Can you put a microwave next to stove? (Everything in Detail)

Microwaves are handy when you reheat leftovers to eat! An induction or gas stove is where we cook fresh cuisines everyday. What if we place both stove and microwave next to each other? It will make things easier to homemakers! Well, can you microwave next to the stove? The short answer is Yes. You can put a microwave next to the stove.

Just you need to follow certain norms. Doing so, you avoid kitchen hazards like fire or appliance damage. Be aware of these safety steps. By way of which, avoid incurring huge repair or replacement cost. Let’s learn the safety norms in detail in this post.

Can you put a microwave next to stove

Can you put a microwave above a gas stove?

Many homeowners fix a microwave above a gas stove. Such microwaves are known as ‘over-the-range’ (OTR) microwaves. Don’t wish to block the countertop space, you can place microwaves above gas stoves. This way, you’ll get a lot of countertop space to use while you cook.

Yet, while you put the microwave over the stove, you must take safety. While you cook, the stove’s heat is passed straight to the microwave. In such cases, the microwave mustn’t get overheated.

Generally, the heat causes no harm to the oven. The reason being there are only a few water droplets turned into heat. Either, it builds up steam on the external microwave door. Or else, the steam passes through the door. This is why glass door interiors look foggy. However, you can simply wipe it up with a clean cloth. There is no reason to worry! It won’t damage the appliance.

OTRs are a best option for compact kitchens. It keeps everything organized inside the kitchen interiors.

Keep ventilation between stove and microwave

The problem arises when the microwave overheats. To avoid fire accidents, you must keep the air ventilated near to the microwave. Proper ventilation system maintains the air flow. Also, it keeps kitchen odors, moisture, and smoke out of the kitchen. Either it vents the condensed air outwards or recirculates inside the kitchen. So, can you put microwave oven on top of stove? Yes, you can.

Moreover, there must be spacing between the microwave and stove. A proper distance keeps both working safely. How much distance must there be between the two? Discover while you’re reading below.

Can we keep the microwave next to the gas stove?

Can we keep the microwave next to the gas stove

Can you microwave next to the stove? Well, yes! You can place a microwave next to the gas stove. Just maintain a few feets distance between both.

Many homeowners find it easier to have a microwave next to the stove. As distance is lesser, it comes handy to use easily. Also, one can effortlessly sled in microwaved food on the nearer countertop. Whereas, while the oven is fixed over-the-range, you do not have space to put the hot microwaved jar. That’s the benefit here in countertop-placed microwaves!

Yet ! Be cautious ! : Your microwave mustn’t get overly heated due to the stove’s heat. Sometimes, it leads to fire hazards as well.

To avoid microwave overheating, check the oven a few times in a day. Do not be skeptical about putting the microwave only in the set place. Change the places till you find a perfect spot to keep the oven. Let’s say, one day, you keep the microwave on one side next to the stove. Other day, you can try putting it on the other side of the gas stove.

Keep the alternatives open unless you find the best spot. To that perfect spot, keep the microwave next to the gas stove. 

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How close can a microwave be to the stove?

How close can a microwave be to the stove

You can place a microwave near to the stove on the countertop. At how much distance?

Ideally, there must be at least 2 feet distance between microwave and stove. It avoids overheating problems. As well, it keeps food spattering away from microwaves. As in while you cook, the food is ought to spatter. So, your oven stays clean as the spatter won’t reach it. 

Yet, check the product manual to learn the exact distance needed.

Keeping the microwave next to stove is helpful! This way, it matches our heights. Sometimes, over-the-range ovens are too high to reach for short-heighted family members. Be it your kids or anyone else. Also, if the stove is switched on at the same time, there are risks of burning.

In a nutshell, it’s good to keep microwaves next to stove.

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Standard distance between stove and microwave

Generally, there must be 13-24 inches of distance between stovetop and microwave. It’s the optimal distance or clearance between stove and microwave. Smaller or tight clearances aren’t advisable. Otherwise, you may find it hard to use larger pots & pans over the stove.

  • One can also measure from the floor bottom. The oven’s bottom must reside at least 54 inches above the floor. The traditional gas stove resides at least 36 inches over the floor. So, in this case, the distance from stovetop to microwave comes to 18 inches. It’s good!
  • Also, you should keep 2 inches clearance between the backsplash and lower side of the microwave. It assures healthy ventilation.

In spite, read the user manual to learn in detail. Every brand model is different and so can be the distance required. So, better check the distance from stove to microwave beforehand. On the manual, you will find mounting dimensions stated by manufacturers. So, follow the guidelines to avoid misfortunes later.

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Wrapping Up

Can you put microwave next to stove? So, you’ve got the answer – Yes. Yet, be keen on following the safety tips listed in this post. This way, you can use microwaves effectively in daily household chores. You won’t have to worry about possible hazards.

Set your microwave at the right place! Maintain the kitchen’s flow!

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