What Is Panacrunch Button On The Microwave And How To Use It?

Microwaves have many modern functions. They all add extra flavours to simple cuisines, don’t they? One such microwave function is the Panacrunch button. To describe in short words, “A button that adds perfect-crunchiness and crusty & crispy flavours to your food”.

Using the Panacrunch button, you can add brown crispiness to pizzas. Make your french fries extra-crunchier! Add extra crispy & juicy touch to your meat.

That’s the magic of Panacrunch. Ever tried to roast meals on a stovetop pan? Got the perfect parallel black roasty lines? Not possible with a stovetop! Well, the Panacrunch button adds the same effect as the pan.

Try using Panacrunch and pan cooking in conjunction, you would get extra-crispier & tastier cuisines! You can brown everything from pizzas, pies, bread, chicken, turkeys, potato fries, fish, sausage rolls, beef, burgers, pastry items, cookies, wafer, or any similar snack.

That’s the trick to crunchy foods!

Let’s explore everything about the “Panacrunch” button in a couple of minutes.

What is a Panacrunch button on a microwave

What is a Panacrunch button on a microwave?

It’s a magic microwave button, kidding! As said before, Panacrunch makes your food brown-crispier. You can run this button with or without a special panacrunch pan. Yet, using Panacrunch with an oven pan is recommended.

When microwave Panacrunch mode is started, the pan base absorbs microwaves released. The microwaves are then transferred to heat. The heat accumulates near the pan base. (You preheat the pan base!). After that, the pan base moves the heat from its base to food. The effects are radiant when you use a non-stick base pan.

That’s how a microwave Panacrunch function works!

Fun-Fact: Panacrunch is often a best-way to eat low-fat grilling food.

How to use the Panacrunch button?

It’s a piece of cake to use the Panacrunch button, when you know the trick! No rocket science!

Generally, you should use a square-shaped panacrunch pan accessory. It browns food with perfection.

On some microwaves, you will find a separately named function ‘Panacrunch’. While, on some microwaves, you will be required to press the Grill button 4 times to activate panacrunch mode. There could be a number of ways to activate the microwave Panacrunch button. Refer to your microwave owner’s manual to learn so. Discover how to turn up Panacrunch on your microwave oven. 

Step-by-Step how to use Panacrunch:

Here is a Quick guide made for you!

Step 1:

  1. Get the food that you wish to Panacrunch or make crispier. Eg, soggy pizza, potato fries, etc.
  2. Get the Panacrunch pan (if it’s non-stick, better!)
  3. Put Panacrunch pan in lower or upper shelf of the microwave oven
  4. Tap oven. Count the temperature in stages starting from 10ºC, 220°C, 40°C, and 100ºC.

*Use Panacrunch pan also while baking cuisines

Step 2:

  1. Tap on ‘Start’ to preheat. A ‘P’ will appear on the display.
  2. Once preheating done, open microwave door
  3. Keep the food on the Panacrunch pan

*(Skip the preheating step when it’s not required.)

*The preheating effect stays for at most 30 minutes. If you do not place food inside within a timeframe, the cooking program is automatically cancelled. It then reverts to colon.

Step 3:

  1. Decide on cooking time
  2. Use Time/Weight dial to do so
  3. Touch Panacrunch or Combination grill option
  4. Press ‘Start’

*Time for cooking varies as per each food item.

*After you start, make sure the display pad shows the microwave symbol, and not the oven symbol. If it is showing the oven symbol, you’ve made incorrect settings. Program must be cancelled in that case. Reselect and restart.

Caution ! : Always use kitchen gloves while taking out the Panacrunch pan. It will be hot so it is risky.

With the microwave Panacrunch feature, you can crisp almost anything! Imagine adding crispier layers to the soft & soggy pizza crusts of last night’s dinner! It would taste deliciously tempting after Panacrunch. Try it out.

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Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the microwave Panacrunch button is perfect to crisp & crunch food. You will find it in any modern combination oven.

Also, it’s super-easy to use the Panacrunch button. Play of couple minutes! Simply, preheat the panacrunch pan, slide food inside, and wait a few minutes! Within a few minutes or half-an-hour or so, you will get the brown, crispy, and crunchy layered food. 

So, Have yummilicious bites of crispy food using Panacrunch!

Keep reading articles! Happy reading! Explore more features of microwaves and start using them!

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