Can You Microwave Towels?

Putting towels inside a microwave might sound weird at first but sometimes you need to put a towel inside a microwave to heat it up. But, before you put a towel inside a microwave, you must know what you are doing. 

Yes, towels are microwavable, provided you keep in mind a few things. 

In this guide, we have talked about how to use a towel in a microwave. Some of the precautionary measures have also been mentioned.

Going through this guide would help you avoid any accidents or problems while heating a cloth towel.

Can You Microwave Towels

Can you microwave a towel?

In simple terms, yes, one can heat a towel in a microwave. In fact, if you cannot find a clothes dryer, heating a towel is a handy alternative.

Having said that, you must keep in mind a few things while putting a towel inside the microwave. Before you put a towel inside the microwave, you must know whether or not the cloth fibers are capable enough to withstand extreme heat inside the oven.

A microwave oven quickly heats up the cloth and delivers the warmth that one seeks. Just ensure that the oven is clean and food or oil spills aren’t lying inside. You wouldn’t want a white clean towel to get stained after you accidentally place it on leftover food or oil spills. 

What happens if you microwave a towel?

What happens if you microwave a towel

Microwaves work on the principle of conversion of electromagnetic energy into heat. The electromagnetic energy produces a magnetic field as well as an electrical field.

In the process, the radiations heat up the liquid molecules present in the wet towel in the microwave and dry it up eventually. However, overheating the towel might cause it to burn. 

Remember that the microwave wouldn’t only heat the water molecules present on the surface of the towel but also inside the towel, meaning the fibers. 

A lot of people find their cloth towels ruined and charred just after placing the towel inside a microwave.

That’s because the cloth fibers weren’t resistant to the extreme heat inside a microwave. That’s why it’s important to ensure whether or not the washcloth fibers can withstand such high heat.

When a dry towel is used on skin after microwaving, it can be uncomfortable and abrasive. People are advised to dampen the towel, heat it inside a microwave and then use it.

The steam from the hot towel will pass through the skin cells, relaxing the muscle tissues and giving you an amazing feeling. 

Are towels microwave safe?

Are towels microwave safe

Yes, towels of any kind are microwave safe, only if one follows the precautionary measures.

People are advised to microwave wet towels. Make sure to not overheat them. If you want a fluffy, warm towel, microwaving it for about 15 to 30 seconds is enough.

While microwaving, you must keep in mind some safety tips. We have discussed some of the important safety tips below. 

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Safety tips: Things to know before microwaving towels

As we have already mentioned, microwaving cloth towels are safe only when you take care of a few things. If you follow the safety tips, there’s no risk involved. Let’s go through the safety tips one by one below. 

Make sure there’s no metal inside the towel

This is a major thing you should keep in mind. Two metals shouldn’t come in contact with each other.  If yours is a decorative towel, and there are metal pieces on it, remove them. The towel must be clear of any such tags or weights before you place them inside a microwave oven.

The presence of metal objects inside the microwave reacts with the electromagnetic radiations that are produced by the microwave oven causing sparks and flames. If neglected, it can damage the machine and cause a major accident. 

Therefore, go through the item thoroughly before putting the washcloth in the microwave. Also, people are advised not to leave the spot after switching on the microwave. You must stay and see if there’s any problem occurring. 

Don’t heat the towel excessively

Overheating anything isn’t good. You should remember that the temperature inside a microwave can become really high. You shouldn’t expose towels, irrespective of the kind in such extreme heat. If the towel is overheated for a prolonged period, it would be enough to cause an accident. 

If you are heating something that isn’t manufactured to withstand high heat, you must monitor the temperature and switch off the machine after some time.

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The Bottom Line

Some people are afraid to heat a towel in the microwave. Such people are advised to heat water and then dampen the towel in the hot water. 

If you are okay with heating towels in a microwave and the towel has no metallic items, you are good to go. Just ensure that the cloth fiber can withstand high temperatures inside the microwave. Also, don’t overheat the towel. 

Note that only the towels that are 100% cotton towels are capable of bearing the extreme heat inside the microwave. Some towels are made up of synthetic fabrics which contain some amounts of plastic in them. Under high heat, the plastic can melt inside the microwave.

You should also keep the size of the towel in mind. The towel shouldn’t be too heavy for the plate to rotate. If that happens, it will affect the functioning of the microwave and reduce its lifespan consequently. 

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