all things that aren’t microwave-friendly in this short post. Take care before it causes you dearly!

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